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“Look at that what are you wiping the windows. Wow. Look at that nice and and shiny well. It s a 78.

Yeah looking good look really good yeah. It got original paint. Yeah. New york garage every day of its life.

Oh go figure look at that oh look at that it s real clean they can work on it it s whatever the things are not packed real right right right right. Still a lot of room. Yeah considerations right look at that yeah look at there. You know what i see a car.

Like this first thing..

I do is i say what y all. Look at this you know what i mean oh. What you look at there. What you look at that there s a few more blemishes on the corner.

Oh. My gosh just look at cars not perfect. Just look at it look at it you got me running all around the car. Yeah.

The only power. What you look at that put that chuck look at that i can t pull it out either i d have to drill. It yeah. It said it s the only market you just look at it yeah i mean just get a look at that a cop today a cop.

I ll wear it the i d like a look at him told..

Me we re not required to post warnings here in new jersey. Look at that listen i got pulled over in jersey twice for not wearing a seat belt in the passenger seat yeah in the passenger seat got a 40 ticket yeah i said would you look at that way to look at that what you ll look at it. I was so mad basically. They gotta earn their money the oh yeah whenever a cop writes the on a ticket.

The first thing. You do is you take the ticket. And you say what y all. Look at this you know what i mean yeah.

Well find it done night. The cop. Said it and i wasn t there that night. Yeah you sure that said look at this and that would have probably got you off and beat.

All the look at it..

That s the thing. Yeah. I went over to look at it yeah. Love it there yeah right because they had to look at it first he would didn t show up yeah.

Because he had a look at it they had a look at that the judge probably called you look at it he probably had a look at it and say look. And i asked him the second time. I figured. I was just going to get off and then he said look at it right anything look at that and i asked him you i asked the cop.

Where were you the last time. He s laughs. I mean look at this my guess is you probably did that would you look at this would you look at that look at that what an idiot. But you look at this look at that look laughs.

I d have to i d have to drill it out i ve tried getting under here would you look at that you got on your wheel..

Yeah look at that look at that look a mess and if you tell that to the cover. They re not gonna give you anything all over. There you got a look at it. This way.

Okay you just got a look at it. That s all you can do anymore. Yeah. I looked at it is right and i see you know ” .


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