Google Tasks Full Screen and Printing using Google Canvas

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“In our topic for today is google tasks and working concert with the google canvas canvas application as well to give us a full screen. View as well as some printing abilities of your tasks from within the g suite products. Now you re looking at my calendar. For today.

Should. I notice on the right. I always work with a tasks bar on down. The right side.

You can also keep your google keep as we mention in the other one of our other videos where we re making reminders after we filled in some forms from google keep we really want to start using google tasks to monitor keep track of everything that we re doing you ll notice..

I have multiple calendars. Showing up here. Because i m i work within sort of international offices. So want to know what holidays are going on not only for my coworkers.

But also for the country itself. When i m dealing with someone so i have a series of you know multicolored calendar. Links within the google calendar now my tasks are down the mi the way normally laid. I ve got them down the right side.

But some of you mentioned you know being able to print them better and work with them better and also you d prefer to have a more full screen view of them so there is a google application called canvas for drawing..

But it also works very well with tasks so if i go on to say my inbox you can see i also have my keep notes down here. And i can switch over and say okay i want to look at my task bar as well. And i have a whole series of different a set of lists that i have a different tasks broken. But down by the project or what i happen to be working on now the canvas product.

I m gonna pop up on the screen the exact url address to get to this particular screen. I m about to jump to this is a google canvass with the tasks lists brought up in full screen. This gives us a obviously a lot more real estate. We can see and work with my tasks as just as though.

I was on my mobile phone or on the sidebar..

But it s i ve got a lot more room to work with i ve got a lot more typing room and description. I can sort by date and time. But one of the other things i can do that isn t available. Within the normal.

Newer interface is they do have a printer ability so we can start looking at what all my tasks are on this particular list that i m sitting on my rob s high priority list. In this case. I ve got to set up for a printer. But some of you have asked about could i produce a pdf you can go to get a printer driver that will save it as a as a pdf as well landscapes.

We ve got a lot better printing abilities and you have just natively from the tasks program itself..

I m going to put the link you ll notice the url at the top here it s mailgooglecom. Slash tasks slash canvas i ll put that into the description under the video. But any of you that are working and what would prefer to be sitting in the desktop and just have a much larger screen to work with rather than using the sidebars with in tasks hope. This is a good solution and we look forward to making more videos.

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment at the bottom. We d be glad to look into how to use any of the google g suite products better in your life. Thank you you ” ..


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“Tips on using Google Canvas with Tasks for a Full Screen view and the enhanced printing of Task Lists.n Use this URL now: to test everything is working then drag the address to create an item on your task bar.”,

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