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“On november 20th of 2018. I was accepted to the youtube partner program and the the email even says that i m able to monetize my videos. However ever since i have yet to see any ad revenue on my channel. And this is proof in my analytics in the revenue section.

I have yet to see any kind of revenue. I mean it could be a possibility that no ads are available. However i have contacted the youtube partner program. People and they have said these they have spoken to the internal team.

I guess whoever is working on this issue. And there has been an issue with this problem..

Because i m guessing other people have the same issue. And all i have been getting is repeated email saying. They can t confirm what the problem is and the internal team is working hard to resolve the issue. But there s really no new update.

Besides that so i was scouring the internet for some possibilities on how to solve this problem. This guy said. All he did was basically stream and then a couple hours later after he ended the stream. He noticed some ad revenue coming to his channel on some of his videos.

So as of now. I don t know if this will work i m gonna try it out so i m gonna show you how to set up the live stream..

If you need help doing that so you go to your analytics or your old school creator studio for youtube. And you need to download some sort of an encoding software and the most popular one would be like obs so the next thing you want to do is open obs. So this may look a little weird. But because i m using obs to record the way you go to is settings under file go to stream change.

This to youtube. And now you need the string key now. The string key is this right here make sure you don t leave ill this to anyone on the live stream. So all you have to do is press.

Reveal and copy it and then paste it into street key and all you do is press apply and then okay and now what you re gonna do is press starter stream and i m live okay i m gonna stop because i don t think i need a stream. Any longer so i believe we have to do a stream..

He did say he streamed for 8 hours. I believe but i don t think time duration is necessary for this pic. So i streamed and now we wait and hopefully. This solves us some issue so i ll come back in the next couple of days.

If it takes that long to update. Because usually there is some sort of delay when checking your analytics. One to two days so i ll come back when that is updated if it is updated so it s been roughly 24 hours since i ve done the livestream so i m gonna check if there s any ads on my videos so i turned off adblock and now let s check on this video. And it looks like i m getting ads.

Now. So this may have been just a coincidence with contacting..

The youtube team and they actually got this working or you know doing a live stream. Does actually do something this appears to be a fix for any of you not having ads on your videos even though you re already accepted into the youtube partner program. So if you do go through this process and try it out please let me know in the comments. Below and comment that it worked if it does work for you or if it doesn t work for you so that others know whether or not this process is legitimate.

So hopefully. This has solved a lot of problems and i ll see you next time ” ..

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This is how to fix the issue of having no ads appear on your YouTube videos when you have already been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

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