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“Guys scott from everyday home repairs got a quick little project today and that is is dealing with this deck that we refinished last year. We went through to put deck boards on fixed up some of the rotted wood. But now it s it s 15 inches from the top of the deck boards the deck surface to the concrete here. So i just need to make a little box step to make that transition a little bit more natural not such a big step so stay tuned alright so depending on your project.

What you re dealing with you might there s a bunch of different options. So you could you can make a pressure treated box step like we re going to be doing today. You could actually got some right here you could purchase some stringers from your local big box store. This one has has two rises right so really i only need one rice here so if i put this one in place.

That s going to put that top step or top tread. Even with my surface here my deck boards. Which would be okay you don t necessarily need it technically this one could be used for three steps. Which that top surface would be your top step up so you could go this this route.

I m not specifically gonna go this route. Because the the concrete here is a little bit uneven and we re eventually gonna kind of jack that up or or remove. It and rapport it so i want the box that because it s gonna be easy to put in it s gonna be staple and then if i need to remove it quickly so we can do that project. It s it s no no issue so it serves a purpose and it s easy to remove you could do all sorts.

Other things. There are you can get kind of the metal stringers single step stringers and then you re just putting the tread boards on top of it you can even get i think. There s some of those like pre made concrete steps. There s a bunch of different options out out there.


But i have some extra wood so i pressure treated wood from former projects. So i m just going to use that and make up a quick box step here. Okay. So i took a little time and just did some basic dimension.

And wrote them out here which i can show ya. So you got kind of the top view here of just the framing in the dimensions. I m gonna go 48 inches wide and that is gonna be to the outside front and back framing board and this will be 2 by aids. I technically if i had two by sixes.

I would use those but i hit a bunch of two by eights in the garage. So i m gonna use those and use that for the overall framing and then i m gonna put a to center pieces. Here for a little bit more stability of the top tread boards. And then each one of those is going to be cut 13 inches.

Which will give me an overall width of 16 inches. So then when i put three of my tread boards on top of this which each one is five and a half inches wide. I should have an half inch overhang and that s what i m looking for and then the overall height again is a little bit. It s a little best you probably can t see it they re a little bit more than i wanted i actually want to go from what like seven and a half.

But the total height. This is going to be right around eight and a half inches. Again being a box step for me this one s fairly temporary. I m not too concerned about that.


But if you were doing a project that you think is gonna be more permanent you want to do it right. This is going to be on the upper end of what you would have for your your local codes in your area for the maximum height of that each step should be so this is what i m gonna go after so much out there. And do some a few cuts. So i have all my wood laid out here and i ll start by cutting the front and the back the 48 inch boards and again this is a 2 by 8.

You can if you have them or going to get lumber. I do a 2 by 6. So i ll cut both of those and those will be kind of a front and then i ll move on to getting those those end pieces and center sections. So those are 13 inch.

Just by chance that board was 26. Exactly 26. Long so they both worked out so i ll cut four of those using the pre cut board as the template and then i ll cut out here. The actual top of this step here from some some old deck boards that i had cutting those have 48 inches.

And using the previous one as a template. I ll work through those all right now i have all the boards cut. I kind of set them up here use three and a half inch deck screws you use a phillips head or square that now on the ends here i am gonna pre drill the holes and that s just so when i m sinking in the three and a half inch deck screws. I didn t want to split the wood.

Which is gonna it s going to be much more prone to splitting there at the end. When you re sinking and the screws so getting the end secured kind of marking off here the the points. The 16 inches. And 32 inches will be the center of those inner two by eights to keep them evenly spaced.


So it s basically it ll be one every 16 inches with a total length of 48 inches for the middle sections. I won t pre drill. I m just putting in three three and a half inch screws then i ll pre drill. This and here they re kind of starting to work everything get secured up the backboard is pretty warped.

It s kind of twisted. So. But i ll be able to work that in by kind of pulling it pulling the backboard into the center sections with those screws and kind of work from one end to the other so we re getting everything secured up here and working through this end piece. I got to kind of work with so.

What i m going to do is i ll secure the secure everything on that front side and then now i ll jump to the back side and synch. The screws and that ll help to pull that back board in so it s not as twisted. When i m trying to secure the end piece. So with a little pressure and pre drill be able to sink in the screws and get everything lined up and take that twist out of the board.

All right so it s finishing everything up here before moving to the to these deck boards on the the top of the step. So these are two inch dishes. And two inch deck screws with a square square head on them. Again laying down to per per end.

Piece or middle section. Board and as drill nose in didn t i did not pre drill. The side pieces. If you want to be safe and want to make sure you don t split the deck boards.


I would go ahead and pre drill those i had pretty good luck. I think one or two of them had a little bit of a split in it but not not noticeable at all again. But if you want to be safe. Just take a couple of extra minutes and pre drill those holes at least on the end pieces.

And that s it really easy it took me about i d say an hour hour and a half start to finish again. I use two by eights here for the framing. You could technically do this just with all two by sixes so if you picked up four eight foot. Two by sixes you could use those for your top tread plates.

And then also all the framing to make a 48 inch wide step such as this and then your overall step. Height. That s going to be a little bit more ideal here. We re dealing with about eight and a half inches with just a little bit higher probably then than you want.

But it will work great for what we re doing oh. I will go ahead in the descriptions and list out any other options that i know that are out there just in case real common for you guys maybe we d have some landscaping or grass or soil or something you got to go to so just setting that right would even pressure treated right on that surface one. It s going to be uneven and two it s gonna really rot over time so there are other options out there for you so i ll put some options in the description. I ll put a list of the tools that i used and if you like these type of videos go ahead.

And i click that subscribe button and we ll keep bringing those to you again my name is scott with everyday home repairs take care. ” ..

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Simple deck step design which can be made in a little over an hour. I used 2×8 boards for the main framing and deck (1 1/4 inch thick) boards for the treads or top. Another option would be to just use 2×6 boards for the framing and the top treads which will both make the list of materials needed simpler and the height of the step will be more ideal at a total height of 7 inches opposed to my step which is 8 1/2 inches. Overall the experience level needed for this project is low and makes for a good evening or weekend project.

Tools Needed
1) Miter Saw or Circular Saw
2) Tape Measure
3) Cordless Drill
4) Carpenter Square

Supplies Needed
1) 2×6 boards 8 foot long (Quantity of 4)
2) 3 1/2 inch Deck Screws
3) 2 inch Deck Screws

Other Options
1) Single Concrete Step:
2) Aluminum Single Step Stringer:

Tools Every Weekend Warrior Needs
Makita Corless Drill Combo Kit:
Dewalt Drill Bit Set:
Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set:
Craftsman Screwdriver Set:
Eklind Allen Wrench Set:
Pliers (4-Piece Set):
Stanley Utility Knife:
Stanley Tape Measure:
Studbuddy Stud Finder:
Johnson Torpedo Level:
Stanley Hammer:
Buck Bros Wood Chisel Set:
Klein Voltage Tester:
Wire Strippers:
Little Giant Ladder:

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