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” s up youtube. How you guys do and i hope you re all having an an amazing day this is lucas back again with another video for you guys and m extremely hyped right now because i have a shot at redemption in case you missed it about five months ago. I tried a dead hang challenge on hollywood boulevard hang for two minutes win 100. And when i saw that sign that literally was like thanks for giving me 100 brown.

However like all things in life. It was not as easy as it seemed alright. There was a catch the bar rotated and when the bar spins that makes it a lot harder and i mean a lot harder to hang on unfortunately i failed. I was only able to hang for a minute 40 seconds and it keeps me up at night.

Guess what i just saw right here in pompano beach right by where i live a sign that said hang 100 seconds win 100. If my math is right a minute 40 seconds equals 100 seconds. My math might be wrong i m really bad at math. All i have to do is exactly what i did in california and i can win that hundred dollars now i don t know how thick this bar is i don t know how much this bar rotates.


So we got to go and check it out. But i m feeling pretty confident. I don t even care about the money. I just got to go and do this challenge and win.

I m fired up right now like i want to go into it with that like just do it mentality. Just do it i ma get in the zone. And i ma go get hundred dollars. I m taking you guys with me let s do it all right everybody we re at the pompano beach seafood festival.

But who cares about that the bars right behind go ahead show them the bar you guys know the drill hang 100 seconds. We 200 the lessons i learned after doing this last never shake out we want to let go of the bar. With one hand and rest the other one that s effective when you re on a stable bar. But on a spinning bar.


You don t want to shake out some take a couple deep breaths chalk up and get ready to do this go on my money. Go let s get my money. I just remembered you gotta pay first. Okay.

Oh. I got you how much music. Okay. Overhand or underhand get cheese right now once you re up there in your campaign.

You know where you got this man nervous right now i wanna call him the heart rate. A look at you don t say it brett 100 second applause oh man applause applause four seconds are you kidding me how often do you get a winner okay so be honest with you with no winners yesterday. I had no winners friday. I was here for a couple hours from a lightweight.


Yeah just skin and bones there light straight to a rage that s this is why i m always telling you guys the lighters you are the more effective that is for gymnastics for rock climbing and especially for a ninja warrior. Which is why you always gotta stay life got to know how to grab that bar really good if you don t trip. We re gonna start good you re not use your bicep that s gonna help you up your way a lot. So you need to be able to use your bicep to move that way to your arms and then over time as your bicep gets tired dishes.

You do that well you would say start with your arms bend you could start with them bent or you can start not bent. And then pin gotcha either way okay guys there you go this is the second time i try this challenge second time. I fail this time. I was four seconds away i m so mad dang it i decided to make a workout out of this since i lost by four seconds.

I m mad the dude. A couple more times just for fun music we tried chin up grip. See that s any better music. I m going home guys.


Thank you for watching the video. I m a little disappointed clearly if you enjoyed the video make sure to hit the like button that helps my channel a lot and let me introduce you guys through a youtube friend. I just met i was literally here. I had no one to fill me and i met this guy leonardo gonzalvez.

You youtuber from germany because if you speak german go subscribe to his channel. Are all your videos in german. Yes. Oh.

So there you go my german audience go subscribe to leonardo. Vince alves. Hope you guys have an amazing day work hard stay focused never quit peace out ” ..


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“I FINALLY COMPLETED THIS CHALLENGE! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! nhttps://youtu.be/wsfp7qtbZyAnnnVISIT WWW.HANG2WIN.COM for more details on this challenge! nn As you ve seen on this channel, I ve done a hang challenge on Hollywood Blvd. where the time limit was 2 minutes. 100 seconds seems much more fair. This bar did seem to rotate a little bit more than the bar I tried in Hollywood. No excuses. When I see this challenge again I WILL CONQUER IT.nnThe amount of grip strength required for this is pretty crazy. I d love to see high level climbers, and ninjas attempt this challenge. nnMake sure to check out Andres channel! nnhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP95umndPymDIYDHtl4DSwAnnHope you guys enjoyed. As always, like/share/subscribe!”,

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