How to Create a Headline Search Ads in Amazon Seller Central

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“Everyone here we are again for another session of sellers choice tutorials in this tutorial. Tutorial. We will learn how to make a headline search ads on amazon seller central search ads are a type of advertising campaign that allows amazon sellers to promote their products and their brand to amazon customers these ads are targeted by keywords and operate at a cost per click basis headline search ads are visible at the top of the customer search result page whether the customer is shopping from a computer or a mobile device. Because headline search ads.

Are located at the very top of the search. Results page. They are an effective tool for increasing sales as well as brand awareness. Plus.

This type of advertising is efficient because the format of the ad. Features multiple products you can group products based on shared business goals. For example you can run one headline search. Ad.


That features products for which you re trying to grow sales and another headline search ad specifically to improve the visibility of your brand across certain specific categories before you continue on this tutorial. You need to be a professional seller in amazon. Before you can access this feature. So let s get started don t forget to hit the subscribe button to create a headline search ad sign in first with your amazon marketing services that s ams amazoncom.

On the main dashboard hover your mouse on the advertising tab then select the campaign manager on the drop down select the headline search ads tab. Please take note that this feature is not there if you re not professional seller. In amazon click the create campaign button then amazon will take you to the ad builder wizard. The first is the list page choose where you want to direct your shoppers after clicking your headline search ad send shoppers to amazon store customize a product list page featuring a collection of your brand s product lines.

For this tutorial. We will select amazon store since it s already been set up the next is creative indicate the brand that you want to advertise then write a headline write something unique that helps shoppers understand why they should consider your brand avoid using unsupported claims on your headline like number one or bestseller to make sure that amazon will approve your ad upload your logo then choose three products that you want to feature on your ad to choose the products just click the change add products button then amazon will give you a pop up on all of your products click x. On the item of the right table to remove a product or click the remove all link on top to remove everything click the add button on the left table. Then it will add the selected products to the right table select up to three products to be displayed then click the save button once finished the ad preview area as well you will know where the ads will be displayed just click the where will my ad show link that amazon will show you the place as somewhere your ad will be displayed if you want to change and adjust the display image click the adjust image button.


Then you can resize your feature image or reorder the product image from there just click the save button to confirm the changes music once you re all set click the continue button at the bottom to continue to the next page. The next is keywords say your default bid. This is the highest amount you re willing to pay for a click on your ad the higher your bid the more likely your ads are to show you can either choose from the suggested. Keywords list or indicate your own click the enter lists tab.

Then indicate the match type. I recommend the use phrase the search term must contain the exact phrase or a sequence of words. It is more restrictive than a broad match and will generally result in more relevant placements for your ad. Add your keywords to the given field once you add a keyword it ll give you a keyword suggestion below with a corresponding traffic that it gets you can either just type in your keywords.

Or choose something suggested list once you re done indicating your keywords. Click the add. These keywords button. Then the keywords they added will be shown at the bottom.


It ll give you the information about the probable win rate. When keyword is used you can adjust the percentage. But the keyword bid will increase the higher the win right the higher the bit once you re done setting up your keyword bid click the continue button below to proceed name your campaign. A campaign name is only visible to you so choose a name they can easily identify and refer back to later set.

The the duration of your ad. Then set your budget. Once you select an end date of your ad. You can specify a daily budget for a lifetime budget.

If your ad doesn t have an end date. Then you can only set a daily budget make sure that you ve budgeted enough to give all your products a chance to perform next is to the summary. This is where you can review or go back to the creative page your landing ad page or the keyword page just click the edit button that amazon will take you back to the previous page once you re all set click the finish button to launch your ad usefully as her approved after 24 hours. But it may take up to three days to be approved you will receive an email once.


The ad is approved. You also have the option to save this ad as a draft by clicking the save as draft link on the bottom left once your ad is approved and running when you go back to the campaign manager. You should see your ad with a green indicator and that ladies and gents are the steps and hats create a headline search ads in amazon seller central just so you know that we have a lot of tutorials and webinars on bits of advice on how to run and the applicable techniques for your e commerce business. You can always visit our site at sellers.

Choice. Dot. Agency and browse through a huge compilations of webinars tutorials and blogs. And don t forget to hit the subscribe button to stay tuned see you soon music.

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