Giving Strangers FREE Gifts Dressed as SANTA *emotional*

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“I decided to dress up as santa claus for 24 hours. And what does santa santa claus do he gives away free stuff. And that s exactly what i ll doing today. I ll be giving strangers cash airports and paying for the christmas shopping.

But let s stop talking about it and get into the video. I am becoming santa claus for 24 hours. I m excited because in this video. I m going to be giving away moly presents gifts and the whole thing about christmas is giving.

I think i think. It s far better giving that it is receiving in my opinion because you get to see people s reactions you get to see you just get to make people happy. And that s what hopefully that i m doing today. I am going to go in to time in public and basically become santa claus really as you can see some of the things that we ve got here.

We ve got a few pairs of ear plugs. We ve also got some cash. Knowing guys if you had to guess. When watch the cash is in these two little pilots already saying okay so it s all five point notes how much the price is pause.

This study. If you don t want to cheat the price is poisoned by 1000 coins than these two little stacks. I ll also be paying for a few people s christmas shopping. I ll also i ll just try and see how much i can help the best as much as possible.

I m excited for this video. If you re excited smash. The like button also press. The like rebel.

Which is subscribe and you can join out and be found how would be found the best apps. You begin where is it yes. I think it s time to change something so the clothes hold it right there because its sponsor time guys. I d just like to give a huge shout out to ea for sponsoring this video plants vs zombies battle for neighbor ville is here and available for download with even more characters maps and modes than ever before this month.

The main lobby is decked out for the holidays with snow candy canes and more there are also themed prizes and then the use of warm map and in the spirit of festivus plant. Vs zombies is giving back to the environment by planting half a million trees hashtag team trees and sponsoring this video this holiday season and plants vs zombies battle for neighbor ville you can visit the best fake time vs zombies battle for neighbor ville is available now for download on ps4 xbox and pc. And you guys can get it right now by clicking the link in the description go get it lloyd let s go back to being santa claus for 24 hours. Let s do it music guys.

What do you think what do you think the beard is above this sometimes the beer comes down. But hey guys part of the fun just shoot you lap up when you re not doing and i am excited i m also wearing a big fat stomach guys..

This isn t actually how fat i am just in case. You re wondering ok. I m wearing a fat suit underneath. This thing.

So i think we should go out into public and see what happens let s go. Yes. Oh merry christmas music. Oh.

My god they re so. Hairy. What do you think people do you whenever i i get them. Because i just like given so much i like seeing people s reactions to it copy yeah.

I think you ll be happy imagine if one of them like got really offended that i appeared for their shopping. I feel so festive. So guys we are here this is the first challenge of becoming santa claus for 24 hours. We re going to go into same space maybe do better shopping and maybe ask someone can i pay for their shopping.

Because i m santa claus and i gift people so you ready let s do this i m excited. Oh merry christmas no it s time to go on to sainsbury s and do some christmas shopping and surprise a few people let s do this we re each respective. It doesn t work the deadly. No it doesn t it doesn t i m just going on do do you put a christmas shopping.

I don t see the problem. What do you think what do we need to we need onions. Do we need sports. I think we need what do we need home oh onions on sports maybe some mushrooms.

We need some mushrooms. Merry christmas music. I think we do not not there s no music. Let s go buy a few people shopping let s go excuse me music because it s the festive season.

Yes and it s christmas can i pay for your shopping. That would be wonderful can i pay for it merry christmas hopefully. It s not too much time to pay there we go no worries can we get a festive home. Let s go surprise someone else excuse me.

I hope you pay for your shopping. Yet no did i pay for your shopping jenna because it s christmas..

It s the festive fastest time of year. I ll put my bed in the wrong. Note something there we go have you paid for your shopping. Yet look at can i pay for your shopping.

There we go no worries. I hope you enjoy your shopping. Oh that s great 401 things that i want music right turn to surprise a few folks let s go you know i feel like say quite fast. If i should become santa more.

Often because i piss me in the christmas mood. Oh very good so let s play let s play a game or who can punish the christmas lyric right right so i ll start off maybe like something like because because you got that right i think you deserve a good pair of airports. There we go merry christmas. I keep letting christmas songs cuz.

