How to Survive at a Convention Alone – Tips & Tricks

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“Galaxies. How are you i m back with a brand new video and this video video is called how to have fun alone while you re at a convention. Because me there will be times. And by times.

I mean i m going to go through this in the next. Two weeks. Where you will be alone at a convention. It will feel awkward and sad.

But there are ways to make it not feel awkward inside and we re gonna talk about it in this video. Number one the first thing to do is to make a battle plan. If you re going along you snow what days are going on and what you re doing on those days. No you cannot expect people to be your source of fun not at all so you have to make sure that number one you are not lobby conning hey.

What s lobby counting well shall i inform you lobby conning is when you attend a convention for free that way you do not go within the building. But you stay outside the building. Therefore you are lobby conning..


It is the free way to kind of enjoy convention. But if you re going alone. It does not work so make sure you have a schedule. So packed that you don t have time for friendly human interaction.

Such as hanging out and eating lunch together or social activities like that know you re coming to make the most of con activities. One week prior to the con make a schedule choose your days be selfish think about you and what you re going to do think about your must places to go and your muscle. Things to do and don t hold back don t make time for mary ann. Who said she would see you at some point no out of your panels.

Do your workshops. Your anime karaoke sessions and so forth into your schedule. Go to the opening ceremony. Go to the anime viewing room focus on things that you can do alone.

And that you know you will enjoy at the convention okay number. Two three weeks before the convention make a list of all the friends you know who will be at that convention and they just haven t told you that they would be there i mean and if none of your friends or is having the event and by none i mean you triple check facebook. You ve done a facebook event search and solve any friends that were going or not and so forth and if that s the case then skip this step entirely..


But if you know you have some friends at hang its event then make a list make it twice. See who is write their names down their number is down. And the week before the con and the times were you may have free time and they may have free time message them to find out when you guys can actually meet up during the convention that way you have your scheduled events already planned in advance and the times that you may be free in your beautiful event schedule. A free designed and curried by yourself then you can message them and find out when you guys meet up because having some human interaction is kind of fun too number three.

We re cosplay. This one is kind of an obvious one to me because well it might feel really weird to commute to a convention and a class boy alone. It is so if you re shy just when you were out for the cons and then change into the costume. But either way if you can work hard to a convention.

It will be great because the whole times of playing yourself and being yourself you get to play another character people will be attracted to say hello to you and that you won t have to be the first one to start conversation. All the time we re in cosplay is a competition starter. People might be like oh. I know that show and they say you know you re meeting.

Someone. And you didn t have to do that much work they re just saying. Hello..


Because you re playing their favorite character. And from there on you could start a friendship. So cosplay can be a really great barrier. If you re going alone you re kind of not really having to be yourself is a sara lee.

You re basically playing a character. Which means people can see that first and react to that first and you might feel more comfortable and safe that way number four learn how to dance if all goes wrong learn how to dance so well that it boosts your confidence levels and you can get down on the dance floor. I m actually totally kidding number four is actually complete roll. Some suggestions.

So just ignore. It number five go on facebook groups. Recommend and find other people going alone or even better create an unofficial meetup for specific fandom. So you can attract people to come to that meetup who look the same things as you do and then you won t be alone in the convention.

And you ll have an event to look forward to and even if people don t go to crunch alone. At some point. That you get separated from their people or the group..


They go with and they will end up alone. At some point. Whether it s going to a panel or photo. Shoot that they like and their friends don t like so.

While we are not either you re not alone. Because there s also many people just like you these five tips will just make your journey. A tad bit easier is anyone else going to convention alone this year. Or has been to a convention alone leave a comments below and tell me your story and if you survived or were nervous about going to convention alone cuz.

I i need a little bit of a pet top you know i m saying. Yes music music. ” ..


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