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“And welcome to the quick and dirty google drive tutorials so in this quick video video today. We are just going to cover the basics of how to use google and get the most out of it so we ll go over setting up your new account how to create folders documents and spreadsheets sharing and tagging and then editing and collaborating in different modes within. Google docs so let s get started okay. So as you can see here.

We have a brand new fresh google drive account set up and all this is is your google account so if you use other google services like gmail or youtube. If your youtube account is linked. Nantz is all going to be in the same place to access google drive as you can see we re here. But let s just go to google.

There are a couple ways to do it you see this square up here in the corner. You re going to click on that and then find google drive and click to get here or you can go up here and you can actually just type in drivegooglecom. So it s really important to do this so you re actually in google drive if you ve had some experience with drive before you may have clicked on an email that you got with an invitation to view. A document and your screen would look a little bit different each.

So there are options in the sidebar that you see right here my drive shared with me photos recent start and trash. You wouldn t see that unless you re actually in this view. So let s go ahead and get started. This is a brand new account and in every account.

We have this pretty handy pdf that google provides that also gives you a great overview of how to use it. But if you re like me you like getting a visual breakdown of everything that that s happening. So if you do need to come back and take a look again just know that this pdf is going to be here. And it s going to be available for you so part two which is the most fun in my opinion is creating folders documents and spreadsheets so all we re going to do for each one of those things is go over to this red button click new and then we have a menu that gives us different options so let s start with a folder.

I m going to call it my stuff hit create and then it s done you see my stuff that already appeared right here. In your google drive view and now i m going to create a document and so we click the new button again and we just go down. We select docs and it s as easy as that you ll notice that these always open up in a new tab. So if if you feel like you don t know where you are just know that there s another tab open and you can always click back and get back into that that drive view so this document.

I m going to title. It my stuff. And then i can just start typing whatever i want down here. The the best part about using.

Google. Docs is that everything happens in real time. And it s very simple to use it s just a lot like using microsoft word..


Except it s in the cloud. Okay when you shut when you close this tab of the new doc that you opened. It s been automatically saved and now it appears right here as a docx. So i can click to open this back up and everything that i just entered is going to be have been auto saved in the document same thing with the spreadsheet so i m going to click new go to google sheets and create a spreadsheet and the google sheets functions.

A lot like microsoft excel so it s not the same it s not going to be the exact same functionalities. But it s a lighter version and i find that it s incredibly convenient to use especially. When you re creating a spreadsheet that needs to be shared with other collaborators. It s easy to do it and drive so same thing when you close this tab.

You won t have lost your information your spreadsheet shows up right. You can double click to select and open that spreadsheet and then close it again so you may have noticed there are other options aside from just google sheets and google docs you can create slides. And then there are some other fun options as well and you can definitely explore those later so the other thing that you can do is upload an existing file. If you don t want to create a new one you do get 15 gigs of free storage with your google account so if you want to store photos.

Other documents videos you can upload those directly from your desktop or other files and you do that by selecting file upload for a single file or if it s a whole entire folder select folder upload and you ll be prompted through the process okay so that is setting up and creating folders docs and spreadsheets ok. So the next topic is going to be sharing and tagging. And this is a really important feature. When it comes to using google drive because one of the most important elements of being able to use google.

Drive is the ability to communicate and share information with other collaborators. So let s just to clean this up just click and drag the spreadsheet in the document that we created into the folder. And i want to share this entire folder with a colleague of mine. Because we re collaborating on a spreadsheet and maybe we re writing some some copy in the document as well that we both need to look at and edit.

So i ve selected this folder you can see md selecting it by clicking somewhere else and i m selecting it by by clicking here again i m going to go up and find this little avatar of the person with the plus sign click on it and now. I m able to share so um. I m going to just go ahead and share. It with myself.

Here you can add a note down. Here and then you also have the option to say do you want your collaborator to be able to edit the document or just view ok. I m going to say let them edit. And then send so now i will have an email in that in my inbox inviting me to come and collaborate on this entire folder.

So there s another option for sharing so we re going to select the folder again go up to the avatar. But this time. I m going to click on get shareable link..


Ok and click to copy the link and now whoever i share the link with can view they won t be able to edit if they re just clicking from the link because of the current settings. But i can at any time to go in here click the button and now i can change it so that anyone with the link can edit. And you can explore those options a little bit further if you ever need to customize it if i go down here and click advanced then it gives me even more sharing options. But this is going to be one of the most important features as you re getting used to collaborating in google drive it can be a little bit confusing.

If you re not aware of all of these options. Just because some of the sharing menu is hidden when you first click. But again if you re sharing a document that someone else needs to access and be able to edit make sure that the setting in this setting. You have yum you have it set so that anyone with the link has access and can edit this is going to be the same if you re sharing a spreadsheet if you re sharing a document you re sharing a folder or if you have a folder with multiple different documents and you only want to share one of them you can open it up and go in here and let s just say we want to share the document do go through the same process.

