Interview tip: “What is your biggest weakness?”

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“Everyone i m amy bateman nfrom career cake tv. I did a video a couple couple of months nago with the guys at firebrand talent search and we nhad some feedback. So thank you now i ve spoken to the team nand. We ve decided to do another video to help nyou at interview and this time.

I m going to be nlooking at the question. What s your biggest weakness. So we ve all heard those ntextbook answers that tell you to pick a weakness that nis also a strength so something like i m a ncomplete workaholic. My family get really frustrated nbecause when i get a job i throw myself ninto work or your weakness is i m na perfectionist.

I want everything around me to nbe perfect and i get slightly frustrated when other npeople don t want it to be as perfect. Now the problem is that nobody nis that incredible that their weakness makes them nmore incredible. And if you pick a weakness nthat is so obviously a strength in the working nenvironment. Then people are going to see straight nthrough that so what i would really like noh.

And remember..

The interviewer has also been na job seeker and been on interview and has probably read nthe exact. Same articles as you and the same ntextbook answers. So pick something that you ngenuinely struggle with nothing too horrendous nhowever that nobody would hire you we all know what not nto say. I m sure i hope no i m sure so pick something genuine maybe.

It s that you struggle nin conflict situations maybe you struggle with nyour confidence levels amongst your peers. So my weakness used to be public nspeaking speaking to large groups of people and in my job. That is na massive weakness. However obviously with what i ndo now.

I ve overcome that completely. But it is something i ve nreally struggled with so i want to focus non four steps. The first step being setting the ntone by saying in the past. I ve struggled slightly with so what you re saying to the ninterviewer is that in the past this weakness is already nkind of behind us.

I ve struggled slightly with nso..

This is not a big deal. With da ta da. However. I m nreally strong.

At da. Ta. Da. So whatever.

It is you re nobviously counteracting. The weakness with a fabulous nstrength. Then give an example of what nyou ve been doing to overcome that weakness give exact examples. If you can nand try and use the past tense as much as possible because again.

We want to make nthe interviewer..

Feel like we re dealing with this we ve ngot this under control. And then you finish with that nreally happy story. So give an example tell a nstory of something really positive where you overcame nthat weakness and you can say you re still nworking on it if you want to that s cool so if you were going to pick the npublic speaking weakness you could say in the past. I ve nstruggled slightly with speaking to large groups nof.

People however. I m really strong nat speaking to smaller groups of people. I m really good at building nrapport with people one on one what i ve done to overcome that nis you might say that you spent time with colleagues nthat were really good at it you practiced it you took nsome coaching. You took a course and then give an nexample a happy story recently in fact.

I did a npresentation to a team that worked in another office nof ours to a large group of people. The messages were clear. I felt confident feedback from nmanagement was that they were really really pleased so yes. I ve come a long way.

I m still working on it..

But ni ve come a long way so that s how you answer that in the past. I ve struggled nslightly with however i m really good at this is what i m ndoing to overcome it and here s my happy story alright. Now honesty will get you nso far in an interview. We don t want to say anything nobviously too horrendous.

We ve covered that but nyes honesty will get you a long way so. If you want to catch up nwith. Me you want to see anymore of my videos nthis is my website. I ve got a careers blog.

If you want to catch up with the namazing team at firebrand talent search this nis their website. And until next time take care nand good luck with those interviews. ” ..


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