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“Guys welcome. I am caroline for those that don t know me nfrom new horizon horizon coaching. I am a career coach and also a job search nstrategist. I help basically with things like optimizing ntheir resume doing their linkedin profile or helping them do their linkedin profile nhelping them with their cover letters with interview techniques with negotiation techniques nwith job search strategies and so on so a whole bunch of things basically all involved naround job searching today.

I want to talk about cover. Letters nbecause. This is a question that i get asked all the time is what do i do with cover letters. I see this perfect job advertised and then nat the bottom.

It says please submit your resume and cover letter for this position most people freeze they panic because they think oh. My god ni have to write a cover letter. What do i write they re a couple of things that i want to ncover because even when it s not us a lot people actually spend time and effort. Writing.

Na cover. Letter. First things first a cover letter. Shouldn t nbe too long unless specifically asked for that it addresses certain selection criteria.

Otherwise. I would say one third of a page nhalf a page maximum people don t have a lot of time. And it s like nreading anything people skim read through things and they do nthe same with your resume and with a cover letter. It can be too text heavy.


Because to be honest. Nnobody has time to read all of that so it needs to really capture the essence secondly. You need to know your market. Let me explain and elaborate on that if it s na.

Very candidate rich market that means that they re are a lot of candidates out there napplying for jobs and they re. Only a few jobs available then a cover letter really can make nyou stand out. But if it s a very candidate poor market that nmeans you don t have a lot of candidates in your area of specialization and there are nquite a few jobs out there the essence of having a cover letter is not really as important nas in the case that you really want to use it to standout thirdly. If the job is advertised by a recruiter nlike a recruitment agent.

I must say ninety percent of the time a recruiter will rely non your resume that that is good and they even sometimes don t even look at your cover nletter. So don t spend time if you re good for the job. A recruiter will ncall you regardless of a cover letter or no cover letter don t miss out on a job because you think n oh. I don t have a cover.

Letter just submit your resume anyway you might even want to send an e mail explaining nif it s a recruitment agency. You might actually wait until you put all that energy in writing na customized cover letter. Until you know you re suitable for the role. Another thing about cover letters also is none of the biggest mistakes that i see is that people write in cover letters.

Only about nthemselves that s the biggest mistake you can make because nyou have to use a cover letter to really highlight that you understand what their problem is nwhat. They are looking to achieve why they are recruiting for the position in the first nplace think about this way before you even start nwriting your cover letter. You look at the job. Description.


And you say why possibly nare they recruiting for this position you make assumptions. But you think these might nbe. The reason. These might be the reason and this might be the reason.

Then you think about all your skills and experience nthat. You have you link it back to what in my area of expertise nand all the skills and experience that i ve built up over the years is the most relevant nto. This job. The best thing that i advise to my clients nis always take a big sheet of paper inaudible.

00 05. 26. And just brainstorm brain map everything nout and say these are why they re looking to recruit. This is where my experience actually nmatches up and then this is really important and then you re going to craft your e mail.

Your letter. The first thing is you mention something like nthis position caught my eye. Because it s very similar to what i used to do at xyz. You set a tone and as a hiring manager.

I will nthink. Oh okay. He or she has done something similar. So that s nalready.


A good thing. Then you say look from my understanding. These nare. The things that you are looking to achieve and these are the three priorities or key nareas that i have done in that past now by stating a number psychologically you ncreate a loop by saying these are the three areas that i nhave done in the past and from my understanding are the things that you want to achieve by nmentioning.

The number three or four or two whatever. It is you create an open loop and nthen you say firstly blah blah blah. Secondly. And then thirdly you create this thing basically this psychology nbehind.

It that people actually want to read on until they close the loop and actually nhave read the whole three points. That s actually really a key formula for writing nsuccessful resumes firstly understanding what they re trying nto achieve. Why they are hiring for secondly linking it back to your expertise nand take relevant. Examples of your career history that will resonate with that company thirdly create a loop.

An open loop. So people nactually want to read your entire cover letter to actually close that loop just on the note. When you actually look at nthe best examples that will resonate with this job that they re recruiting for you have nto think about this might not be the best example you can give there might be better. But it needs to be the nmost relevant and when you take relevant examples people can actually put themselves in that nsituation and their understanding will be more relevant.

That s why it s so important the way you close it off it can be a couple nof ways you can just say looking forward to hearing nfrom you and discussing more in detail. Why i match the position in such a way or you might even say look i might give you na call in a couple of days to follow up and to see if you have any questions whatever you re comfortable with. But don t ntake box standard ways of doing things because if you do that your cover. Letter will be deleted.


Nstraight away. And you don t want that i have a resume template that has proven to nget interviews for people it may look very simple the resume template nbut. I can promise you it has been successful over and over again with a lot of people that ni. ve asked to reformat in that template.

It s not a template that i ve invented it s na template. I ve used and know works. I will post the link below this video and nalso go ahead and download it share it with people because my mission is nto actually help as many people with my expertise as possible. I have a lot of information to share.

And so ni use this platform facebook live to actually share those messages. If you have any questions. Let me know and ni. m more than happy also give a response to them i make another special video for you nguys thank you so much enjoy your sunday.

If you watched the replay. It will be later nof course. I hope to talk to you soon see you bye. ” .


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How To Write A Cover Letter That Makes An Impact!
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