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“What is up youtube. It s been a huge year for me just in terms terms of growth and using linkedin to expand my business and grow my business. It been incredible we just made our first full time hiring. Our team is set to triple in size by by like march 2019 and i m super excited about that but i want to walk you guys through like what i ve done.

And how i ve been able to become an influencer on linkedin. So here s six steps and six things that you can do to become that influencer on linkedin. So really to become an influencer or thought leader in anything like you have to show up and you have to be consistent in anything it doesn t matter. What it is for that of course applies to linkedin.

As well. I was listening to a podcast and the guy was talking about hey like people ask me all the time like how do i explode on youtube. How do i grow on youtube. And he said.

It s super simple to become a creator on youtube to become successful on youtube you have to post on youtube. And that sounds super simple but like you you grow there right you post. One thing and then you post another thing and that you post another thing and you learn and you evolve and if you compare that person s content from year five to year one it s completely different stuff. But they had to go through that evolution same thing goes for linkedin.

Just show up just post stuff. And do it every day or at least as much as you can because the more that you do it the more you re gonna learn more you re gonna grow and the more opportunities you re gonna be exposed to number two. I would say you have to have an issue you have to be known for something and the reason that i say that is because there s a lot of people creating content. There s a lot of people there.

And if you don t have that specific thing. It s gonna be hard to stand out so something that i do literally all i do is i tell stories. And i talked about my entrepreneurial journey. And i talked about linkedin and i talked about branding.


That s it and i don t really touch anything else. And that s what i m known for also around that i m known for my black hat and my vulcan salute in my black heart and all these different brand anchors. But at the center of that it s okay. What do i do or am.

I good at and that s important on linkedin. Because that s what they re looking for if someone wants to go and hire you or like approaches you for an influencer deal they re gonna look at okay. What what s that person s community. What s your engagement rate.

But what are they talking about what are they an expert in and even if you re trying to use that use your influence to leverage a new job or something like that again. It s what are they good at an expert in linkedin is about professionalism right it s about the workforce. So what are you an expert in niche down and focus on that one thing and it s gonna be so much easier to stand out and to become that influencer another thing. I would say different is better than better.

And what i mean by that i heard this in another podcast. But what i mean by that is like there s always gonna be someone smarter. There s always gonna be somebody that s more talented that is better than you are but if you re different you re gonna stand out and people are gonna take notice right i am not the most compelling storyteller. I m not the best videographer.

I m not the most experienced entrepreneur. But one i look different and i was telling stories in a way that people hadn t seen before on that platform. So be different don t just try to be better of course you want to be good of course you want to be great. But be different and be yourself.

When i when i first started creating on linkedin. I met one of the top influencers on the platform. He came to milwaukee and i walked up to him after his speech and i m like dude like i love what you re doing i love the work that you ve been able to accomplish on linkedin. And i want to do it too and one of the first things he told.


Me it was like unfollow me and like i thought about it. But he said that essentially like everything that we see it s black and white television. It s our job as marketers as innovators as entrepreneurs to create color television. So on follow me and go create and since i did that like the.

First video i made after that. 30000 views and then okay 40000. And then a hundred thousand and then a million and i kept growing. But it s because i was different and i was doing something that was true to me and i wasn t paying attention to everybody else so focus on what you re good at and and just own that lane.

Another thing. I would say is make friends with influencers make friends with people of influence on linkedin. And it s super easy right now. Like i ve met people that i was reading about books last year.

I ve met people that i have seen on tv. I ve met amazing c suites and entrepreneurs and influencers just because i reached out linkedin is like the perfect backdoor because again now a lot of people are using it right now right like there s 500 million people on the platform. Less than 50 less than 50 percent of that is active monthly and less than 1 of that is creating content. So it s so so so easy to stand out.

But use that use that ability standout to reach out to people and build relationships another way to do that is look at what campaigns are going on what hashtag campaigns are going on there is a good one called let s get honest. There was another one lum. I think 30 dee s another one embrace the suck all these campaigns that people jump on creators jump on and i ve met so many amazing people through these hashtag campaigns that i would not have otherwise so go make friends with other influencers and other people of influence because they re gonna help you grow the way that linkedin. Works.

It s a it s a discovery platform right. It s not a branding platform. So if you look at facebook. That s a branding platform right you re typically only reaching the people in your community.


If you look at snapchat that like a hundred percent that s a branding platform. You re typically only reaching people in your community. People that follow you if you look at linkedin. It s a discovery platform.

So is instagram. But it s a discovery platform because one like let s say i post a video then my first degree connections and people that follow me are the people that i m connected to they see that content and then from there okay the people that they re connected to my second through connections. But i m not connected to they ll see that oh john liked quinton s video and from their third degree. So it just keeps spiraling out and snowballing.

So it s a discovery platform not a branding platform and that s gonna allow you to reach more people. That you haven t already so just something to think about but make friends with people of influence make friends with other influencers in linkedin is a perfect place to do that so super quickly like it s it s a most important thing make sure that your profile is complete with the cover photo with the profile photo. Header bio media. Everything like skills help people how legit you are but also show them how legit you are if you type in your name on google.

Probably one of the first things that pops up is your linkedin. Profile right people are looking. They re. People.

That are hiring or looking. They re people that are following your content are gonna look there and if you become an influencer of course they re gonna look there. But again you re posting content you re telling all these stories you re doing all these things where does that go now okay they re gonna go to your profile. What does this person do if there s nothing there it s you re not gonna matter you re gonna become irrelevant really quickly so tell them and show them how legit you are use media.

Make sure your photo is awesome make sure your cover photo. Actually like speaks. Volumes into who you are but show and tell people how legit you are and make sure. It s complete.


I ll make another video on that like just going into depth about like what you need to do in order to give that profile life. But i ll talk about that at a later time. But make sure that that profile is complete feel free to look at mine or some member on my team because all of us do it well because again we get paid to do that. But it s a part of what we get paid to do.

But make sure that your profile is it has that life and has that death and finally something that i do is i m not just on linkedin. I m also using pinterest i m also using twitter. I m also using facebook and i have a facebook group and instagram and all these other platforms to drive traffic to linkedin or wherever else i decide to drive it but typically it s linkedin and i think a lot of people underestimate that but it s so easy to one if you create a group and let s say. It s centered around linkedin.

And you re also creating content on linkedin. Again that. 1. Is actually creating content on linkedin.

So it s easy to create a group where you re helping other people grow on linkedin then if they take off on linkedin they re always gonna associate that their success with you because you re the one that helped them and you all grow together. Which is awesome. But it s also so easy to drive traffic. If you ve already built a community on those other platforms.

So leverage everything that you have used other platforms. That you re already on and you will grow quickly. So those are just some things that have helped me again. It s an awesome year and i m super super excited for the future.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to chat. ” ..


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I spend a ton of time on the platform creating, engaging, and dissecting the content of others. Here are some things that you can implement in order to become an influencer on LinkedIn and succeed in 2019. I went from struggling and failing entrepreneur to a top LinkedIn creator, speaking at VidCon u0026 TEDx, and now traveling the world building my new company with friends. All because I built a brand on LinkedIn.

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