How To Setup and Design Business Cards in Adobe Illustrator

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“We are in adobe illustrator and first thing you do when you re designing a a cards just go over to file new and create a new canvas and so a new document and right here where it says artboard setup. Just make sure you choose custom inspir size for units. Just do inches. And the standard size of a business card is 2 inches in.

Height so you re gonna put 2 in there and then 35 for width. Don t have to worry about orientation. And just you know make sure cmyk color is selected just hit ok just your percentage to about 200 and you ll see there s your canvas and a 2. Inches my 35.

Inches is a standard business card and that s the size that you see here in this photo. It s basically your standard business cards that you normally get from anyone and when you re printing out your first set of business cards you always want to start. There then you can get creative later on with different sizes. But so once you once you create your canvas.

What you re gonna do you want to create ai. If you re looking at my photos here let s see if you re looking at this photo. There s there s there s the front. I have in front and in the back.

So when you re in adobe illustrator. You want to create one one of these canvases or one of these documents will be totally for the front side of the card. And then you re going to create another this the union or go through the same process and create another document and design your backside of the card..


So at the end of the day you re going to have two files that you would send to your printer. One for the front and one for the back ok so in this particular case. What you can do is start designing your card. And the only thing you want to keep in mind you want to you want to you can set up you can set up sort of little containers like this so.

That you can design within this area. Let s see well good so so let s say. This is this is my business card right nice to you i say this is my business card you basically don t want to go you don t want to create text that sort of outside this area here and you just want to go you can you can kind of eyeball. It and kind of just say i don t want anything to go outside this area.

Because if it s too close it could get cut off during the cutting process of your business card. So you always want to keep your content your main content inside of this area leaving a few you know some space in between and the ideal space. You know i don t really know you just got to like figure. It out just kind of kind of judge.

Just just you know set you know maybe. 20. Pixels or something like that apart from the edge of your business card and that way at the end you can delete that container and just all your content would be inside also when designing your card let s go back here. If you want to create a certain sort of colored background.

You want to highlight the entire you want to highlight the entire or or go outside of the the boundaries of your business card. And that s called the that s called bleeding. So you ve probably heard of the term..


The bleed so in the first part is don t want to create your text to be outside of the this boundary. But when you re creating a background color for your business card you want to go outside of the boundaries. And that s just to make sure that your color or the background color bleeds to the very edge of your business card. So for example.

If you created a box and you had it like that to the eye. You want you wouldn t probably wouldn t know. But when you want once it s done and get printed out you could have a little white space. There so just make sure you you bleed your your background colors to the edge.

Now. I m just showing you the simple the simple principles in designing a card. You can the design is totally up to you and so i m going to show you a set of cards that i created it s the one that i previously showed you in the in the in the the image. There so here s a card that i created.

I have a black box and you can see if you look really closely the box goes. I you know made the box go outside of the canvas here and that s so that i could the the the background color. I made sure that the background color actually it was printed to the edge of the actual card and my logo here is the same principles that i use in another video. I showed you how to create a a logo in adobe illustrator and this is just a simple text logo with a little circle there with my ml icon and i just converted that to two to a vector format.

And so everything you have here is is sort of using the same principle that i talked about it s staying within a certain limit here. So that my text isn t too far to the edge. And let me show you the back of my car..


I created another canvas and i did the same thing. It s a simple here s a simple black box container that i put back there because i wanted the color to be a you know have a black background. Little slight gradient and here are some interesting vector illustrations that i decided to put up there and so that s pretty much it so now then once i once i have my my two files set up the front and the back. What you want to do is you want to go ahead and hit you want to select all you want to do type.

And then you want to create outlines and then you want to go save. As and then when you re saving your business cards you always want to say for sets. Once you ve created your outlines you want to save as as print ready so bit ml biz car back. Underscore print ready and the reason.

Why i want to do that is so that once you created outlines on your business card you can go back in here and change the font and change. The text. If you wanted to so i always keep a version that s not in outline format. So that if i wanted to come in here here.

I could i could change it text and print new business cards same for the front for the front of my cards. So if you you always want to keep a set of cards that i can come in here and change the name so if i had another employee. I could say jamie foxx right and then i could say i would do the same thing. I would highlight this do type create outlines and then i would save it as jamie biz card front.

Underscore. Print already sort of like this here. So..


I would always have a a working version and then a print ready version okay. So that s pretty much it okay. So once you re done. There.

What you can do is what i would do is just go ahead and do file print and what you re going to do is you re going to print this out if you re looking if you look closely here you notice that when you print. These out like on your printer. You re in normal inkjet printer your cards will be printed out in this in the actual size of your business cards. And what i do there is i print that out and then i take a scissors and i cut around my business of cart and show it to people to see if the fonts are too small or if the fonts are too large and and what i would do if the fonts are too small.

I ll come back in here and and adjust the fonts accordingly and and once i do that once i get to the final final size that i like i just save this off. And i send this to my printer and to get them printed. So that s pretty much it you know hopefully. This video was helpful.

If you have any questions shoot me an email. If you enjoyed it please rate. It and comment and look out for more video subscribe to my channel and look out for more videos to come alright. We ll be talking soon talk to you later bye.

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