League of Legends : Weo Weo Jax

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“I am with the champion spotlight for jax . The forgotten horn. Fus. Ro dah.

Dah. Who is this guy. Adam sandler. Go play the next tekken.

You fu fuck blue nasus. Sir. I will be with you in a moment. Just let me get this turret just let me handle this and then i will be right with you and then i will i will kill you and then i will kill these minions and then you wi skarner bubby.

I ll be with you in a second i m dealing with a very important client right now and i ll be right down there. To deal with you okay bub. grunts horseshit aaaaa. That s a load of boloney jesus christ.

Do i get a break game..

Oh. Oh. My god hehehe not this. Time pantheon.

Laughs turn into screams this game is going down the shitbox. Oh. Wait. I forgot i am.

The champion jack. It doesn t matter. I m ja you see the problem with a guy like warwick this guy he he is drinking mountain dew baja blast. But personally a guy like me i drink mountain dew game fuel okay when it came out for halo 3.

I am still drinking game fuel come on we can gank a jax that character is worthless. Oh. Wait. I forgot that s only when i am playing him.


We got a challenge here folks music plays and he wonders. Why he is not in the new leprechaun movie hey guys it s me uhm feel free to just come and stop me anytime guys i am really ruining your whole lane up here oh there they are hahaha you make me laugh ryze you ain t even preorder farcry. 4. You won t you won t even be able to save hurk from imprisonment in three action packed missions.

This guy you don t have hurk you outta work man. It s not a big deal. Ryze man who even is hurk man. I don t even know who hurk is to be honest this wh.

It s water under the bridge man. This guy isn t even getting hurk. What a fucking idiot leah. Let me in your jax snuggy dunkey.

He ain t wearing no snuggy that s a snuggy jesus everybody stand back. I m about to end this man s whole career ooooo. Too easy baby you sometimes teemo. You just gotta let a quality player come through you know what i am.

Sayin ..

Sometimes you just gotta let a quality player come through and play this game. You know. Which one of you guys ordered the stramboli pizza ayyy hehehe oooh. Not even close baby.

Not even close. Not. Even. Close.

Ooh. Not. Even. Close.

Um. Not. Even. Close.


Um. Goodbye. Oh. Oh.

Oh. Ba. You know. What.

I. Gotta. Admit. That.

One was pretty close this one is for you hurk wooo. ” ..

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