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“You to begin our tour of the search function began to frame it in terms terms of the different screens. You ll see knowing what each field or function. Does you can use them and in terms of results. The importance of the size of your network.

When searching you can search from almost anywhere on linkedin. Starting with the home page. But also any page of linkedin. They have this little box at the top as well as here on the home page.

It s on my network messaging notifications. But it s not on the jobs page. Because that has its own search function. It s also not on the settings page back to the home page.

Though so what does the main search bar. Do well it allows you to search for people jobs companies posts and more all in one search..

It also tries to predict what you re looking for using database entries for quick and simple searching we ll come back to this function to this course. I ll tease it in more detail as well as some pros and cons. If you click into this field and scroll down to the bottom. You ll see it says search for people.

With filters now i generally use this and i ll show you why soon. But let s click anyway to continue after all so we ve opted for searching with filters that s pretty much what we see on our screen. Now first thing you might notice is if set of search results in the middle. I would see there were no search criteria entered this is just a list of first and second stay connection.

We ll need to filter these down feeds were useful your much four million across the top there s another search bar. Now. This is just the same as the main search for max and min ago searches all parts of all different plant to record again. If we type in here.

We ll get some suggestions to searches across people jobs groups. Etc..

The side thing you see jobs for the title marketing manager. People and groups about that underneath the fish. While there some tabs top people jobs post companies group school. I m sure.

This is the first level of filtering available then down the right hand side. You have your advanced search options. If you notice the ones displayed is connection level because it s the first and second that underneath the cc keyword locations. Current companies pass companies industries over language nonprofit interest in school wait.

What was it on appear keyword this thing s like an important one click here to view some quite useful search field first name last name title company in school at school. An americanism for university. So that s allowing me and we ll come back to this whole section later on that closes. When a quick search and look at those search results and go into search marketing manager.

Now we could run listen search bar on this page or from a little search bar on the home page. It will give us the same results..

I ve just really compared because i m on this page. The default results are gives us our top which will more often than not be a mixture of people and jobs result will click on people anyway in that middle section has updated with my search results to show people only now it may not look. As though change that much who s also look the same and then in the same order i ve now got about. 17.

Million where before i add about 27000. So we re looking at the results tiles for people we see a picture a name a headline. This little in icon. Tells me this person have a premium linkedin.

Account. This first or second or third is we ll see icon shows me the connection on to this person and we can also see how many shared connections. We have with this person from the results. I ll depending on our connection level.

We can either message the person reverse their connections. Connect with the person..

The secondary connection or send in mail to the person for third degree connections. I ve network members your options aren t always so black and white is it but we ll look at that later when we look at how your network side affects your search. Results. Just look profiles have lots of people on your search.

Results. Page and recommend going down users list right clicking on the name. And choosing open. A new tab.

Each time for instance. You the reason for this is that it then allows you to look for each profile insert in the new tab and now the bookmark or keep open any valuable ones can close any that you don t feel it worth for the consideration. This will just stop your going back and forth. And results.

Pasted profile to look face to profile and save you some precious time after all new equipment is very often fastest fingers first ” ..

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