Getting paid every week vs every two weeks, hidden agenda?

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“I recently just started working at a subway yesterday started yesterday. And i get paid paid every two weeks. I hate that i really do and the reason. There s few reasons for that one it s because to me personally it kind of gives the employer that employer an excuse to give you left shit less ships because you know by the end of two weeks.

You probably end up making the same amount that you would in one week. You know the minimum wage in oregon leeson salem. Is ten seventy five so if i worked five eight hour shifts a week. I d be getting raking in about four hundred dollars.

But i don t knew that because i m on a two week thing and so i get i have less hours and i haven t known a sack. Oh i like every job. I ve worked at that i get paid every two weeks..


It s always less powers. I hate that and it s dumb is because making me wait an extra week to get my check you know. It s it s just kind of screws. Me over because stick just guess.

I m probably gonna get the same amount in two weeks. And i went in one week. That means i m waiting an extra week to get my check means. I m gonna have a harder time you know trying to keep the money you know try to save up to buy things i need let s jump.

I don t like it it s because when i was working up ross. I got paid every two weeks and i got to a point where i was only working on two shifts every week. I was working uh usually i was just working the weekends so it d be like a five or so hour shift..


But it s it s dumb because not only am i waiting another week to get my check. I gotta try and make that one you know that 400 check. Which i could have in one week. But rather have to wait two weeks.

I have to make that stretch longer and i don t like that because yeah you re working 8 hours a day that you know gets fucking tiring. It s shit you know who wouldn t want to wait you know come home early. But you know this is this a stupid fact that i gotta wait two weeks to get a check and it s not even that much like if i was earning more then i wouldn t that one week then i can understand wet in two weeks. You know cuz if i was getting you know earning four hundred for one week.

If i was getting eight hundred for two weeks that i could understand making me wait two weeks. But instead you re making me wait two weeks for the same amount of money i could make in one week by working five eight hour long shifts. So basically you re just screwing me over you know because you re making me wait an extra week for something i can easily earn in one that s making it more stressful for me because not only do after what i said i have to wait two weeks to get my check..


But i have to make that little bit of money that i made in two weeks stratton. I don t even get paid that much you know first get paid. 14. An hour 18.

An hour fucking 20 an hour. I d be okay wait two weeks. But i don t i get paid ten seventy five. And it s just a dump thing.

I believe it s just a way for businesses to you kind of in a way kind of screw over the employee. Because you know less shifts. The person against equals less money they got a dish out because now you have a they themselves let have to make you work in extra week..


So they have to they could pay you less for two weeks. Then they would in one week. Which is a little confusing. But i mean if you work two weeks you know five five shifts a week eight hours long 800.

So basically they re paying you less they re basically paying you 400 less then they should be that s just you know in a way. It s kind of waiting that screw the person over and i don t like that it s it s dumb and i think that should be changed. But whatever i can t do much about it and he was a ceo later. I just wanted a rant a little bit see y all later bye bye.

” ..

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