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“Hi. I m sean with safe home gorg as a law enforcement officer for the the past eleven years. I m here to talk about some popular choices in home today. We re going to take a look at link interactive.

It s a solid company with home security dating back to 1950s like many of the older alarm companies link has evolved from specializing in hardwired systems to modernizing with some wireless systems. That have an easy diy center in this review we ll take a look at links wireless equipment. The pricing and customer service first let s consider the pricing because that helps set link apart from the rest. A basic system cost just about 170 a set even includes a touchscreen control panel and a pet friendly motion.

Sensor. The other price to consider is the optional monitoring monitoring means that when security sensors are tripped alerts are sent to the central monitoring station. So if you re away from your home or if you re in trouble you re on your own to contact 911. 1.

This 24 7 service ranges us from approximately thirty to forty five dollars a month. You can choose for monitoring agreements of one to three years lync interactive offers three main bundles of equipment and you can customize with all the card options as well much of the security equipment is manufactured by 2gig two guys in a garage that s a humble man. But 2gig builds these very capable equipment. It owns even higher quality ratings and general electric s comparable devices.

Here. We have a 2gig go control or gc alarm panel with battery backup..

You can also choose a gc3 that has a wider display in any case you ll get a convenient color touchscreen interface and it s really intuitive to use here. I can arm and disarm. The system scroll through the history of alerts and change settings for all my phones. This panel can connect with up to 60 separate sensors.

While most others in this phase. Can only do up to 40. If you have your security system. Monitor by link interactive.

This panel also works for hands free communication with an emergency dispatcher. You have a couple of other options for controls. When you just want to arm and disarm. The system you can use a keychain remote.

This is especially convenient. When you arrive home with your arms filled with kids or groceries. Plus. It s got a panic button.

Which is nice too if you sign up for link monitoring then your smart phone can be a mobile control centre as well you can receive text alerts and check in on all the zones anytime including streaming video. But that s it included with your setup with or without pro monitoring..

Every home security set. Should include entryway sensors with link you get a selection of entryway sensors. The classic kind that attaches to the outer frame of a door window then the recessed or hidden door sensor and then a sensor for garage doors and or other tilted style doors. Here.

We have a glass break sensor. This isn t included with one hundred and seven dollar bundle. But it might be needed to complete your protection of the home perimeter. There s a window that someone might smash rather than slide open.

It can be triggered by the sound of glass breaking for up to 15 feet away. In all directions. It has a 5 year lithium battery. So it can be freestanding.

And doesn t need to be plugged. In this particular glass. Break. Detector is tamper proof.

Just like the tuning control panel. So now we ve covered the doors and windows with some pretty impressive equipment..

Now we move on to the interior. The essential equipment here is an infrared or heat sensitive. Motion detector. Link offers standard infrared motion detectors as well as this infrared motion detector that snaps photos.

When triggered so so far. I ve shown some great essentials of home safety. Most of which you can use whether or not your linked system is professionally monitored. But if you do choose monitoring.

There are many benefits besides the peace of mind that you have back up against intruders. One is the environmental monitoring. If your smoke alarm sounds. But you aren t home to report.

It then firefighters might not be alerted until it s too late but if you get monitoring from linked interactive they will dispatch firefighters automatically plus you ll get an alert on your mobile phone other incentives to opt for pro monitoring or video security and home automation for video. You can choose from a variety of wireless cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance. Including one camera that connects to a doorbell. A dorval camera is a pretty ingenious device that even records video.

If somebody doesn t care during the bail you ll get a mobile notification of their presence and can choose to speak with them as if you were home on the other side of the door. All the cameras that link offers are motion sensitive and save video clips to your private online storage automatically and finally for home automation with the go panel you can automate many home systems..

Including your heating air conditioning. Digital. Door locks. Lighting.

And more so. Using your control. Panel or mobile. Device.

You have comprehensive control over your home more than a dozen examples of home automation devices are explained on the link interactive website. So the equipment options with link are high quality and very customizable the human side of link earns high gear marks as well customer service is readily available in the sales department is helpful and low pressure. The company s dozens of offices across the us consistently are in great customer service reviews as well to sum it up make interactive as a top choice. When you want diy independence and optional backup link security systems are easy to customize and install and provide really great all around value this company is highly recommended but if you re still in the research mode click a link below or stop by safe home org.

For company reviews and comparisons until next time. I m sean with safe home music. ” ..


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Link Interactive is one of few wireless security companies that sells advanced equipment but makes pro monitoring optional. Overall we rank #LinkInteractive as a top choice among wireless home security companies.

Time Stamps

0:15 Overview
0:44 Monitoring
1:18 Components
4:30 Customer Support and Recap

THE BASICS: Key points about Link Interactive home security…

– Customized Wireless Security Systems
– Buy the Equipment, Own the Set Immediately
– DIY Installation
– Optional Professional Monitoring
– Supports video and home automation

Our video review explains how you can monitor a #LinkInteractive alarm system all on your own for intrusion, fire and frozen pipes or you can choose Link Interactive monitoring to get automatic emergency dispatching in case you can t call 911 yourself.

By choosing an emergency connection to Link Interactive operators you can also get centrally-controlled door locks, programmable lighting and other home automation features with your Link Interactive security system.

EQUIPMENT: Link Interactive s control panels are made by 2GIG and are top-notch for the industry. The GC2 and GC3 panels can each support up to 60 sensors. The following devices for safety and home automation are shown in our video review.

– 2GIG GC2 control panel, bilingual English/Spanish, with full-color touchscreen
– Keychain remote control
– Basic door sensor with audible or silent alerts
– Glass break sensor
– Infrared motion sensor
– Multi-purpose environmental hazard sensor
– Doorbell camera
– And more

In sum, Link Interactive is an especially flexible security company. Their 2GIG control panels support countless possibilities for home protection and automation, and company policies give you the freedom to monitor alerts independently or with pro backup.

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