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” s going on guys. My name is dominik nicolai and today. I m gonna tell tell you how i like to edit. My instagram fitness photos.

Now if you re whether what i want you to listen to me. It s because i ve been doing instagram now for about three four years. I have amassed about four hundred ten thousand followers. I m not saying.

It s crazy i m not saying you know the best or anything. But i m trying to tell you that i clearly have the you know some of the credentials to tell you how to do this sort of thing now. I m not going to be using any special programs to do this i m just going to be using the instagram app. Itself.

I m not going to use lightroom. I m not going to use photoshop or anything like that this is just gonna be for the people who don t or just trying to get into this sort of thing and they don t want to have to spend a lot of money on you know special programs and all that good stuff. So. If that being said.

The first prerequisite to a good photo is going to be you know taking the photo. You know well enough itself you know i think a lot of photos on my iphone and they turn out great and the trick to doing this is that you need to have your body taking up about you know between 50 to about 65 of the actual space within the photo otherwise it just gonna look you know you know not really it s a fitness. But it see what you needed to look like you re big you re massive and stuff like that so you need to have your body taking up a certain portion of the photo in order to achieve that now if you re like a really small portion of the photo and the rest of the background is taking up 90 of the photo. It s not going to do well people can t see you and that sort of thing.

So that s a way now the next thing would be that i said that iphone camera is great and it definitely is but i ve been using the sony alpha series of camera for about i think two and a half years now and they have a whole range of stuff. I m currently shooting on the a7 three that s definitely one of their higher end. Models but i was using the a 6000. For a very long time and that s a very you know inexpensive good sort of point and shoot camera.

Although i would highly recommend that you learn how to shoot a manual mode so they six thousands like six hundred bucks no outside of that so you have the you got the good body composition in terms of the space. Take it up with in the photo. You ve got the iphone..


You have the you know what camera to get now. So sony alpha series. Now let s get in to actually editing. The photo itself.

So it starts out by me actually or you you know taking the actual photo and then basically sorting through the photo on your you know your camera. So basically all you have to do with the sony series is you just go in here. And you basically done the app and stuff like that and it actually will download these pictures directly to your phone via wi fi that the camera provides now. I actually had some photos you see at the bottom.

There what i m like kind of going like this that i actually wanted to do this on but they ended up looking like you know very grainy and stuff like that because i unfortunately shot on too high of an iso those you don t know it. Iso is it s basically an artificial way to turn up the brightness or turn down the brightness within the photo without adjusting the actual aperture of the lens and and or the shutter speed. So that s that so i m instead of demonstrating on so instead of demonstrating on these photos that you see here the original ones that i wanted to i m gonna be demonstrating on these photos. Here and i literally just shot.

These about you know an hour ago for the purpose of this video. Only i don t think that these are groundbreaking photos and i think that i m just gonna show you what you could do you know what this sort of thing now it starts off with you actually picking the photo in which you feel your body looks the best now. I intentionally took these some of these photos in a very bad angle. So i can kind of show you the difference between a good angle and a bad angle and stuff like that and you ll notice that the good angles are the ones where i m kind of you know going like this and sort of twisting my waist making my waist look small.

I m keeping my shoulders squared off to the camera. That s your first tip right there as far as uh. You know how to take the photo. Now so i m just gonna kind of go through here and so it s it s a lot of things like this so you can see here my my optimized arrows on my how to look a lot better then you know say something like there.

So i m gonna go ahead and favorite that one and then we re kind of just gonna go to the rest of the camera roll and see what it looks like obviously these are two bad photos. Well. I mean now that one s okay. But the point is is that obviously you know that looks a lot better than this you can see that difference right there.

These are kind of want to last stuff like that i m just going to favorite them just for purposes of the showing good so i could kind of filter through things now have the favourites now i go into my camera roll in the favorites and i m basically just gonna go sort through these decide. Which one is the best now clearly i like the hardest and the leanest in this one so we re gonna choose that one some of that you do actual photo pick that you re going to open up instagram and instead of posting. It as a as a square with a window one ratio in terms of the framing..


You re gonna do the rectangle which i believe is a five by four ratio because it s a lot better and i mean it s just better i mean what else can i say you can see more of the background. It s a little bit longer photo and it just looks nicer on people s feet. So i always go with the five by four so once you have that established now you click nah. I click next and here is where the actual editing starts now first i m gonna go into edit.

