Jon Hamm Is Definitely Not to Blame for Jeremy Renner s Broken Arms

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“You were here nnot too long talking about it with the whole cast tag. It it s based on a nreal thing that happened. It s a true series of basically a real group of nreal adults with real jobs. Take one month out of the nyear to play tag and try to tag one another for no money nfor seriously just the pride in not being the nlast one tagged and again these nare adults with jobs that they leave to go find ntheir friends and tag them.

It s a little bit of a bigger ngroup of guys. The real guys who we ve met now and they re fascinating. And what it has nkind of shown us and actually what the movie is nthe larger theme in the movie is that it s such a great way to nmaintain friendship with people who you think are important nin your life and also have fun and stay loose and and hurt yourself and really really hurt nyourself with a chair..


There were some injuries right we had several on set injuries nthe. Most notable being i was not there that day so it s impossible nto blame this on me. Jeremy renner. Who nbroke both of his arms at the same time day nthree of production.

We had 40 more days to ngo with a guy in two now keep in mind. This is a man nwho s done 100 avengers movies and been fine. And he does a movie about nplaying tag..


Both arms laughter. Yeah like firewood just nsnapped like a matchstick and i got back nbecause. I had to go to london for the npremiere of baby driver and then come right back so i was literally in nlondon for like four hours and then i flew right back and i got back and i nwas like how s it going and everyone was nlike not great what happened well renner broke nboth his arms. I was like welp ok.

I guess did you all shut down nproduction for a while no he wore green screen ncasts that we eventually painted out in the edit wow. That s crazy. Yeah..


He is a hard working. Did you get hurt at all other than my pride. When ni realized that running around for longer nthan 30 seconds. Would feel like i was having a nheart attack that was pretty much the extent of my injuries lucky yeah.

Lucky no joke. I didn t do all my stunts i was hit in the face by na foam rubber chair there but that didn t hurt that bad no it s foam rubber it s foam rubber. It s fine movie magic you guys yeah good luck on the rafting trip nbecause..


We will be looking out to see if you re ok keep your eyes to the internet. And we will be nsending our prayers and hopefully you re ngoing to be ok. The movie is called tag. ” .


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“Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms while filming the action comedy “Tag,” and Jon Hamm explained to Ellen why it s impossible to blame him for the freak injuries.”,

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