I catch the airboats yeah well i think parenting christmas gifts without you i know. But i came going to have you know it s the main goal. See what s going on so he s taking the day off. I know i like yours by the way.

Thank you so much you re hot as well. Thank. You i. Hope you re i.

Hope you re. Working. Hard. Oh yeah.

Yeah. You might you work elfs. Nowadays. Guys meanwhile.

Music. It s flaming up a hole. Where the big belly is not an easy task that s my favorite song chrissa songs music music merry christmas. I never got the blood pressure of santa clauses fit in the blood pressure.

But my treasures are falling dynamic dancing that much so what christmas song bees money saying all of us as a group okay what sang jingle bears come on sing jingle bells. All done scope he wants to sing for prize prize for being the only brave person..

I think you deserve a pair of earplugs. There you go we have an imposter music. This is what happens be for good for long yes. That s my plan music santa claus is in town literally something everybody needs to invest in a new belt so these know any christmas songs jingle bells.

All of his sing it right well done sam then there might be a prize involved at the end right okay three two one jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way hey you know what because you re being so brave i think you deserve some airports well. I ve got a little surprise for you right i got a little surprise you know because it s christmas because i m santa there s a little surprise for you so. Many reports of apple airports present yes merry christmas music i m really festive guys merry christmas music i gotta look a little generally present for ya really as being so good that hard huh is it really that hard i am so tired this you know giving away things is exhausting because it s harder to give away than a rusty chick. Yeah.

Going to sleep will explain the fact that this is really hard to do like i honestly thought this would be easier. But some people really don t want people i don t know maybe. It s people think. It s a specialist.

Just a random person giving them money yeah. I think so a random person in a santa claus question. Yeah so guys i just left the beard. Oh and i can be a baller to keep picking it up and dying about and i m going to ask them pick up the right hand or the left hand.

What the twist is that money is in both hands time to surprise. Oh do one of youse want to play a game game. You have to guess where the prizes in the left hand or the right hands. They won t so you have a go only one person can one so who was it right nothing s enough.

But you know what because it s christmas you can have the prize there you go merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas these won t play game right so you need to pick a hand for the left hand or the right hand. There s one price break and right hand yes. The pack. We have to write a second this one what do you want putting on for christmas.

I want pay tomorrow music. What did you say you want a pile of money yeah. Well. I think i can help with that if he gives me like 50 paise.

There s there s i don t know how many fires not us. But there s some that was so cute we need to spend this only you need to spend it but no one s taking it to me we can do this we can do it so guys. I m here no all you have to do just pack. A hand.

Which hand is the money in no but you know what because it s christmas guys we re at a restaurant and i want to buy you some people s dinners that s the president may be destroyed so it s christmas you re going to get them going for spot me so early. I think you deserve so guys we are currently in a restaurant..

We ve ordered two drinks and we re going to tap the waiter and see what they say or waitress waiter or waitress. We don t know are we going every iranian thanks very much something is there to break to be myself. It was exhausting. I don t know how he does it well yeah.

I get nervous give it away. Marie nervous. All right. That was a nice drink enjoy out there how is amazing.

But you here s a little pup for this well i think for me i have to try to give it up i ve given away moaning. I m just giving away what so guys that wasn t a very eventful day or giving away money and gifts and prizes and whatnot and buying people s shopping. And i really enjoyed it it s harder than i thought like giving away money. I never thought it would be this hard.

But evil ain t real and gifts and gifts. It s so hard i truly believe though that people probably were suspicious because it s a santa giving like money away. They probably thought right what s the catch. What s going on here.

We re on our way home now and i m going to surprise. My mom with the last but of cash that i have left i ve surprised everyone and i think no it s only fair if i surprise normal yeah. But some money i laugh if she doesn t believe it either let s do this let s do this and if it only happen i might i might i m ready to give hello. I m back we got on great daddy can i surprising.

It s christmas. It s not ready what do you mean. It s not really. It s not ready that s right that s really but anyway guys thank you so much for watching the video.

If you liked it smash it like one press. The big red button. If you liked this video. And if you like me.

So yeah guys thank you so much for watching me. Me. Adam b. And the chef.

One and tired old dad and kelly over and out music you ” ..

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