HTML, CSS, JavaScript Explained [in 4 minutes for beginners

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“Webpage on the internet uses html css and javascript think of them as the foundational foundational coding languages. Of the internet just. Like how belgium has 3 languages french dutch webpages also have languages in the case of websites. Their languages are html css and javascript sure you may have heard of them.

But do you really know how they work web development is what you see when you go to a website i. Call. Them los tres amigos html is hypertext markup language or the builder css. Is.

Cascading style sheets which i. Consider the artist and javascript the..

Wizard . They are all different languages and work differently. But html css and javascript need one another to make a website imagine you want to code this homepage using html. But just html html essentially would define all the content the.

Text the images the links but. Without css the artist and without javascript. The wizard. An html only website would look like this css.

Adds. The styling to a website css can t live without html or else there would be nothing to style..

It is responsible for outlining the colors the fonts and the positioning of content your website will now look like this now we come to javascript the wizard popup air messages. The autocompletes that you use that is all javascript now that you understand how it works and the 3 amigos here are 3. Things to remember about html css and javascript 1 they. Make up what is called front end web development front end web development is what you see when you land on a page as opposed to back end web.

Development is actually what makes an application on the web work. 2 web browser like firefox and chrome translate these three languages into the visual webpage. Without a browser. These languages are just words on a page.

Sometimes because of this website look slightly different on chrome firefox and definitely look different on internet. Explorer because all of these browsers translate a little differently..

3. Html css and javascript are constantly evolving. It s just like any language. These coding languages have a history they ve been around for a few years now right now.

The standard language procedures for html css and javascript are called html5 . There s even a body and a society online. That manages the rules and best practices of how to build for front end web development. So in the beginning.

You actually had html controlling a lot of visual aspects. You used a bold tag to make text bold you used a center tag to make your text centered..

But over time after the 90s. You actually had css making up most of that in the beginning. Javascript was mostly for popups and now it animates. Most of our websites.

So whatever you see on the world wide web. You have los tres amigos to thank for it ” ..

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