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“Pals welcome back my name is rose valley. This video tutorial will teach you guys guys how to know your video playlists duration alright. I got stuck on this while actually asked me how many duration. My playlists last so because i didn t know that i have to do some researches and since i found it out i want to share with you guys alright another for you guys to know your duration actually the person see if i should calculate.

But it could take me more it will take me more time calculating how many means and then my option is taking doing my calculation. So i did some research and was able to get through this by getting a cuckoo. A google chrome a drone that actually does this and then before this to get it to the actuary. I also have a website that also check your youtube playlist for you alright.

So just for you guys to know. This is the playlist just for you guys to know once you go to your youtube channel. This is exactly what i m talking about once you go to youtube channel try to the video playlist in the area or the video playlist. Which you want to know how it works or not let s go ahead and click on your creator.


The creator studio wait for it to load and then after it s downloading go to your video manager click on your playlist and here you ll be able to get your video playlists so this is your video result go ahead and right click on it or click on it to just open it. But i prepared open it on a new tab alright. This is my video on the new tab. And you can see that even though you scroll down.

You will not see anywhere that it will show you its duration. So all you have to do is to copy this video link and then open and paste it in the right place. Where it should be pasted. So it s going to calculate and tell you how many minutes the duration is going to last all right you can this is that there are so many information on here.

But there is none of them that includes a video duration. How long turns it out because and it has 12 videos and it s 69 views. Because it s my views to talk and updated two days ago. So this is not actually over one two so in order for us to get along this particular thing just go ahead and click on play all after you clicked on play or you ll be able to get your name to the video.


No i m going to first show you a website on how to do that and then i m going to come back to show you how to do that with the chrome plugin alright. So in order for you to do this just open. A new browser. Tab then taking you to then clearly the analyzer totes up sportscom.

Go ahead and click on enter. Then you can notice about this website. Way it analyzes every order dessert. I doesn t look so catchy also responsive like the very flashy website is are the simple words.

I got it does this job for you probably because i ve done this calculation manually and compare it with the calculation like oh. She ate actually profit. But in order for you to save more time in not calculating manually. It s best to do it this way so.


Now what i open the youtube playlist. You want to calculate click on the link url copy right click or you can right click. And you ll see copy go back to the website click on this particular area and then pasted on it and don t forget. It s always on playlist url northwinds channel alright make sure you select list you which you want to compare and confirm all right go ahead and click on submit other you clicked on submit is going to calculate and then show you everything now this is the calculation average duration 0 0 0 4 minutes and 29 seconds that they are preservation hub on the particular youtube playlist.

Now then the total are its zero days 0. Power. And it s actually 53 minutes 57 seconds. So it s a minimum of one art.

So you can just say at the minimum or one hour video. But to be accurate is twenty fifty four minutes so this actually makes it easy for you guys to calculate your youtube channel so completely on youtube playlist video duration alright. I hope you guys enjoy this video don t forget to like and subscribe and on my nest. I m gonna show you guys how to do this also using your youtube chrome adam alright now this is the youtube chrome pattern you can go and search for youtube playlist duration.


Now you be able to get all this okay. Once you ve seen this popular application just make sure you notice the logo right here. So after you ve seen this popular freebies they show you our teeth on your youtube chrome so once you ve added on your crew it means to be installed and completely. I am able to be shown here at our youtube playlist.

So once that if don t guy is all you need to do is to know how to use it and that is what i m going to shows in my nest or in some minutes. Okay let s all go take a popcorn. ” ..


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Hello pals a friend asked me today to check What the duration of my video was to know how many minutes or hours it was then i went to my channel to find and unfortunatly is not there, so i have to do some research then found out that this featured has been removed by youtube so i found a way to do this and decided to help others to know it too.

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How to Check Youtube playlist Duration

here is the link:

YouTube Playlist Analyzer uses YouTube Data API to analyze any youtube playlist or channel, and display the related information graphically. It supports 3 modes of data representations (or views):
Playlist View, Timeline View and Table View. Use this tool to find out things like follows:

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– Total Duration of a playlist?
– Compare video durations in a playlist/channel.
– What is the trend of views, likes, dislikes or comments on videos of a channel/playlist?
– Details of each video item – title, channel title, duration, counts, publishing time, short description, video link.

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