But right now your own you only have the one document selected so sometimes people will bump into trouble if they have shared both the folder and a document or a spreadsheet within a folder and they have different permissions in terms of sharing. So let s say. The folder that has been shared has view only access. But a document within the folder has access to edit.

So if you do find that you shared something. And think that it should be accessible and then you hear back from a colleague that they can t get into it just be sure to go check on what the folder settings are versus the individual document settings. Okay so in this next section. We are going to discover how to edit and collaborate within a google doc using different modes and we ll also go over how to leave and respond to comments and how to tag collaborators in those comments.

As well. So right here. I have a google. Doc opened and just some text in here to represent a blog post that someone is written and i want to share it with a collaborator to get their feedback and get their edits.

So if i haven t already shared the document with them using the methods that i shared in that last section. You can always go up here within the doc and go through the same process from directly within the doc. So let s just try that one more time just in case. So we re going to share this with another colleague.

Okay. He has the ability to edit. And so now he s going to be able to click in here. So let s say i have a question about the second paragraph.

I d like david to take a look at it so i m just going to highlight the text that i have a question about and go up here and click comments and then leave a comment here okay i m click comment and then that s done so now when david clicks in to this post to take a look at it. He is going to be able to see the highlighted text. He s going to see my comment and then he can respond or he can he can resolve the comment..


If he thinks it looks great so let s try this with another piece of coffee. I m going to highlight the section select comments can you work on this a bit more okay instead of putting his name here. Maybe i want to actually tag him. So i m going to go and select.

The plus button and then type in the user s email. Okay and then when i leave. The comment. You can see that this is now hyperlinked.

So he s going to actually get a notification that he s been tagged so this is just another way to notify. A collaborator of a specific point that you d like to make okay. So that s pretty straightforward now. Let s say that i ve written this and now david s going to come in and he s going to take a look and make some suggestions based on my comments to this blog post.

So he s going to go up here. And where you see the little pencil select. It and you can switch right now. We re in editing mode.

Where we reading the document directly any change that i make is just going to appear as though. I was working on a brand new document in say microsoft word or pages. So he s going to change this to suggesting and now start to make at it so let s say i m going to highlight this and delete it this shows up as a suggestion. Okay and then maybe we re going to add a conclusion here at the bottom and add some more copy down here this shows up in green.

So it s a different color and then there s also tracking that appears off to the side. As though it s a comment. So that when a collaborator comes in here. They can see what s been added.

What s been deleted like it has been up here or suggestions for replacing text and then they can come right in and they can either reject it by clicking the x or accepting it by hitting the checkmark and then as soon as someone hits the checkmark if b it shows up as permanent regular text. Okay so let s reject this change reject that change and then when that s been completed you can always switch right back to editing mode go down. Here. The comment looks great hit reply and then resolve and it goes away so as you can see it s super easy to collaborate with other people inside of google drive as long as you just know a little bit about how the functionality works.

And what you can do ok. And so we ll wrap up in the next section. With just a couple of quick tips and tricks about using google drive and then you re going to be ready to go ok..


So. Let s wrap up with a couple of miscellaneous fun tips about how to get the most out of using google drive so we ll start with just putting things in the trash. So i ve read my manual and i feel comfortable in understanding how to use google drive so i m just going to click and drag this into the trash ok that s one way to do it now i m gonna click undo to restore it and another thing that i can do is click on this file. And i can go up here to this trash can and i can remove it that way ok and then another thing that i can do is click to select it and i can reorganize it so i can choose to move this to another folder ok and then it s been automatically moved and then another way to move.

It is click the file drag it into the folder and yet another way to do this is to go up to my drive. There s a little drop down menu. Where you re going to see all of the other folders you ve created i can go ahead and click and drag it into the sidebar from there ok and so the other the other time that you might want to do. This is when you have a collaborator who has shared files or folders with you if you go to your google into your google drive dashboard.

I suppose is what this view is is most like and you don t see the file that s been shared with you it s probably because it s in here shared with me so select that and and if you have any folders in here. You will just select them and click and drag them and drop them into my drive that way next time you you ll see them here with all of your other stuff okay. So if you do delete something and then panic and i need to recover that just click into your trash. It ll be there and you can again you can restore it by clicking up here you can choose to delete it forever to free up more space.

If you re running out of space or just click whoops and we can t do that so ya click restore and then it s going to come right back up here and you re going to see it inside the folder that it was initially moved from okay. So another fun thing to do that helps some some of us who are much more visual than others to organize and google. Drive is by color coding everything so to color code. A folder.

You re just going to select. It like i just did. And then find this kind of hidden menu over here. Where you have a lot of fun actions select.

It and then you can come here. You can change. The color um. Okay and then a few other options in this menu include renaming.

It and of course organizing and so that s about it with all of these tips and techniques you re completely ready to go to start using a google drive and again. If you have any outstanding questions or anything is not making sense to you just refer to this getting started guide that will automatically be in your account. When you get started thanks so much for watching and i hope you enjoy using drive ” ..


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