How to Remove Yourself From a Facebook Ad Account

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“Again for all of your questions about digital marketing social media. WordPress freelance. Again more more today. We ve got a great question.

It s basically how to remove yourself a facebook ad account which we will walk you through so here we are in facebook. Yours will look different than mine right front and center of course was at google ad. So just depends on what your page looks like it s all..


Different but we ll start at facebookcom. On the left hand side yours will be different again. But shortcuts. It s whatever you ve placed under that is explored and then typically in the explorer you ll see ads manager.

I wish was at the top. But it s not so you go to more to find it i m going to click over to ads manager and it brings me to facebook business. So here we are you know you re in here by the gray bar at the very top and the account that you re in is in the top left hand side so whatever you have access to whether it s your own advertising or someone else s you ll see it there go ahead and click the client or ad..


Manager area that you want to remove so i click that so here s a particular one that i m gonna remove once i m in here the account number and whoever owns it i m going to go up to the gear on the top right hand side and click it again once we re here you ll see kind of add account information. Which will be blurred out and then under an account roles. You should see yourself or your company or whatever. It is you re trying to remove go ahead and click remove user.

It says you re about to remove this user are you sure so just in case. You you click the long slink thing. I ll go ahead and hit remove and it throws me out so now i no longer have access to that particularly counts..


And you don t have to worry about someone else removing you so a big reason to do this is if you have lots of accounts that you re no longer on as far as manage them monthly for money then i would remove yourself otherwise you re going to get notifications galore on jobs. That you no longer have all right. So. If you liked this video.

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