How to Get Perfect Basketball Shot Rotation: Basketball Shooting Form

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“What s new coach collin castellaw with shot mechanicscom today i m gonna teach you you how to get more rotation on your jump shot this video is brought to by our friends over at noah basketball. Changing the game. One shot at a time. Know is the revolutionary shooting technology.

That s changing the way the world thinks about training jump shots. And that s why we ve partnered with them so. If you want to use the secret key to shoot in that mini nba and elite division 1. Teams.

Use and show your coach or parent. The noah system at the link down below. And let s make more shots and win more games alright so having great rotation on your basketball is really important because what it does is number one it decelerates the speed of the basketball number two gives it better touch. If it does end up hitting the rim somewhere so what we want to do is we want to kind of optimize.

You know where we put our hands. How we put our hands..

That way we re getting the best rotation on the ball possible. And what we re gonna do is give you a few tips today to help you do that really easily now before we jump into it though. I want you to click the top link in description down below get a free copy of my sniper shooting challenge. This is shooting challenge in a shooting workout.

That s gonna kind of change the way you think about training your jump shot and it s gonna help you hit more shots in actual game really quickly so you definitely want to click that link down below. Because it s a hundred percent free now the first thing we want to think about when it comes to getting rotation is we want to put our shooting finger directly in the seam. If you watch a lot of the best shooters when they re getting ready to shoot when they catch the ball. They ll rotate it around and try to get their dominant finger inside of the scene.

Now we have different videos to talk about kind of the perfect finger or at least so i m gonna link that up in the card up here above. But what you want to do is no matter what your dominant finger is or what we re at least you re using you want to get it directly in the seams. Because what ends up happening is if i can get my finger in that seam. I can snap it off and i can get better release without changing any or a better rotation without changing anything on my jump shot.

Because if i can get that finger in the seam it really grips and it ll snap it off giving it that backspin deceleration better touch once again some hoop kind of sucks it down on in so. Key number one we want to try to work on getting our fingers in the seams..

If at all possible now it might feel kind of funky. The very first few time you try it but once you get used to it you re naturally do it right right. Now i pretty much do it all the time without even thinking about it. And it s just the idea of catching and then rotating just a little bit till you can find that seem to snap it off so you can do that it s gonna help you out of time right so.

The next key that can help is to lock your mr. Lee. Now what a lot of players do is when they re getting ready to shoot they keep a flat wrist. Meaning the angles pretty flat right here and then they lock.

It at the last second and snap at the last second now this is bad because it can cause a hitch in your jump shot and it s also bad because it can kill your rotational bit because if you re locking late sometimes you don t get that full lock on your wrist. So what i always try to have players do it if they re having rotation issues. It s try to get their wrist lock early as they re bringing the ball up that way once they get to that release point boom. It can have that full range of snap right so.

If you can always think about locking your wrist earlier shot rather than later in your shot. Number..

One it s gonna be more consistent. Because you re not gonna have kind of that miss timing towards the end of your jump shot in your release. But it s also gonna give you better rotation so no matter. What you re doing think catch lock.

And then snap on the release that s the next key that can help is think about following through on your release with just one finger down. Now what finger that is depends on the release like we talked about earlier. But depending on if i m an index or middle finger shooter or even. A split finger shooter.

Whatever my release is i want just that finger down and the other fingers up just slightly. So you ll notice a lot of people teach a hand in the cookie jar or the gooseneck follow through right. Where you re putting all four down. But the problem is if i finish with all four fingers down.

I get a ton of tension back here on the back side of my wrist. And it makes it hard to get that really good snap on the ball..

If you watch most of the best shooters in high slow motion. When they snap their release. They have their dominant finger down there other three fingers are up more so and in slow motion you can see their wrist bounces like this right and basically what that is is it s the snap of their wrists and bouncing as it comes out so what we want to do is just have that one dominant finger down. And that s gonna give us better rotation better snap allowing our wrist to be looser.

So we can really get that pop on the basketball that s coming out of our fingers. So think about don t have all four fingers down just choose your dominant finger have it pointing down towards the ground that s gonna help your rotation out fun time alright. This video helps you out go ahead and hit that like button. And then hit the comment section down below and let me know what sort of video you want to see next.

This is channel for the people by the people in everyone pretty much everything off request so leave it down below and hopefully we will get to it and if you re new to shout mechanics you re gonna want to do two things someone hit that subscription button. We got new stuff coming out every single week and you re also going to click that topling description down below and get my free sniper shooting challenge again this is shooting workout. This can kind of change the way you think about working on your shot. And hopefully.

It s gonna help you hit more shots immediately inside games you re gonna check that out again i m coach collin castellaw with shot mechanics basketball thanks for watching and until next time splash on ” ..

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