How To Make Your Own BLACK KNIGHT Shield In Fortnite v2! (NOW WITH MORE COLORS!)

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“All right so let s talk about the black knight shield so about a month month ago. I think it was i made a video how to make your own knight shield. So as you can see i own the black knight. Obviously i ve been playing since day one.

But if you missed out on it. There s an item called the banner shield now this came out like i said about a month ago. Along with a skin and there s a whole bunch of them you can choose from the banner trooper and among others. This is the one i bought and basically if you weren t aware you can use any banner.

That you have when you select a banner. It goes on your shirt as you can see there on your hat as you can see on the top and then on whatever. Other item you have in the banner set so for example. The shield.

There s also a pickaxe and a glider now when i originally made the video. Things were a bit less appealing so what i mean by that is as you can see the logo. Which i have on my banner currently is big so back when i originally made the video. It was super super small so they upgraded that now in addition in chapter 2 season 1 they added more colors.

I can t believe they did this because we had such a limited selection before now. Let s take a look so. If you go into your banner selection you can see all the icons you can choose from if you hit r well on ps4 at least you can cycle through and standard are the ones that everybody gets that well you have to earn and is there another old founders pack are ones from save the world. Now like i said more importantly.

There are new colors look at all these new colors. We ve got so you can see the ones that don t have the little yellow. Exclamation mark those are the original ones so there is just a limited amount and look at this most of these are the same color. There s five shades of pink three four five six shades of blue.


And then the rest are yellow green and red and this was as close to black as we got this great color. But now check out the rest of these colors. There s an actual black. This is black right here.

I can t wait to test this out there s like a maroon red. And you can see all these different colors as i cycle through them. While that is that s not good because it look how bright that is you can t even see the banner. But i m so grateful they added all these why would you want what i would have to test some of these out because maybe the border of the banner changes with some of these.

But as you can see there s some actual nice colors now i really like the dark blue. Wait what does that look like compared to that one so this is blue. But this is like ocean deep blue. But more importantly.

We want to focus on this black color. So let s go ahead and pick that okay so just as a comparison look at the blackness of this outfit. That s what the current skin looks like look at matches. The shield of pretty nicely now look what it used to look like let me go back to the gray.

And you can just see how light this color is this was not a match at all. But this is all we had to work with before so we re gonna go ahead and put the color on the new black now we have to select the icon again when i originally made the video. I selected one that i thought looked close enough to this the black dragon. But a lot of people told me there s one even closer so we re gonna look this is what the dragon looks like he s facing towards the right he s got a wing.

He s got a triangle on his tail and he s breathing fire so we re gonna look for something very similar to that someone said the exact picture is in there so we re gonna take a peek. So i think this is the one i originally use this is not identical. But it does have a dragon. It is facing towards the right everything is pretty much the same except.


It s just a different drawing. I mean look. He s got the triangle tail. He s breathing fire he s got the big wing that s basically the same but people are saying there s a different one so we re gonna keep looking.

I think this one might be the one either on the red knight shield or the other night. We ll have to take a look in just a second. But obviously. It s facing the wrong way and it s got a crown then you ve got this dragon.

But this is not even remotely similar because there s no wing there s no tail. It s just face hmm. So i don t see any other dragons or things that resemble dragons and i ve unlocked every single banner. There it s back in the first few seasons you could unlock hidden banners and i got every single one and i don t see anything else that resembles a dragon other than what i ve showed you so far so again.

I m gonna have to select this one this is the one i they did like i said. It s bigger now and it s actually black. So let s take a peek and see what it looks like it still cracks me up because it s like that image where it says. The guy that she doesn t want you to worry about because look.

It s it still cracks me up. But it looks a lot better now. I mean obviously you can t replicate the red. Because there s red in the picture.

And you can t do that it s just one solid color. But at least now it takes up the full shield and now it s actually black. I mean. It s almost identical in color finally so that part is good so this is how you do the makeshift black night shield.


But i m more interested in what that other shield looks like so let me just take a peek real quick. So that s the one with the crown. So. It must have been the red knight with the crown and it s facing left.

Let s just see what that looks like real quick okay so it is facing left. But this mm hmm that might be this let s take a look. Let s see if that s the same let s make that let s make that blood red and probably this one right so this is what the red knight shield looks like you know that s is that the same image it s almost identical well this is the cleaner version obviously and this is the goofy looking one but still i think that s the same image don t you think talking to myself. But i think it looks pretty similar so those are the makeshift shields.

Now i don t have this actual image. I couldn t find that in my banner selection. So you can make a fake red knight shield or a fake black knight shield. But more importantly we got all these brand new colors so i m super excited that they added these hopefully in the future they ll add even more let s just see what white looks like because that s gonna be so hard to see oh yeah.

That s dumb see they should give you the option to paint the banner icon as well because look how terrible that looks you can barely make out what it is although. I do like the black outline on the shield. When you use white. So now we just need to be able to toggle the color on the image itself not the background of the shield.

But the banner image itself once we can do that it would be perfect. Oh yeah look at maroon color man these colors are fantastic. I m trying to find a good combo for the black knight shield because if you want to wear that s about the only backplane. I ever run my favorite in the entire game look how clean that color is though this banner brigade set is the best thing in the game.

I mean the fact that you can customize it to this extent already is phenomenal. Let s just get the whole set together. Here. Let s take a look well.


I like that too that fluorescent pink and black that looks nice. And you can see what the pickaxe looks like as well and here s the glider that s pretty clean. I m loving these new colors let s see what else we got how about this color right. Here.

This looks. Nice. Oh yeah. See how much customization you can do with this.

This is incredible. I mean. If you haven t bought these and they re super. Cheap so they just came out again for the second time a few weeks ago.

So i imagine they ll cycle again pretty soon and i don t think any of them are very expensive. So that s all there is to it i just wanted to show you guys that they did indeed. Update. The color palette finally for these vanderburgh aid outfits and pickaxes and gliders one of the best skins in the game.

And like i said you can make a makeshift black knight shield just in case you don t have the original. I won t look as good. But hey at least you tried music ” ..


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