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“My name is brittany thank you so much for deciding to click on this video. Video. I am extremely humbled that she actually found me here on this big platform. The internet.

I m glad to have you here. Thank you so much i really just wanted to hop on here and talk about why i m here on the internet at the time of me recording this video. My channel is a very small daily channel. It is brand new and i just again i just wanted to talk about why i m here so i quit my job.

So that i can go to school full time and i quit my job because i wanted to heal both mentally and physically during my time working in corporate america. Which i have no issues with corporate america. I just needed to take a break from corporate america for these reasons like i said. I wanted to go back to school and i want to get back to healthy.


I m going back to school for dietetics. I want to be a registered dietician and healthy mothers. It s very important to me. And i feel like with me working at the job that i was at i really wasn t feeding myself.

When i wasn t i wasn t healthy mentally or physically. And it is very important that i maintain that and so i quit. I just let go like i just took a step spirit told me to do it so i quit. So.

What i want to do here on this channel is basically just document my journey back to health and wellness and my journey through school because i will be going to school full time to become a registered dietician and but i want to take you with me also to like i said. I even though. I am one school for dietetics and i am obsessed with health and wellness during my time in corporate america. I wasn t living a very healthy life so in the midst of me doing that you know i was having that poor eating habits and i was thinking poor thoughts in all those terrible things so i gained 20 pounds yes.


20. Whole pounds. And i am ashamed of that i am the heaviest that i ve ever been in my entire life granny. I am older so my metabolism is it is it the same as it was when i was in my twenties.

But i am a whole hundred and fifty seven pounds and i am barely over five foot. So i just feel like that s just not that s just not ok. So so i really want to lose those 20 pounds. So i originally moved to texas.

I was 136 pounds and at that time i thought i was heavy. Which is insane to even think about because if i could begin 236 pounds right now. I would definitely take it so so yeah. I wanna you know get back to my pre texas weight credit.


There s so much delicious food here and that s gonna be difficult. But we re gonna do this we re gonna get through this together and like i said i want to take you along with me. I really just want to create a safe space for anyone else is really trying to give back to healthy whether that be physically or mentally. Because i feel like in this day and age like there s just so many different things that we go through they can kind of put a barrier between yourself and being healthy and i just feel like you know we just need to kind of support each other as a people so if i can be of any help or service to you i definitely want to do that and like i said.

I m doing this with you so you re not alone you know i m not perfect at all by any means. I do cheat from time to time obviously i was cheating because i gained 20 pounds. But we are returning that all the way around and we can get ourselves back to healthy both mind body and soul. So if that sounds good to you.

And you want to walk this walk with me i encourage you to subscribe to the channel. It is completely free of course subscribing is free leave a comment down below are you looking to heal mentally. Spiritually. Physically let me know all of that so that we can go ahead and grow.


This community also give this video a thumbs up fetches basically tells the internet that we are here. And so that we can get more people to help out because or get more people in this community. So that we can all help each other and take a realistic approach at health and wellness. Because that just sounds so beautiful to me so thanks again for tuning in i appreciate your time listening to me talk and like i said.

I m very shocked that you found me here on the internet and but i m glad that we are here together. So until next time i ll see you later bye. ” ..


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“I quit my job to go back to school. Quitting my job to go back school had to happen in order for me to grow and be happy, and I talk about why I quit in this video.nnI want to thank you so much for stopping by my channel. I am a baby to the internet world, but I am excited to share my journey with you and create a community of people that want to live a healthy lifestyle. So I would love to have you here with me so we can help each other, and create friendships and strong bonds. I believe that everyone needs a support system of some kind. So why not start here. nnSo if this speaks to you and you would like to join this community, subscribe to the the channel. Subscribing is completely free!nnAlso feel free to follow me on my other social media platforms. nnInstagram: @goodandfed https://www.instagram.com/goodandfed/nTwitter: @goodandfed https://twitter.com/GoodandFednFacebook: @goodandfed https://www.facebook.com/goodandfed/?modal=admin_todo_tournnI hope to to have you. Love and Light!”,

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