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“Here we go i used to tell him at the flea. Yeah they flee it it was unemployed flea. Unfortunately he s been trying to get some work for a time. But bigger body please sign that it was too easily get some work you see so they kicked him out he went to the year there we are careful in the back seats.

I m telling the joke and the plea went to the employment exchange you see and then he says if you got a job for me and the the lady said well. I said what qualifications have you got and they said well i m a body flea. But i haven t done anything for a little while she looked for a file. And she came up with she does and she came up this job.

She said hello all of a sudden. She said. We got a job we re here queen elizabeth s armpit. Oh will you take it on and he said well i only take it on if i can come back after a few days of it doesn t suit.


I ll have to come back. And you have to give me another job. So two or three days later weeks back again you see an employee. They say and the lady said no lightning now he said but he hopeless.

He said. She s bath in every night trying to wash me off the old field. The greeks got his old tongue licking around there a bit charles is creeped out now and again as well and we re keeping the family. And he said.

I can t handle that job he got another job. And she said yes. Yes. She says a matter of face look for a polish to another job for you omar sharif.


Moustache. How do you fancy taking out. There s a very high powered job that he there he is playing black gammon. And all the rest of it all the time mmm hang on in there.

You ll be absolutely fine. It s going off him exactly hey so i take it off see. Well. I mean.

Day was two or three days later he s back again. He s he s out now fast that s always said the dirty battery smoke cigars. He said. It s mota all the time not only that he said he s here they re in every way so awful can handle the job.


So they said well we ve got a were completing some exactly. He s that sort of lazy. It s a flea market anyway. The lady said well we got one other one left.

He s on file. But tim will you take it all i don t know he brigitte bardot s fanny. Do you fancy that the flea said. I think that could be heaven that could be she s an animal lover.

He said. I think i can fancy that one that ll be it d be a sanctuary. Yeah. She shall take it off.


They didn t come back for about a month and eventually of course. He did we re now a the events. He did come back you see and they said that what i see back here fourth of your in heaven. You know you got animal sanctuary and all the rest of it well he said was alright.

He said. But after three or four days. I ended that on omar sharif eventually we go there laughter. ” .


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