Interview Jorge G lviz and Krzysztof Wojdat – HUGE – PyCon Colombia 2019

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“Okay good morning thankful to be here in this interview about using and supporting translating. Translating. So how many products do you use spirometer company how many i don t that number actually. But i can tell you that in many enough because we have a side project in which we usually use python for but also we got some big clients with many projects and son of them are being written in python.

So how to say like exactly a number. But i believe that our least 30 to 40 percent of our engineers have been written instrumentation. I believe that supporting communities is a social responsibility from companies because you know somehow we are making money. It s a company and we need to give something back to the area in which the money has been make up which we write which understand how important is for the industry to have communities around like a building produce like a making comprehends like app.

Also helping people to to get into the industry. Because we we have it is well known that we don t have enough engineers for the amount of word that country is required right so it s kind of a win to win in the way. I say we we give back something but also in the long term. We re gonna get back that again because people that is in the community might be our future engineers okay how was your experience jannetty was amazing.

I had no idea there would be so many people a lot of interesting thoughts. The key month was i could not understand all of them. Because my spanish is still growing in interesting workshops. The king of was particularly interesting even regarding what you asked because it was about how we should encourage our companies to invest in open.

Source software. Which is maybe a little bit similar to giving back to the community. I m just not specifically local. But it s also you can even take because you re giving something.

But you are myself usually giving more we are currently trying to encourage our friends from to come from music..

Colombia. We are kind of ambos fight. Like hey man you should come to pike on colombia. She point.

Five in colombia. We actually took the fight from poland last last september. And we were just like that from here. We ve got a great community managing.

It s a great city. But what is a great city. So i think that i enjoyed a lot also python 2019 and very smart people in there. Giving talks.

Warships were fantastic yeah every time. I attend these kind of events or a python. I just got this feeling like a man i need to study need to catch up with the community. We are very very behind music so i just continue iterating on what you re doing because it s working.

I believe that it is great that even is being held in university. Vitamin e. But that made me feel like i m back in the china. Okay.

I m here for learning and stuff..

And just for the very beginning you are in that mood like okay. I m gonna learn a lot today and also food has been fantastic. I remember laughs lunch was sonic. So i i think you are doing a great job in terms of also the amount of thoughts or watch of this liquor.

There is always an option for going to a talk at a worship like that even if you don t like atop it there will be a probability because you re gonna find something you wanna like in this at the same time of doctor. You will say about options of go to the university and a child together in that way how do you think we can improve the connection between universities companies in order to to make more important projects. Involving research well things things internship for students. So that you can actually practice the stuff that you re learning before you exit the university like one of my professors said that some students were complaining that they are not learning something in the specific area that they are interesting like no i i think when learn just about machine learning or just about 3d graphics.

But learning of this in this new business. We explain that their job is to give like the base level everyone and then just you go to your workplace. And then you will train in that specific area that you want love so. Maybe.

The opportunity that words that an internship to give students is to go and while they are still at the university practice or verify that like the specific field that they re doing because i t is it s it s huge right. It s for sure something that talked about was that the internship was not treated as something that you should be grateful just because you can go and practice here. I actually like a normal paid internships and it was like the job. So it wasn t just like you just you know go on sit down you just have to treat it like you know properly i know that in huge.

We have some of our colleagues that go to universities and present some topics like give dumps university of into okay. It s like right across the street. So it s not that i know that other other colleagues workshops for development. They started with javascript html and css and they meet like every thursday after work.

And there s a bunch of students that come into our office and they learn their i believe that as a python community..

We need to be a bridge. They can allowed connections to happen we kept for instance you go to the companies you have contacts they re like a huge okay guys. There is this project at university. That s why and they don t have enough students for this italian.

Do you have some engineers available for this. Okay let s make this happen. I guess that yeah our job is to be a bridge that s the way we can interrupt this and i know that is hard to connect the industry needs with university needs but but it s not impossible what do you think about the industry 40. The new project speed interface the change.

The kind of new to move out of work. There s gonna be a need for new developers we will need more specialized engineers okay right now let s say we spend our time mostly building what applications but in the future is gonna be like a hockey. We need to build we need to connect this device with this control so we can take a handle this remotely and and it s hard for us being already at the industry liquor is hard to react or to learn that fastest and a student can do it right so i believe we need to make a start preparing ourselves for it and also preparing our students for it. Because there will be a lot of work issues trying to introduce this kind of yes.

We have side projects. And even also regular projects that are touching iot and also a young and also much in learning establish. It s been amazing like we are capable of building. What applications.

But at the same time to build some nice stuff with new technologies. And i believe like you she s like a getting ready for that industry that we we are not waiting that much yeah being prepared for what the future will bring you bring us rearranging this guy has been working enough 3d printers you know if you go to our office. You can kind of debate build that all the materials were there with the designs and they praised with some friends. The budget.

You can go to the office and run your desk like ok..

I want to bring this to our halloween designs music music music. We have so got huge topic is a literally cafe chop. This is located in atlanta. But we have been a little bit experimenting around how to offer a better experience.

So just you know you can order as an employee or as an external guy you can order do coffee. They are making like open computer vision and stuff or recognizing where the glasses are gonna be and also like somehow identifying styles by choose so we can like offer options yes unconditional does it in almost all those aside projects is the preferred language. Because it you know is fronting people trying to build nice stuff. It s easier for everybody to make a go with python first.

I i believe that the language is also allowing other roles to get into that system wow. How many c s we have presence method in about i do think we are looking for a lot of the universe right now. Because we are growing from new clients and we need amazing people right now music. It s jessica we need to allocate for teens to new projects.

You are looking for opportunity. Okay thank you so much for this interview. We just want the people know more about huge about your work. And thank you so much now thank you for having us.

I believe that huge is in love with the python community that s the way i feel it that s the way they have also demonstrated that you know every time. I got idea about the committee. I haven t heard unknown always is so thank you also for music applause music. ” .


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