How to Use Instagram Story Templates – New Instagram Update

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“In today s instagram story video. I want to show you how to use this this instagram templates that s built into the new instagram updates. And there are a of different templates. You could use as the background.

Basically and add different elements on top of it like text sticker mentioned signs and so on i want to show you exactly how to use it in this video. Let me go ahead and exit. Here and go to my instagram feed. And what you want to do is jump into instagram story.

So again press your icon. Here your profile icon to jump into instagram story. And we don t want to take a picture or anything like that but on the bottom you re in normal mode. You want to go to create mode.

This update did roll out in october of 2019 so make sure. You do update your instagram app. If you haven t and once you re here you have the text option right now. But if you go over to gif and then go over one more time you will get to instagram templates.

Instagram story. Templates and they will probably change. This layout. So look for this icon.

The template icon let me show you a different way to change..

The color of it first that s on the bottom corner. If you press that you ll get a bunch of different colors. You could choose from so go ahead and go through all those to see all the available options let s choose this green. One then on top you have the dice option that basically chooses at random different ones here that you have access to or you could just press in the middle of the page.

And it will change them one at a time so i m gonna go through each. One let s start with this one here woke up like this so. What you want to do to use this as your template again after you change the colors press. The icon in the middle here with the four squares press.

That and it will basically take this as a snapshot as your background. Now you can edit any of these elements. This is basically a background. But what you could do is you could tap and you could type in text.

Here and then you could go ahead and change. The color of the text change the font of the text and then basically put it somewhere. And then resize it so that could be your template or let me go ahead and put this in the garbage. Can you could go ahead and press.

The sticker icon and then go ahead and choose location. Mention hashtags or even one of these emojis here these gifts. Any of these things could be placed in the middle. You basically could decorate your instagram story to really stand out with these blitz.

So let me excited here to show you a different one here..

It s gonna take you back to the template. Page. And the next. One is top three accounts to follow.

This is really great to do in shout outs for other people. Again. I do have a complete instagram course in the description. If you want to learn more about making money and growing your instagram.

But let me go ahead and press. The template icon again and in this case. We want to put stickers and we want to do that add mention sticker. So if i wanted to promote another one of my channels.

Here. I could do that and then i could go ahead and put it to number two for example. And so on and then let me go ahead and promote this channel that you re on right now on instagram and then i could go ahead and put that as number one and so on so when you do post. This basically when someone clicks.

This they could go to that instagram profile and follow it let me excited here this card let s do another one this one pizza ranking. This one i m not gonna show you but basically you ll just put text 123. When you use this as a snapshot. Let s go to the next one this track gets me.

And this you will have the music sticker to do this for you so..

Let me go ahead and choose template and then choose the sticker option and then if you have the music option as a sticker in this account. I actually don t have it so i would have to put text. But if you do have it you could use this and put it right in the middle. Where people could see what you re listening to then you have coded the day again just put in text quote in the center.

Here. And what am i watching. This is pretty useful for showing people. While you re watching again you could take the screenshot here.

And then you could put the add mention or hashtag add. Mention is good for example. I m watching ray donovan right now on showtime. I could put that here and then where you could stream.

It you could put showtime for example as text and then bring that over here and let me change the color to black. So it s a little easier to read and then you could go ahead and share this with your friends. So they could go ahead and click that sticker to learn more about that show so it s a great way to make promotional stickers here on instagram story. And if you have the link option like i do on top.

You could basically do a ig tv or a web link web link does require more than 10000. Followers. At the time of this recording. But if you had that you could basically send them to a very specific website.

It s a very useful option for making money on instagram and basically promoting different..

Websites but this does require 10000. Followers. Unfortunately at the time of this recording. Let me excited here and you have this one what am.

I listening to again. You could do your music pics here. You could use the add. Mention sticker to promote these songs.

And you have one more that i haven t gone through. Yet this one here you could do a draw a challenge here and screenshot and draw a blank and you could put something there. And then you could have other people go ahead and use the pencil icon to draw something so here. The pencil icon allows me to draw right here with different colors.

So i ll choose black and draw something here. So you get the idea of using these templates and i m sure they re gonna roll out bunch more templates. I find these extremely useful for just creating a nice background on instagram story to truly stand out from all the instagram story posts that are out there so i hope you could take advantage of it and i hope you found this useful please. Give it a thumbs up and subscribe for easy to follow social media videos.

And i ll catch you on the next one thanks for watching. ” ..

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“You can now use Instagram Story templates right inside of the Instagram app under the create icon. The create icon templates give you a great starting point for creating Instagram stories post that really stand out.nnThe Instagram Story Template option was released in October of 2019 on the Instagram app.nnInstagram Story templates include this track gets me, quote of the day, What Am I Watching, What Am I listening to, quick draw challenge, work up like this, Top Three Accounts To Follow, Pizza toppings ranked.nnIn this video, we will explore a few of these templates in more detail.nnThank you so much for watching. Check out the free training on how to get more followers and make money on Instagram @ www.howfinitycourse.comnn=====================================nShare this video: more simple and easy to follow how-to videos.nSubscribe easy to follow how-to videos on social media and techn”,

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