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“You re now the smart owner of the ultimate g series by kirby. The latest latest in a line of innovation. That goes back to when electricity was barely an your new ultimate g. Is more than a great alternative to the common vacuum cleaner.

It s a complete home care system far more versatile than any vacuum also more durable because it s metal not plastic. So you ll save money over the years your ultimate g. Is also simple to operate so you ll save time using it and with its powerful airflow combined with a micron magic hepa filtration system your ultimate g. Does the job right there s nothing like your ultimate g.

Because there s no company like kirby for over eighty eight years kirby has provided customers like you with complete satisfaction. We constantly evaluate every design. Detail and improvement. We carefully assemble every product by hand we test every piece and part using everything from the latest quality automation to good old fashioned workouts.

We also support every ultimate g with one of the best warranties in the business. If you ever have questions your local kirby distributor. Is just a phone call away and for us or canadian customers. There s a toll free customer service.

Number this video will answer. Most of the questions. Any new ultimate g. Owner.

Might have you can also use it later to review specific procedures and also be sure to refer to your ultimate g. Use and care booklet now sit back and learn how to get the most out of your complete home care system. Because the more you learn about your ultimate g. The more you ll enjoy how it works for you the ultimate g.


Series. One of the most complete advanced easy to use home maintenance systems available today a product for those who appreciate quality reliability and performance this video owner s manual will help you take advantage of the ultimate g s many features and has been divided into sections for easy reference part. One is called getting started. This section will familiarize you with a few basic ultimate g.

Features part two will show you how to use your ultimate g. As an upright. And as a portable cleaner part three will help you set up your ultimate g. As a canister cleaner and show you how to use its wide range of attachments part four will discuss the various optional accessories.

Which complement and add value to the ultimate g. Part. Five will provide you with some handy operating and maintenance tips to get the most out of this video. Owner s manual view the entire tape first then when you need a refresher you can search through the tape to find the specific section or item you d like to review.

Please note. This video is not intended to replace your ultimate g. Owner s manual it can help you get started. But if you need more information consult.

The owners manual included with your ultimate g. This section getting started covers general information you ll need to begin using your ultimate g. Including moving and carrying your ultimate g. Using the handle tilt latch using the toe touch control.

Adjusting for proper power. Nozzle height. Using tech drive power assist using the normal delicate switch. Installing or changing disposable filter bags emptying.


The mini mtor and understanding the belt lifter your ultimate g is equipped with tek drive this variable power. Assist actually senses the speed and direction of the ultimate g. And provides up to 90 of the power. Required to move it back and forth to engage tek drive push down on the yellow side of the tek drive pedal tek drive must be turned off in order to push or ultimate g.

When the motor is not running to do this raise the nozzle and push down on the gray end side of the power. Assist pedal. The n stands for neutral turn the power off then unplug the ultimate g. Now you should be able to push the ultimate g.

Freely you can pick up the ultimate g by the handy carrying grip located at the base of the handle to carry the ultimate g to another area your ultimate g. Also has a convenient handle tilt latch. Which allows you to lift the front of the ultimate g. Over door.

Thresholds or throw rugs to do so. Push the handle tilt latch toward the bag. Then pull back on the handle. Until.

The front of the ultimate g lifts. Up the tilt latch will also allow you to store your ultimate g. In a vertical position lower the handle all the way down and move the tilt latch away from the bag. You can now stand the ultimate g up on its bumper for storage.

When you re ready to use the ultimate g. Again. You ll want to unlock the handle tilt latch by moving the tilt latch to the center position. However never unlock the handle tilt latch without holding on to the handle the handle is spring loaded and could fly up when unlatched.


It s important to adjust the power nozzle to its proper operating height. Make sure the power nozzle is up by stepping on the toe touch control bottom pedal. Turn the ultimate g on then step on the upper pedal. Lowering the power nozzle one notch at a time until you hear a change in the tone of the motor.

This means your ultimate g. Has sealed to the carpet. Then press the toe touch control upper pedal. One more time and your power nozzle will be at the proper height your ultimate g.

