How to define start and stop points in your YouTube videos

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“You want to embed just a short clip from a youtube video into your wordpress wordpress site or you want to send a youtube link to your friends. But pointing just the best part of that video. So they can skip the boring parts youtube offers a way to do this i d say. It s a medium level of difficulty you can t just flip a switch.

But you don t need to know javascript. I m brighton west and today. I m going to show you how to edit the iframe or html code to play a youtube video to play from a start point to an end point some people can make their youtube videos just way too long. This is a great way to share just the important part youtube makes it very easy if all you want to do is start the video at a specific spot.

But if you want to stop it too that s a little more technical..

I ve got a video on how to start it i ve got a little button here for that i m sure. But let s talk about how to start it and stop it now i m looking at my friend julia s video. And i know there s a great spot in this video. At 1 30 for the next 5 seconds from 1 30 1 35.

That s what i want to share the way you do this actually you re going to have to do it manually by typing head on up to the url here and the first thing you ll do is get rid of the watch and then replace the with a and then you ll start typing start and then the number of seconds in that you want it to start and then you ll enter an end and the number of seconds. When you want it to stop. This is when you just want to share a link. So i m just going to copy that guy out and then go to this new tab and paste.

It here..

It s going to do a full screen version of youtube. So here we go starting with a thumbnail you push play. And there. It is it just played that five seconds of course you can get to watch the entire video from there.

If whoever you re sending this to wants to view it let me close out of that a couple of things to understand is you can t just add this code. After the youtube video you have to change it to this v. . That s what forces it into full screen mode.

Otherwise it won t work same..

Thing if you do the share. Down here and you do the youtube it won t work adding on to that you have to use this format. If you just want to send a link now if you want to embed it it s slightly different let s start and do the embed now you would head on over here to embed and copy out what you have here copy this and then head over to something like wordpress. We re going to add a new post and you d go over to the text tab and now you re going to edit the code there.

What you d do is look for that and you re going to put in this code right. After the question mark start the number of seconds end thenumber of seconds. and then you have to kind of repair this line. So the next command will work you need to add an amp that s to separate this code from the next piece of code.

Now i ll show you what that looks like just by hitting preview..

There it goes it just plays that five seconds. I ll put all this down in the description below so that you can read from there. I know it s a little bit tough to get all this syntax perfect. If you enjoyed this video.

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“IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THIS METHOD, LOOK TO THE FIRST COMMENT. This is still working for me in Chrome, but others seem to be having problems.nnWhen creating content for your audience, video is by far the most captivating. If you have a WordPress site, all you need to do is plug in the embed code and voila – people can view the video on your website.nnBut sometimes we only want to share the important parts or the highlights. Today, I m going to show you how it s done.nnStart and stop videos at specific pointsnnLast week, I showed you how to define a starting point for videos you share. We are going to take that one level higher and define a stopping point as well.nnSharing and embedding are two different things, and so the steps to do them are slightly different.nnSharing YouTube videosnnHead over to YouTube and find the video you want to share. Let s take this video as an example.nnFind the part you want to highlight – where you want the video to start and stop. Convert those values into seconds.nExample: You want to highlight 01:30-02:10 of the video. In seconds that would be 90-130.nnEdit the URL so it transforms from thisn, to thisn ?watch nReplace the = with / nAdd ?start=x and u0026end=y , where x = starting point in seconds and y=end point in seconds.nnWhen you go to the new URL, the video will show up in full screen and start and stop at the defined points.nnEmbedding YouTube videos on WordPressnnFind the video you want to embed. Let s use the same video above.nnClick on Share, then EmbednnClick Show more, then check Show player controls only.nnCopy the highlighted code.nnGo to your WordPress site and create a new post/page.nnClick the Text tab and paste the code.nnEdit the code. Click this link to view the code (brackets aren t allowed in the description) that last step, you need to add start=xu0026end=yu0026amp; where x = starting point in seconds and y=end point in seconds.nnThere you have it! What videos are you going to embed in your website? Remember to do the steps above so you can quickly give the information your audience needs.nnShare this video————-nPlaylists:nMore Tutorials to create better YouTube videos:n with Video Content Creators:n————–nDo you have questions about creating video online? Leave a message in the comments sections below.nnSubscribe to get weekly videos: eBOOK: nhttp://www.BrightonWestVideo.comnnConnect with me:nTwitter a free download of tips for Video Creators at”,

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