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“You tell just by hearing someone s korean name. Whether it s a male name name or a female name hello. Everyone. This is geum from talktomeinkorean.

We get a of questions about korean names and basically how they work so in this video. I will answer some questions that are most frequently asked about korean names. So if you re ready let s go question number one do all korean names consist of 3 syllables korean names are mostly three syllables and the first syllable is for your family name and next to are your given name. But some people also have just one syllable in their given.

Name just like your the son whose name is jun. Just one syllable and some people also have a two syllable family name they are about 280 family names in korea. In more than 10 of those last names have two syllables question. Number.

Two do all korean names have a meeting. Today here meanings in other people s names h. Syllable. In most korean names.

Still have a corresponding chinese character. Many registration homes and schools or government offices. Still have a box for people s name in chinese characters next to the box for their hunger name. But the actual usage is decreasing for names in hunta chinese character.

So people know what the chinese characters in their name represent. But they don t really think of the meaning of the name itself. Therefore..


It is not easy for anyone to correctly. Guess the meaning of someone else s name in chinese character. Let me try tell. Me.

Rome. Slovakia. Shintaro today kintaro legal meetup young chongyang. Oh little bit just a minute u00fanica then you gonna come your line in here come go much other tongues handle comes out go on man.

I say you do my tom segura. Banyas. Is in there pulling time nailing your haha. Oh my god chuckle you donate and help it tone and mekong.

A good part i ll i m not eating again oto chan body clock tale what led me bonnie sitting watching the icon into unison happy to pedasi if a good tee tara has a co higher means nelvana on you missing now okuni. I can be a good target emanate on your body jana jana anika. Nedeau kay hagan and antiserum opinion imani so to your nail tech humira wow. I check out borderland tail gets off tire.

Okay. I ll get out on the triple tree. Yogi donahoe. Good.

Evenin. Cool. Bitchin..


Oh. Homework or you don t okay. Yeah. An.

Informant. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Yeah. Giga destroyer are you addressing me that okay. I m now yeah t tobin. It all sumida isn t the same time it was of to avoid you man your crystal gayle chris are touching the cross oh yeah back in uganda or kurdish in their education cleaver botanica baba.

But ihram have almost hasn t gone toes. Yes i got your new hair quieting okay turnin oh heavenly desert buddha dhamma toenail like it just saw it is very difficult for someone to guess what other people s names could mean so even if you make a wrong guess. It doesn t really matter so don t worry also more and more parents are choosing native korean names without any corresponding chinese characters for their children question. Number three who chooses the name as for myself.

The first syllable in my given name true was predetermined as a recurring letter for my generation in my family tree and the last syllable yan was chosen by my father let me ask my co workers who gave them their names create among she got the audition now oh suraj gets all choose yourself him young hot about seek attention. Oh yeah. I bother to do single. Like we.

Said. So. Then take..


A man ha ha. She was just al. So to sum. It up it depends on the family and some people go to naming center to buy a good name question number.

4. Can you tell whether something is a boy s name or a girl s name. Yes. You usually can how just like with names in many languages.

It s mostly through experience. But there are also some hints you can use to determine the gender of the person by looking at a name for example. If the name has a soft sounding letters like in yong. Yong.

Ha. Yay. You re or ah. It s small likely that it s a woman s name and if a name has a stronger sounding letters like one soap chart tongue chin or chuck it s probably a guy s name but there are also names that are gender neutral like jin yong yong jin yong chi minh etc.

So in that case you just need to see that person and find out a lastly question. Number five. Why do people put ah oh yeah. At the end of people s names if you want to talk about someone using their names you need to change into another form.

It s actually very simple if you use tune them are a polite language with thing you add c after the name like chu young c. And if you use pan meyer. A casual language with them..


And if the name ends with a consonant you add eat after the name like chu young e. And if the name ends with a vowel like qionghua. You don t need to put anything after that so my name is xu yun. But when my boss talks about me.

If he wants to say cheon is kind he doesn t say cheon and takeo because it s pick span maier of casual language to me. He adds e after my name and says chu young inin takeo. If he spoke to them are applied language to me. He would say cheon sinan takeo and if you say cheonan takeo.

It sounds as if the name tree on were not a korean name. But a foreign name because two foreign names. You do not reply this rule. And if you want to call out someone s name in casual language.

You add aa to a name that ends with the consonant like chiana triana. And you add yeah to a name that ends with a vowel like paul ooh. Yah. Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah.

So that s how korean names work. In general. If you have any other questions about korean names. Please.

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