Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs

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“Guys and welcome back to google guru today. I m gonna focus on one of of my favorite time saving tools in google docs and that s keyboard shortcuts so shortcuts allow you to perform. Many of the functions that you use every day and google docs while always using your keyboard instead of your mouse for example i m working on a google doc right now so i m gonna go ahead. And open up drive and then open up my document so a lot of you are probably familiar with some of the more basic keyboard shortcuts like the cut copy and paste functions for example.

If i select the text. Press control x. Will cut the text that i press control v. It ll paste.

The text there s also a few keyboard shortcuts and i use all the time that happen to save me plenty of time throughout the day for example..

I can undo and redo by pressing ctrl z. And control. Y. I can also copy and paste.

Formatting with ctrl. Alt. C. And ctrl alt.


And i can clear formatting all together by using ctrl backslash another great tool is the keyboard shortcuts for headers for example if you re working on a table of contents keyboard shortcuts allows you to create a much more manageable table of contents so for example this will be my first header so i will use the keyboard shortcut control. All one and then this will be my second header so i ll use the keyboard shortcut ctrl alt. 2. And so on until the third header.

Which would be ctrl or l3 and if i scroll to the top here and i insert table of contents it will already be created with the designated order i have because of this header format a couple other useful keyboard shortcuts are the insert link so i ll go ahead and select the text ctrl k. Will bring up this screen. And i can insert a url for this link. So i want to add the video from google guru to this text so i ll go over here copied the url go back to my document and paste it in there creating a hyperlink you can also search your document by pressing ctrl f.

And then typing in your text..

And then we ll bring up your search term highlighted in yellow and finally last. What i have for you right now is word count. Which is helpful if you re on a word limit. So.

If you press ctrl shift c. It ll bring up the various statistics about you or document. The pages words characters with and without spaces. So that s all i have for you right now for keyboard shortcuts.

I hope..

This was a helpful video and hopefully it ll save you some time. Let me know in the comment section below. The video. Which ones are your favorite and how you are saving time with keyboard shortcuts.

” ..

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