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“Welcome to my youtube channels on today s video. I m gonna be doing an an instagram filter inspired halloween makeup. Hope you guys enjoy this video and let s straight into it so i m gonna start off with foundation here am using the fancy beauty pro filter foundation and since we re doing an instagram filter makeup. We want to make sure to use a full coverage makeup for that super flawless filter look next up is concealer you want to apply a generous amount of concealer here.

I m using the morphe concealer and i really like this because it s super flawless and also a really good coverage then i just grabbed my too faced born this way concealer and i really like to use green products for a full coverage. Look. Because i feel like all the korean products just melts into some sort of buttery flawless goodness and this brush by the way has changed my life it s amazing for blending out cream products. I believe this one is the it cosmetics heavenly brush.

And it s really good also a quick tip to get a really nice flawless finish. I like to alternate between a brush and a beauty blender to blend in that contour then it is time to set everything here am. Using my all time favorite translucent powder. By laura mercier and i m just setting my under eyes and also my smile lines and i m also gonna get a big fluffy brush to set to my forehead.

And jaw line just the same time i did my brows off camera and while i was doing my brows. I let my baked set so now i m just going to be brushing off my bake and we re gonna move on to the blush. So the blush. I m using is a really nice pinky bright tone and i m just passing this all over my cheeks.

You want to make sure to pat s and never rub so that your makeup underneath it does not budge of course. We need to add some highlight and my all time favorite highlight of the moment is the ophir cosmetics skin glazed donuts yes look at this glow..

I m also gonna be adding a little bit on my forehead and that save of my nose. Then ladies and gents. We are moving on to the eyes hair. I m using the new hooda beauty medium nude palette.

And i m using this shade as my transition and as you can see i m angling the brush in a way where i m kind of like penalizing. It s not word. But i m just concentrating this mostly on this area and then angling my brush and swiping it inside in an upwards and sideways motion. Yes then i m gonna grab this darker shade and i m also gonna be concentrating this more on the outer corners to make sure that i am almost winging it out i m also gonna be putting this same shade all over the lids and then i m gonna be grabbing a darker darker shade to do a really soft wing just on the lash line and by concentrating most of the shadows on the outer edges of the eye it kind of gives an alif td eye effect just like the filter.

I m also gonna be deepening up that wing by using the darkest shade on the palette. And i m just gonna be literally gently swiping. It across also with the darkest shade of the pallet. I m also gonna be putting this on my lower lash line to finish off that shadow look then i m gonna be tight lining.

Make sure you don t poke your eye out. Please thank you very much you just want a tight line. Very gently so that when you put your lashes on you won t get any of those fleshy white things on your eye. I m just using my unicorn lashes to walk on and these lashes to finish off the eye look.

And since this instagram filter had like a really smudge nose. I just went in with the nose console..

And i didn t really do anything special. I guess contoured my nose draw two lines and called it a day. I also intensified the blush a little bit more i added more of that pink blush on my cheeks and also across my nose. So this filter added a lot of full freckles.

So i just grouts my benefits a brow. No way sorry. This is the precisely my brow pencil in the shade. 4.

And i just literally adopted a load of full freckles all over my face. But i did notice that the full freckles was a lot on the nose area. So i added a little bit more on that area and then just went home and went over my face okay. So now time for the fun part the dollar dollar signs.

So i actually makes two pigments from the p. Louise base. I will list down below the exact shade names. But i did this so that i get a perfect shade of pink that i wanted and then i just started to draw the dollar signs on my face using a really thin brush.

What you can do as well. As you can take a photo with the filter just to make sure you can get the exact places of the dollar signs and that s just the way i mimic the placements and also the size..

I also grabbed a white base to add a little bit more of a cartoony twist to the dollar signs also you don t have to worry if it s not too perfect mine is not too perfect to be honest. I just kind of drew on there i just winged it and i just worked with it and it kind of looks pretty cool in the end. So. You can also add more dollar signs or less dollar signs.

Bigger. Small as completely up to you i just mix exactly what it looks like on the filter. But you could make it your own if you wanted to i also added more freckles on after all the dollar signs on because i feel like some of them are faded into the background. A little bit so i just added a few more on all over the face.

So now. It is time for the lips. And big juicy lips. Now this filter got people sugar.

Okay. So we re gonna start off with a lip liner and you want to make sure that your lip liner matches your lipstick. So here i m using the sleek lip liner and i m just going to be over drawing my cupid s bow. I naturally have a quiet defined keep it s bills.

So i just want to define even more and also over line it by just going right above my natural lip line also if you look at the filter. It s very voluptuous voluptuous voluptuous in the center of the lips..

And then it goes really defined on the sides. So that s why i did i just added more lip liner in the center of my lips. And then really define the sides and for the bottom lip. I also overdrawn my bottom lip for going overboard a little bit more on the center compared to the sides because that s how you really get that bratz doll.

Very voluptuous scented lip kind of look then i just grabbed an angled brush and i just softened up the edges of this lip look to make sure it blends in nicely for the rest of the lip so fulfilling in the lips. You want to make sure that you have a similar shade of lipstick and also you want to make sure that the liquid lipstick is matte. Just so that it has a really nice finish and also a more natural finish. And the quick tip is if you have a quite prominent keep its bow.

You just want to grab a translucent powder to mattify any shininess just so that it looks nice and voluptuous. I also grabbed a angled brush to blend in that lip liner onto at the liquid lipstick and then i just fix. It a little bit with some lip liner again and then kept on blending. It with the angled brush and once you don t you get a little something like this dolla dolla.

Sign s thank you guys so much for watching don t forget to hit that subscribe button for more videos from me. And i will see you on the next one ” ..

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