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“This is max with a website pro and today. We re gonna learn how to to upload multiple files like they say that you have a large file that you to send so i have all these pictures of my beautiful baby girl and let s say that i was gonna send them all to somebody like a grandmother or somebody. But i can t put all of these files. If i if i hit control a you can see that i have a bunch of different.

Files okay and it s 617..

Megabytes. And i m not going to be able to put them in an email program like gmail. But fortunately if you have gmail and if you don t you can get one for free get an account at google for free just go up here and just type in google drive in the google search engine and then you want to go to your cloud storage here okay so click just click go to google drive alright now what you can do is you can first of all you might get all this stuff here. But you could just click access out because i m going to show you how to do it create a new folder just click new folder and we ll just type in maximus my name and it ll create a new folder.

So now you want to open that forwarder and all you have to do is take all of these images now hit ctrl a drag and drop them into your google drive and give it some time and they ll automatically upload all these files into your google drive okay and then what you can do if you wanted to share this this just this folder with somebody make sure you have it open and click..

This little plus plus sign like this and just type an email address of the person that you want to share it with and we ll share it with maximus mccullough. My other email account and then you can give them permissions can edit or can view will say can edit. And then you can click you can add a note here. Our pics of faith.


And then just click send and just let that thing go through its process. It ll probably take a little while because there s several megabytes. There and that will upload all the images and then your your person that you re sending the pictures to we ll get all the these images the other thing you do can do is get a shareable link. If you click this little thing right here.

And you want share these images with anybody you just copy that link and then you can email that link to anybody so that s how you can send and share a large amount of files and remember you can use any file not just pictures you can use anything okay..

This is max with any one website pro help this help somebody out sending or and receiving large files. ” ..

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how to send and receive large files

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