How to Insert Image in Excel Cell (Step-by-Step Guide)

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“And welcome to the video by trump excel. I am so mad pencil and in in this video. I will show you how to insert a picture into an excel in such a way that if you hide a row or if you filter cells. Then the pictures gets filtered or get hidden as well in this case.

I have a list of companies and their logos in the cell right next to it and if i apply filter to it so if i go to data and i apply filter here and if i filter the company names let s say i deselect all and i only select the first three then you can see that all the other logos are gone. Only the logos for the filtered companies are visible here similarly. If i remove this filter and if i hide these rows. Then those images those pictures get hidden as well so let s see how to do this here.

I have the name of the companies and the first thing i need to do is i need to insert those pictures those logos..

So i would go to the insert tab here and within pictures. I have these two company logos. Amazon and google. So let me insert it here and then you would have to resize this logo in such a way that it fits perfectly within the cell.

You can resize. It and one good technique is to hold the alt key and then move it towards that cell. And when you do it it ll snap to that cell. So it s easier to fit into the cell.

Let me do this for google..

As well so i would fit in google. Here now once these pictures are in these cells. What we need to do is we need to right click on these pictures go to format picture and here with in picture properties. Which is here in picture properties.

You need to select move and size with cells and the same thing needs to be done for the other pictures or all the images that you are inserting now what would happen is this would move and size with the cells here if i filter the cells. It will get filtered. It will not be visible. If i hide it it will be hidden let s try this i would use control shift l.

To apply filter and here if i remove amazon but keep google then let s see what happens amazon logo goes away..

But google logo stays let s see what happens if i don t do it. In this case. Let me go back to format. Picture and again reverse the setting here.

I say move. But don t size with cells in this case if i apply filter and i remove amazon. But select google see what happens you have both the logos. Amazon and google.

Which is not what you want so to apply those changes..

One simple thing you need to do is go to format. Picture and within properties just make it move and size with cells and in that way if you filter these cells. If you hide these cells. The pictures get filtered or hidden as well so that s it in this video.

I hope you found this useful thank you and have a nice day ah. This is just what works for me so please don t leave me nasty comments. Saying it didn t work for you i m just trying to show you you know what worked for me. I don t know so good luck guys and talk to you later ” .


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“In this video, you ll learn how to insert an image in an Excel cell. nnInserting an image in a cell in Excel is the easy part. You can easily use the option to insert Pictures in the Insert tab in the ribbon.nnBut if you leave it at that, then that s not the right way to insert an image in a cell in Excel. When you resize the cell or move it or filter or hide it, the image will not follow along. The image will not stick to the cell but instead act as an object above the worksheet.nnIn most cases, what you would want is the image to stick to the cell and get hidden or filtered or resized when you change the cell.nnTo make sure this happens, you need to take some extra steps, which I show in this Excel tutorial video.nnIn this video, I will show you how to insert an image into an Excel cell in a way that it sticks to that cell. So, in case you size or filter/hide the cell, the image will follow alongnnHere are the steps to insert a picture/image into a cell in Excel:n– Go to the Insert tab.n– Click on the Pictures option (it s in the illustrations group).n– In the Insert Picture dialog box, locate the pictures that you want to insert into a cell in Excel.n– Click on the Insert button.n– Re-size the picture/image so that it can fit perfectly within the cell.n– Place the picture in the cell.nnA cool way to do this is to first press the ALT key and then move the picture with the mouse. It will snap and arrange itself with the border of the cell as soon as it comes close to it.nnIf you have multiple images, you can select and insert all the images at once.nnHere is a related tutorial on doing picture lookup in Excel: nnRead More — nnnFree Excel Course – Online Training – Excel Books: Gear I Recommend:nCamera – Recorder – nUSB Mic – Mic: – to get awesome Excel Tips every week: Some of these links here are affiliate links!nn#Excel #ExcelTips #ExcelTutorial”,

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