How To-Make Labels in Google Docs using Avery Label Merge

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“Is an instructional video that will show you how to make labels in google drive drive and so for this you will need open a google documents and also a spreadsheet one of the other things you ll need to get is an add on for this it s called the avery label merge if you don t have it and you can find it by in your google documents going under add ons if it s not there you can go to get add ons and then in the searching box you can type in root. Not new label label march and you can add it i already have it so line shows up as the green button that says manage once you install that you ll be good to go. And you ll need to use that to create a fresh new merge. So the first thing you re going to do is in your spreadsheet.

You are going to create a new sheet and let s say that you want to make labels that are about a field trip. Reminder. I always name my sheet so that i can remember when i called them and then in column. A row 1.

I m just going to write what i want my label to say i like to keep it short. I might say field trip tomorrow and that s all you re going to have to type you won t have to do any formatting or anything. But copy it and then depending on how many labels you want to make obviously if you want to make a sheet of 30. You are just going to highlight to 230 and paste and so you have 30 labels or 30.

Fields that are ready to be filled in you re done in this and so the next thing you re going to do is go back to your google. Doc and you likely have a new one open this works even if you re already running it but for this case..

We re just going to start fresh. We re going to go add ons every label merge new merge and then this is the important part this one of them is to make sure that you re selecting the right label. Otherwise it might not print. Exactly correct as you d like it usually.

The avery 80 160 is the ones that i ve been using. But there s a couple others that also have the 30 labels per sheet. So just double check before you select something because you re printing good very otherwise or it could get cut off select. It and then it s going to ask you for a spreadsheet and this is the spreadsheet where you have typed in your fields.

That will be merged and in this case my spreadsheet is the avery labels template sheet generally what happens is it s going to bring up the most recent one modified. But you can also search for it and you can also search by the lot of what time. It was modify that so i m going to select that and then on the side. It s actually going to open up the ad on here and it gives us some instructions that you can fall back on if in case.

You ever forget how to do this but on the side here. This is where we need to change some things it has our product..

It has our spreadsheet. This is what we re using. But we need to change the sheet and we need to use the one that says field trip. Reminder because that s the one that we want to use so just grab a little drop down box let s select field trip.

Reminder and then in this case. This document you can see here once i clicked outside of the box. It refreshed and it s telling me it s going to do rows 2 to 30 since i have nothing different in row 1. I m just going to select row.

1 to 3 and just a double check. 1. Through 30 those are the ones that are going to be merged. So the other thing i have to do before i can hit merge is over here.

I have to put my cursor in the box. And this is going to represent the label even though it really doesn t look like it and then we are going to select this column header name over here and it s going to place it kind of like a little placeholder in our box..

And these brackets will not show up. But this is what is going to tell the add on to run that merge so once you see that you can really add anything else. I think if you d like if you had other additional fields over here. But we re just going to merge this and it doesn t take very long and eventually you ll have a little dialog box that pops up that says.

It s done merging you can open it up and they always give you the disclaimer to print on point paper first to check the print alignments and i i m doing that especially. If you re not sure. What style label you re using to be exact sometimes i run into problems. Where it s kind of come close to the edge or got cut off a little bit.

But for the most part it works pretty well so here s our documents and if you like to have more fun fonts or a different size or everything you can certainly do that the thing that i ve found is the easiest to do to change. The text and how the formatting looks is to highlight my first box here notice. I m just highlighting the text and i have found that for short labels going bigger than size 24 gives me problems so i like to limit it to size 24. I m slated 20.

Today and then you can change the font. If you want i m kind of digging this fun recently and i like to center everything so i m just going to go ahead and center..

It so i really like how that label is looking what i m going to do now is i want the rest of them to look like that so i m just going to copy this first one and then i m not going to grab the whole document. Because it gets a little crazy that way. But i m just going to highlight the stuff in the first row and you can see like it s highlighting my labels and i m just going to paste and then i m going to go out and do the same thing with the middle row and finally. I m going to paste my last row.

Okay and so my labels are all set to be printed. Once again you can always double check on a sheet of paper before you print. It but otherwise prints a lot on your labels. And you ll be good to go the other thing you can do too is that you can just use this document.

If you don t want to run through the merge and you can just change one of the labels on here. And then just go through and copy and paste everything too. So you can do that as well hope this helps have a great day ” ..


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