How to say words ending with -ial [social/memorial/controversial

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“Guys. It s hadar today. We re going to talk about the suffix eel as as an word social or testimonial. Now when you add the suffix eel to a it turns it into something that is related to the original word to the root of the word so for example.

If we take the word finance and add the suffix eel. It turns into financial. Something that is related to finance right. And it turns into an adjective as in financial problems right i use it to describe another noun now when we talk about the suffix.

We want to think about two things the stress in the word that has the suffix eel and the pronunciation of the suffix eel because it s not consistent. But there are patterns which we re going to discuss today now when you add the suffix eel to a word it doesn t matter where the primary stress is in the root of the word once you have a suffix. The stress shifts to the one syllable before the suffix. So for example.

If we take the word memory. The primary stress is on the first syllable right memory. But when we add the eel suffix okay. It s not man morial now the stress does not remain on the first syllable it shifts to the one syllable before the suffix and then it becomes more real memorial.


Same thing with finance. The primary stress is on five finance once i add the suffix then it turns into financial from fine it shifts to the second syllable nan. The one syllable before the suffix okay so this is the first point the second point is the pronunciation of the suffix. So here is the thing when the sufis appears after all consonant sounds except for a show sound.

Then we pronounce. It as eel two vowels eel. As in trans you ll you hear it trivial. So it s not trivial.

We don t pronounce the a here. It s a schwa. So basically. It s a high e sound.

And then you shift to a schwa and a dark l. O. But some something in the shift between the high e and the schwa creates a you sound okay so listen to it trivia. Yo yo trivial to simone neal neal editorial.


You notice that in all of these words. The stress is the one syllable. The stress is on the one syllable before the suffix right editorial to simone eel. Trivial okay good now when this suffix appears after a ship sound.

Then you don t hear this yeol sound as in financial right. It s not financial you don t hear two vowels. The sh and the whole connect and it feels like there is nothing in the middle. There it s like they re best buddies and they don t want anything to hold them away from each other okay so financial.

So shoal that s socio now the shoe consonant sound is not represented with the typical pregnancy spelling pattern of sh okay you will never find an sh before the suffix eel. It will be represented with either a t as in marshall. Influential or potential show. And don t forget the dark l.

Oh. It s not potential. Very light l. Just produced with the tip of the tongue touching the upper palate.


No you have to engage the back of the tongue to create that really dark all sound potential. It can also be represented with the c consonant letter like a social financial or commercial or it can be represented with an s. As in the word controversial controversial. Now this is a long word and in fact.

This video started from someone asking me how to pronounce the word controversial. Now i could make a video on how to pronounce controversial. But i decided that i want to give you more tools to know how to pronounce every word that has this ile suffix and i believe that all you need to know is where to place the stress and how to pronounce the suffix and everything else falls into place. So let s take the word controversial.

You know that the primers just should be before the suffix. So it s the verb controversial and because you have the shu sound represented with the f. You know that the suffix should be pronounced as shil. So you already know the ending version.

Which makes it a lot easier to understand how everything else should be pronounced. It s kind of like once you figure out these two things. The primary stress and the pronunciation of the suffix everything else just falls into place controversial controversial. Good now.


I made a list of a bunch of words with the suffix that i want you to go ahead and take it from my website. So you can practice the different pronunciations of the specific suffix and just try out a few words. Because you cannot make true change without practicing yet without feeling it and without repeating it over and over and over no matter. How boring is mcgann.

This is why i wanted to make it easy on you so you can go ahead and click on the link below or right here in the video and go to my website and download the pdf and the audio of this specific exercise. Okay that s it i hope this was helpful please share this video with your friends. If you liked it you re invited to check out my website for more great content and please let me know in the comments below how this practice is going and of course. If you have other things that give you a hard time in english whether it s pronunciation or vocabulary or grammar.

Or whatever. So don t be shy leave a comment below and that s it thank you so much for watching. And i will see you next week in the next video bye. ” .


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