How to Do a Drop Step Unstoppable Post Move

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“Got this coach odd nine hobbs equipped good to great basketball today. I want to to show you guys a quick video on a tutorial about the drops. That okay is gonna be actual move that s a good counter move to have if the defender is cutting you off going to the bit okay so i m taking you straight into it alright. It s it s not just a simple guys as is going to the middle and drops of a baseline in theory that sounds great.

But the reality is that in a real game there s so many different moving factors. The defense is going to be playing you different ways that thinking that you can just drop step and get an open layup. It s not really possibly that s gonna happen that often so i want to teach you a way to really get your account move if you want to use the drop step off almost every single time. Okay.


Now obviously you should have a go to move when you re golden middle. Okay. I prefer the jump hook right here another thing. That s the most unstoppable pulse move.

There is okay now if they do cut you off middle. There is a way to perform that drop stuff so so that you get them every time. And i m gonna walk you through right now okay so obviously as you re backing down and you see that they re starting to cut you off middle. Okay you want to continue to back down.


Then right when you re about to make the moves and set up hitting that defender off the gang. You want to almost put your body right into theirs. Without getting them off of you if that makes sense okay as you do that you wouldn t drop this bottom foot back as far as possible okay almost i call it to blanket them to wrap them up as you re about to turn so if you can imagine the defender here how that s gonna happen is you come here then you re gonna make that body contact here you re gonna drop this bottom foot and your goal is your foot should be behind their body. So that when you end up turning.

Which i ll show you some keys when it comes to the turning aspect of it so that when you turn they re going to be behind you okay so the foot here is the key. This is not a good job set. If you re just going here and you just turn you think that s gonna do it that s gonna allow your defender room and space to recover on you and to meet you at the basket and block or contest the shot so again here s the first team you make that body contact flop that bottom foot drop. It behind their body that s the key.


Okay and then from this point you can see my eyes. I didn t turn my head baseline as i dropped my foot to give the move away so i like to add a little deceptive factor in all of my possible s okay so i went up coming here boobs up about foot. They don t really know that in the heat of the game. The mother drops it so my eyes are here when i feel my foot around then all i do is snap.

My head and keep my elbows up okay and then just start here okay so get you re gonna drop the leg bar. We re gonna keep your eyes middle if you keep your eyes to the middle until you got that foot dropped. All the way to de seed them to not let them to not give the move away. And then turn with your elbows up.


Which will add another protective factor. If the defense does happen to recover. They re gonna go right through that so your arms. So let s so let me show you this pretty slowly.

We re going take it up the elbows into it okay so now when you show you the move a few times fast just so you can see the footwork and if you can imagine a defender right here on music. ” ..

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