Now i never mess with any of these terrible filters they re just nasty so definitely keep it on normal for that now i m here it s just something interesting. It is the little adjust icon so you just go there and from here. You can kind of sort of zoom in and out. And this is this is kind of your chance to where you can even correct the photo.

The photo springing say if say if your boyfriend girlfriend friend stranger took a photo of you and they didn t get the print and they didn t get the framing. Quite right this is where you can kind of address that and correct that by zooming in but that s also where an extra camera comes into play. Because if you try to zoom in an iphone photo like that it s gonna look very grainy. But if you try to zoom in on a quality photo.

It s not gonna be as grainy. So this footer doesn t need much adjusting in terms of zooming in and out because it was taken correctly in the first place. But here s one trick that i really like to play with a lot and it is the tilt of the photo. So i m basically gonna make my up my upper body tilt towards you and my lower body go away from me now this is gonna do mainly one thing.

It s basically going to make it give the illusion of your upper body being closer to the camera and your lower body being further away from the camera. Which ultimately makes it look like you have a smaller waist and wider shoulders. So i really don t like to play like anything over five and the photo just starts lip distorted like you can clearly see you know on 15. That doesn t look real or it just looks completely distorted.

So i don t play over 5. And in fact. I usually go out with an average of about two and a. Half so we ll just go 29.

This time so the photo is now tilted towards you giving my shoulders are wider appearance. I m my waist looking is looking smaller. So that s gonna be done now the next thing..


I like to do is i like to go to be structure. And i don t go over about 10 on the photo. Because as you can see once you start to get to those higher ranges. It just completely destroys.

The photo like i see a lot of people posting photos like this. And it does not look good. You know it doesn t look it doesn t look real i mean you could tell it to edit. It the goal is to make it look unedited when it in fact is actually edited so today.

We re gonna get a little bit more structured and we re going to go with 12. So 12. And there you can kind of see the differences that we already have so far and that s not even showing the tilt on the photo. So we have that we have that one thing that you can kind of play with it s well if you re kind of a paler person.

But you you know have a little bit of off tone skin is you can kind of play with the saturation. A bit so i m going to saturate the photo to about five and you can kind of see the difference that that made right there so it just gives you a little bit tanner makes the shadows. A little bit deeper and stuff like that and now. There is the saturation combined with the structure.

So far the next thing would be lux and basically what lux does is it kind of sort of evens out the lighting in the whole photo. So in other words. If there s a really dark corner. But you re.

But you yourself are very overexposed. It s gonna kind of bring them onto the same playing field. And it s gonna kind of make it look you know more you know less less shadowy and less of a drastic lighting change. So and you can see that if i put it on 15 right there it does help out of it in that regard now the next thing i like to do after i ve saturated the photo.

Op structure tilted it and all that good stuff is i like to turn the warmth down a little bit. Because typically you know saturating. The photo can kind of make you look red and stuff like that so i desaturate the photo see about a 10 and there is all the changes that we have so far combined you can kind of see that my cuts are a lot they look a lot deeper my skin tone..


Looks more even the lighting and the photo looks a lot a lot better and now the next thing you can kind of do and this doesn t you don t always need to do this. But you can kind of mess with the shadows. A little bit and going to the negative side helps to sort of bring out the shadows within your muscles and stuff like that so we re gonna go with negative ten on the shadows and then lastly we can kind of turn up the brightness to about a five or six. So there is all the changes that we have right there.

And then you re done in that bar to what it looks like right there before and here is the after of what they both look like side by side you can kind of see what a big difference. It makes with just using the instagram app. Alone to do this. So a quick little recap of what we did here.

We did not touch the filters whatsoever. We left the photo in normal first we tilted the photo. We just the brightness to a positive 5. The structure to a 12 the warmth we took it in the negative direction because like i said when you saturate the photo.

It has a tendency to make you look sort of red. Now we turn the saturation up to a 5 and we took the shadows down to a negative. 10. And then we took the lux to a 15 now all those things that you just heard me mention.

And maybe. The vini. A are all are that are pretty much the only tools that i use within instagram in order to edit my photos. Everything else is kind of cheesy and a little bit.

You know obvious that there s a filter on there and again the goal is for that to not happen. But the goal is rather to take the photo from here to there while still making it look natural and sort of unfiltered. So i hope that helped you guys out if it did be sure to leave a like and a comment on this video. Let me know what i could prove on let me know what else you guys would like to see.

And i ll be happy to provide it for you until next time thank you for watching. ” ..

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