Integrating a Google Form into a Website

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” m shelley turner with the builder. All team i am on google forms and i i want to show you guys how you can create a form and then add to a webpage. So it looks like it s right on the web page. So i ve created this form.

This is actually an old form that i used to use when i did basic websites. But i had several questions so i was setting up their company web page. So i asked for their first name and last name their company..


Name and then i had six templates that i let them choose from and they looked at each template and then decided which template they wanted and picked one and then they put in their phone number their facebook link their twitter link if they had one their youtube page link if they had one what email address. They wanted to use if customers wanted to contact them. And then you know instructions to double check everything before they were done. So.

This is a pretty simple form that they filled out and once they filled it out they just click submit and i would get the answers and i could start building their website. So. But i want to integrate this into a page..


So to do that i m going to click send and i ve got the option to email. This to someone to get the actual link or i can get the embed code. And remember we can use this embed code in the html app. So i m going to actually do that so i m going to click on it and copy and now i m going to go in and create just a brand new website and i m going to show you how we can integrate that into the brand new website.

So i m gonna go to my pixel perfect yummy and i m gonna go to new website. And i m gonna go to blank page. And i m just going to choose a blank page and i m gonna wait till it loads and of course once it loads i will save it right away so that i don t lose it so i m going to click save and then a survey form example and then i ll click send so you always want to save first to make sure that your template is saved..


Which ever a template you ve chosen and so now. I ve got a blank here a blank page here and i m gonna click plus and then i m going to go to x and then i m going to go to html and i m just going to click that and it gives me this really boring looking grey box. But i m going to just make that box a little bigger and then i m going to right click. And i m going to go to edit.

And it s already got code in there and if i wanted to use the link. I could change this from html to link and i could use that actual link that s in the form. But i want to use the html code so i m going to go html and then i m gonna highlight all the html that s there and i m just going to delete it and then i m gonna paste in that code that i got from the google form area so i pasted that in and i m gonna click confirm and now i ve got my form in there so now all i have to do is just make it bigger just like this so the form is about that wide and i m going to make it taller to cover the height of it so just like this..


I ll have to make it a little bit taller just like this and a little bit taller. This is a log form so we ll go in and make it a little taller and we ll make sure that we get these submit button there and then i can bring that footer and bring it up a little bit and now i ve got the entire form in there so i m just gonna click save and then save again and now i have my form in there exactly the way i want it and i can preview it or take a look at what its gonna look like on the page and when they re done filling this out they just click submit and however i ve set up the form. I ll get the data. So i might set it up so it goes into a google spreadsheet or i might set it up.

So that goes straight to my email just depends on how you have it set up to send the data. But everything is ready to go on this one they would just be filling it out and then go to the bottom and click submit and everything would be done and that s how i can integrate a form into a web page super easy hope that ” ..

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