Is equipped with a normal delicate switch that lets you vary the power of the motor between normal and delicate. Which provides a lighter suction you can find the switch on the top of the power plant close to where the base of the handle is attached the switch is operated with your foot. You ll see that a green indicator light comes on inside the control switch and stays on until you change to normal speed. When using the ultimate g power nozzle.

The delicate speed can be useful for cleaning area rugs and other surfaces that require delicate cleaning with the hose attached the delicate speed can be selected for more delicate drapes upholstery and fabrics. A disposable filter bag is required for proper operation of your ultimate g. Before installing or changing a disposable filter bag unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and make sure the motor and fan have stopped then unzip the outer bag starting on the top left. And continuing all the way down the right side pull out the top adapter and disposable filter bag.

Always replace the disposable filter bag when dirt reaches the full line failure to do so will affect performance hold the top adapter steady while you turn the disposable filter bags cardboard faceplate to the left gently pull the bag off to install a new filter bag align. The slots in the cardboard faceplate with the lock tabs on the adapter. Then push the adaptor into the bag opening and rotate the disposable filter bags cardboard faceplate to the right the bag support straps should be attached to the top adapter. This is required for proper operation.

If it s not attached thread the strap through the small hole of the top adapter. Then place the hole in the strap over the stud on the adapter finally insert the bag adapter and new filter bag into the outer permanent bag and zip it shut to purchase replacement disposable filter bags contact your local kirby distributor or if distance or convenience is a factor call kirby at one eight hundred four three seven seven one seven zero the mini mtor is designed to collect large heavy particles which can be emptied by removing the mini mtor to remove grasp the mini mtor underneath by its hand hold and rotate it away from the body of the ultimate g. As far as it will go then lift it off the top of the bag is released from the handle by pressing the bag release button position. The front opening over a newspaper and shake it to remove the particles.


Though your ultimate g. Can remove larger debris from your floor s never intentionally pick up heavy objects such as coins screws. Large rocks or similar objects. It may cause damage to your ultimate g.

Reattach. The bag assembly then line up the raised indicator line on the mini mtor with the indicator line on the air exhaust port rotate the mini mtor toward the ultimate g and lock it in place. The mini mtor must be securely locked into place or the ultimate g will not operate the belt lifter on your ultimate g. Serves two purposes.

The first use is to engage or disengage the brushroll. The second use is to allow removal of the power nozzle when converting your ultimate g. For use with various attachments and optional accessories to disengage the belt and prevent the brushroll from rotating make sure the power nozzle is raised to its highest setting. Make sure the ultimate g.

Is unplugged raise the headlight hood flip out the handle on the belt. Lifter turn the handle to the left or counterclockwise. Until it stops. And the red arrows line up return the handle to its closed position lower the headlight hood and your ultimate g.

Is ready for use as a straight suction cleaner to re engage the belts of the brushroll rotates turn the belt lifter to the right or clockwise. Until the green arrows line up return the handle to the closed position and lower the headlight hood your ultimate g. Is also equipped with an innovative brush roll indicator light. It is located on the top of the power nozzle when the brushroll is operating properly the light will shine continuously if the brush wall indicator light flickers or does not come on when using the power nozzle the brush roll is not working properly either the belt is not engaged or it may need to be replaced replacing the belt will be covered in section five operating and maintenance tips.

” ..

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Part 1 of the Kirby Ultimate G Series Diamond Edition vacuum and home care system owner video: Getting Started. This video applies to the Ultimate G series vacuum and the Ultimate G series Diamond Edition vacuum. However, please note that the Normal/Delicate Switch was only available on the Diamond Edition.

This video is not intended to replace the printed owner manual. Please refer to the printed manual for additional instruction and information:

For assistance with your Kirby vacuum, please call The Kirby Company at 1-800-437-7170

For more information about replacement parts, please see our Homecare Products site:

For additonal information about The Kirby Company, please see our site:

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