How to Make A Graph in Excel 2016 for Mac

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“All right so today. I m going to show you guys how to create a a scatterplot on excel 2016 for mac. So as you know for a scatterplot. What need is an x and y variable to form an ordered pair each ordered pair makes up a point on the graph and then by connecting all the points with a line you make yourself a graph so first to start off.

We have our x variable. And we have our y variable. These are what are going to form the points on the graph. So i m just going to enter in some example data.

So 0 1. 2. 3. 4.

And 5. And for the y variable. We ll do 1 2. 3.

4. 5. And 6..


These are all data that i just made up so you insert whatever you have so in column. A. We have our x variable. And column b.

We have our y variable by combining these variables. Together. We have our ordered pairs. So the first point on the graph will be 0 1.

The second will be 1 2. The third will be 2 3. And so on down the line now in order to graph a scatter plot. What we first need to do is click and drag to select all the data and then we go up here to the insert tab and we click insert and we go over to the recommended chart area now there s a couple different options for graphs and you select whichever one you think will work best or microsoft can recommend that some options to you but we re focusing on the xy scatter plot.

Which is right there so you go ahead and click that and then we re given the option of how we want to graph to look so we can have it with lines on it whether those are straight or smooth or no lines or whether we want the points to be marked or not i m just going to pick this one just for ease of understanding. What s going on with the graph so by clicking this we have our graph this is just one line if you run your mouse. If you hover over any of these points. It will show you the ordered pair that s associated with each one of the points.

And what line it s particularly associated with so in order to change the title of the graph you can click and then double click to select everything and then you can type whatever you want your title to be in this case. We ll just call it graph in terms of adding other labels or information to the graph you would go up into the upper left and by add chart element. You would click that if you want to label the axes..


What you do is you click access titles. And you pick whether you want it on the horizontal axis or the vertical axis and in this case. We ll label both so we can call the horizontal axis time and then we go up here again and we can click vertical axis and by double clicking here you can select it all and then type distance you can label these axes whatever you want i m just coming up with an example here also in the add chart elements area or menu you can add a bunch of other things to the graph so you can pick where you want the title to be you can label your points. More specifically you can include aero bars.

You can change the appearance of gridlines. Whether you want more lines on your graph. Such as that you can also modify your legend. Which we ll get into more that later with more than one line.

You can choose where you want it to be. And you can also add a trendline now what we re going to do is i ll show you an example of how to create a scatterplot with more than one line. So we ll just command c. We ll copy this data and we ll go to a different sheet and we ll paste it command v.

And then we ll get rid of our labels. Up here for x and y variable and for y variable. Instead. We ll call it line.

One. And then we ll also start in column c. And call it mine too and will enter in some y variable data for column c..


So for example two three four five six and seven. So now what we ve done is we have two lines lines. One and two and each one of these y variable. Numbers corresponds back to the x variable.

So for example. For line. 1. We have the ordered pair 0 1.

1. 2. 2. 3.

3. 4. For line 2. We have 0 2.

1. 3. 2..


4. And so on so now what we do is we select. All the data by clicking and dragging again and we go up to insert and we go over by recommended charts again and we insert our scatter plot. So now as you can see excel creates the graph and we have two lines and there s a legend down at the bottom.

And it s labeling line 1 line 2 in different colors. This wouldn t appear unless. We labeled these columns b. And c.

As line 1 and 2 respectively. If it was just blank. It would have assumed that these were still y variables. But it would have having included the legend because there was no label.

So it s always a good idea to label and once again we can go up here to add chart element and we can add our axes titles. We can change our chart title and all the stuff that i explained before so that was a quick overview on how to create a scatter plot on excel 2016 for mac. I hope i ve helped you guys figure this out. And if you have any questions make sure to let me know and thank you for watching.

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