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“This is jane stavem superintendent. Nof lake washington school district this is an informational presentation presentation on the 2019 capital projects levy. This project levy is aimed toward two main naddressing our immediate classroom space needs and continuing our efforts for nsafety and security across our district lake. Washington school district is a nfast growing district here are some fast facts about our.

Enrollment this. Year we enrolled nearly 30000. Students making us the third largest district in the nstate of washington. Our district serves the cities of kirkland redmond sammamish covering nearly 76 square miles this means we have grown by over six nthousand students over the last ten years.

This is a 26 increase in students between 2008 and 2018 if we continue on our current enrollment trajectory . We expect to enroll an additional two thousand students by the year 2022 our primary mission in lake. Washington school district is to make sure that every student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding and responsible life as na contributing member of our community and greater society. We have a very clear vision that every student is future ready prepared for college prepared for the global workplace and prepared for personal success lake washington students are achieving excellence in every area this year the school district boasts the highest graduation rate on record at ninety three point six percent our students ranked both nationally and within the state in language arts math.

And science annually. We have multiple national merit scholars and countless state and national academic and extracurricular championships. Our students are also recognized and awarded in the fine arts programs lake washington school district s number is 414 that number stands for four learning communities. One district for all students here s some background information on our efforts to increase safety and security our enrollment information and our classroom needs by region.

The 2010 capital projects levy allowed us to begin installing security cameras at all nhigh schools the 2014 capital projects levy allowed us to begin. Installing interior classroom door locks classroom window shades for lockdown procedures and access control systems. The 2018 capital projects. Levy.

Allowed us to ncontinue. Installing entry control. Systems and begin installation of nsecurity cameras. At middle and choice schools here s another look at our nenrollment growth.

The district has increased 26 percent over the last 10 years. This is uncommon growth for any school district here s some specific information related to classroom space currently we have 54 schools in our ndistrict of those 54. Schools 91..


Percent are at or over capacity we have 169 portables being used as temporary classroom spaces that means nearly 4000. Students are learning in portable classrooms. If we look at our projected nenrollment over time. We can see that the use of permanent classroom spaces ncoupled with our temporary classroom spaces will still be inadequate to meet nfuture growth in our district.

Let s look at what those classroom needs are by level and learning community in the juanita. Learning community. Approximately 250. Students will not have adequate space in lake.

Washington. Learningcommunity. Approximately 500. Students will not have space and in the eastlake learning.

Community. Approximately. 50. Students.

Will not have space. The redmond learning community. Has been addressed recently with the addition of two new elementary school s barton and baker elementary schools at the middle level lake. Washington learning community will have approximately 225 students who will not have adequate space.

And at the high school level. Approximately 350 students will not have adequate space. In the lake. Washington nlearning community as a reminder.

The purpose of this levy is to continue to nupgrade our safety and security measures and to provide for the immediate nclassroom needs due to rapid enrollment growth. The district is using current ndistrict funds paired with levy funds to address. Immediate classroom needs across the district first let s talk about how the district is using district funds to address middle school space needs for kirkland and rose hill middle schools nand elementary schools in juanita district..


Funding will be added for nportable classrooms providing an additional capacity for 480 students nwe ll add 10 portable classrooms to the juanita learning community elementary nschools with specific sites to be determined we ll relocate. 10 portable classrooms. From the lake washington high school site to rose hill and kirkland middle school s district funding will be paired with levy funding to add permanent classroom additions. Permanent cafeteria and gym space and permanent safety.

Enhancements we ll add additional classroom space for over 1000. Students. We ll add 44 additional permanent classrooms. We ll continue our focus on nsafety and security by adding external security cameras to all elementary nschools in all learning communities.

We ll be redesigning the entries at eastlake high school lake washington high school and redmond high school juanita. High nschool is currently under construction and includes a redesigned entry here s some specific project information at lake washington high school. We ll be nadding 20 additional permanent classrooms. We ll be expanding the cafeteria and adding an auxiliary gym.

10. Portables will be moved from the nlake washington high school site to kirkland and rose hill middle schools here s specific information for the elementary sites at all elementary sites. Portables will remain on campus cafeteria and gym space will be expanded where feasible at rose hill elementary. We ll be adding eight permanent classrooms and four portables will remain on site at franklin elementary.

We ll be adding eight permanent classrooms with three portables remaining on site at carson elementary. We ll add for permanent classrooms and four portables will remain on campus at twain elementary. We ll add for permanent classrooms and seven portables will still remain on campus. All elementary schools will have exterior security cameras added high schools will continuewith entry redesigns for eastlake redmond and lake.

Washington. High. Nschool s here s additional information on project. Timelines and our funding plan.

Our critical projects. Funding. Plans..


Includes. Combining district funds with levy funds for a total project. Cost of one hundred and forty four million dollars. The amount of district funds being used is twenty four million dollars.

Which is the balance of remaining 2006. Bonds and state construction assistance funds. Minus. The amount reserved for portables and property.

This amount will be combined with the proposed levy funds in the amount of 120 million dollars. This is equal to 20 million dollars each year over the course of six years for a total project cost of 144 million dollars. The levy has been structured to replace bonds that are being paid off this allows. The district to maintain the current tax rate.

So there will be no tax rate increase here s the proposed project timeline lake washington classroom additions will open in the fall of 2020 franklin rose hill and twain elementary classroom additions will open in the fall of 2021 along with lake washington high school core space additions carson classroom. Additions. Franklin rose hill and twain core space additions will open in the fall of 2022. Carson core space additions will open in the fall of 2023 safety and security upgrades will be taking place across the proposed timeline for all projects.

Here s an overview of the ongoing nstrategies used to address capacity needs in lake. Washington school district. Our levy proposal will come to voters in april of 2019. Again.

This levy measure is designed to address critical. Capacity needs. District. Funds will also be combined with levy funds in 2019 for this overall project in 2020.

Our planning processes will continue as we convene the long term facility. Task force in 2021. Planning processes..


Continue with the ed specification process in 2022. Additional funding measures may be proposed. Which will continue to address critical capacity needs. These will most likely be nlarge scale building projects as a reminder.

The proposed levy is designed nto provide for immediate classroom needs and does not resolve the long term nclassroom needs across the district here are some frequently asked questions. Why is the district running a levy instead of a bond. A levy addresses immediate classroom needs. The district will need to engage with the long term facility.

Ntask force prior to putting another bond on the ballot. The district may propose a bond in the future to address. Additional classroom needs here s a reminder about the differences between funding options for adding classrooms. A bond is similar to a home loan with all proceeds coming up front being paid off over a long period of time usually 20 years or longer.

Levy funds are received over a ndesignated period of time usually up to six years with bonds we re able to receive a larger amount of funding for a level tax impact levies allow us to receive limited or smaller amounts of funding for a level tax impact bonds are typically able to fund full school construction projects. Where levies are typically used to fund. Limited. Remodel projects building.

Additions or other capital improvement projects. A bond requires a 60 voter approval. Whereas levies require a 50 voter napproval. What about the additional revenue received from mccleary funding mccleary funding.

Cannot pay for school construction mccleary funding can only be spent on district operational expenses for additional information on nthe proposed levy and the projects please go to our district website lwsdorg and finally please remember to vote on april 23rd 2019. Thank you music ” ..

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Lake Washington School District is running a Capital Projects Levy on April 23. Watch this informational presentation about the levy and visit the levy webpage at:


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