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“Is up everyone welcome back to my channel. The number one place for new coaches coaches content. Creators and entrepreneurs in today s video. I really wanted to answer a that i got over on my instagram specifically this question right here where someone asked vanessa.

How do you manage to elevate yourself. In a saturated market. Oh. My goodness i love this question to the point where actually to dedicate this whole video to answer.

It now i remember in the beginning. I was petrified to start my business let alone be on youtube or even talk about instagram. It felt like everyone was already doing it. And there was no chance that a nobody like me would be successful.

However fast forward a whole year later not only do i have over a hundred thousand subscribers on youtube. But i ve also sold out a lot of my programs and services. So how did this even happen. That s why if you really want to find out how you can stand out in a very competitive space.

Then i want you to keep on watching now my first tip for you when it comes to standing out in a very competitive space is very simple. And that is don t be a carbon copy now. I m not exactly saying or forcing you to reinvent the wheel and put that unnecessary pressure on yourself to do something entirely unique. However.

I am telling you to be a little bit different now..

I m going to give you a very specific example. We all know that instagram is a very very saturated topic to talk about on youtube right. However as a newbie on youtube. One of my youtube videos was about instagram and guess what this video ended up going viral.

But not only this if you actually look at the comment section by the way skip all the spam that you see right there. But if you actually dig deep you ll see that a lot of people said that this video was honestly the most unique video that they saw because they were tips that nobody else was talking about here on youtube. Now that doesn t mean that every single tip that i gave was unique. However there were a couple of that not a lot of people were actually saying in their videos.

And that s why that video alone gained so much traction because i was finally delivering something that you couldn t necessarily find anywhere else on the internet at that time that s why you got to make sure that if you are wanting to be on youtube or be a business owner or do whatever you want you got to make sure that you re really paying attention to not necessarily copy and pasting. What everyone else has already done because if you are doing that how else are you going to stand out not only this a by not being a carbon copy of everyone else you can stand out as a leader as an authority. Even for me. I came up with my own solutions on how to solve some problems for example.

The swipe up pack. Which no one else at the time was sharing because i figured it out myself. Not only this my workflow for youtube at the time. No one else was showing this now only this creating massive briefs and walking someone through step by step how to do it again no one else was necessarily doing it at that depth that s why you gotta figure out how you can make yourself unique especially as someone new for me it was delivering immense value value that some people would actually pay and that s what truly helped me grow a lot faster because that really set me apart from my competition.

So you got to make sure that you aren t being a copy and paste version of someone else. And that you are really trying to be unique not reinvent the wheel. But being unique in certain things that have already been done now moving onto the second tip that i have for you when it comes to standing out in the competition is niching down. Now.

I m going to give you another specific example with my own case study and that is yes..

I do social media and social media is really competitive. There s tons of youtube burrs that actually cover this topic. However i ve learned to really niche down and only help coaches and service providers with their social media. I m not helping e commerce people i m not helping influencers.

I m not helping the regular person that just wants to grow. I m helping coaches and service providers. That s what makes me unique and that s what s really helped me grow a lot faster as well not only this even before social media. I was doing quit my job videos what i wasn t doing quit my job videos for everyone and anyone i niche down specifically to millennials and that s why.

This video went. Semi viral as well even though quit. My job videos were really competitive. So as you can see if you actually niche down a little bit more you re going to be able to actually stand out from the competition.

A lot better and a lot faster. No wait wait wait wait wait i know before we move onto the next tip. You re probably scared to niche down. And you re thinking oh.

My goodness i m going to exclude a bunch of people if i niche down. But honestly even though i ve niched down to just coaches or even back then to millennials. I attract other people that aren t coaches that aren t millennials. And that s totally okay you re still going to attract people that resonate with your content.

However if you tried to speak to everyone in your content..

You re going to speak to no one so don t worry about excluding people because those people who actually want to stay will come. However in your own mind and in your own strategy. And when you re actually thinking about your content you really got to narrow it down. So i really want to make sure i cover this before you start freaking out and thinking you re going to lose a lot of clients or a lot of subscribers.

If you niche down that is not the case so let me reassure you that one more time now moving on to the next. Advice that i have for you when it comes to standing out. And that is don t be vanilla. Now what exactly does it mean to be a vanilla it basically means you ve got no personality.

You say yes to everything and you re pretty blend now if you take influential people like gary v. Yeah. He s very aggressive in your face. And he ll give you tough love and tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear and for that a lot of people hate him.

But at the same time a lot of people love him and he s very identifiable in this marketplace. Where there s so much noise on the other side of things you ve also got oprah oprah is very wise. She s very loving she s very empathetic and she s also kind of motherly and that s her brand. Now you ve got to ask yourself what is yours because if you try to blend in and try to agree with everyone or have everyone like you then guess what you re not going to stand out now for me.

How i ve stood out especially in a very saturated. Marketplace is i m very step by step process driven strategic. But i m also high energy and i m also very very vulnerable. Transparent and generous in my content.

And not a lot of people do that not only this i also give tough love and that might repel some people especially if you re a client or a student of mine..

You probably also know that i swear like a sailor. And that s also going to repel a lot of people as well and that s okay with me i m not trying to serve every single person on the internet. I m only trying to serve the people who are attracted to my personality and the way that i do things and that might not be everyone s cup of tea and that s okay. That s why it s really important if you re trying to stand out in a very saturated marketplace.

That you actually stand your ground. When it comes to your character your personality and how you want to run things in your business. Now so far in this video. I talked about the key things that can help you stand out and elevate yourself.

In a saturated market or at least the key three things that i did now if you want to learn more about business and all that make sure you hit the notification bell because my next video. I m going to be spilling some tea specifically. I m going to talk all about the biggest misconceptions when it comes to actually having a successful business. So if you re interested in learning.

Some key lessons that i learned that i honestly didn t expect to learn make sure you hit that notification bell in the meantime. If you enjoy videos like these make sure you also check out these two awesome videos that i have right here. I talk a lot about coaching marketing entrepreneurship and all the likes of that so make sure you don t miss out on these two awesome videos now as always guys i appreciate you i hope you guys have a great day. A great week and a great life and i ll see you in the next one bye guys.

” ..

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