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“Is a presentation on motivation. Inspiring employee behavior. The nature of motivation motivation is a a set of forces that lead people to behave in particular ways and managers objective to motivate people to behave in ways that are in the organization s best interest content perspectives. A content perspective is an approach to motivation that tries to answer.

The question. What factors. Motivate people the needs hierarchy approach is a theory that people have different needs that can be arranged in a hierarchy of importance best known is marloes hierarchy of needs. The two factor theory suggests that people s satisfaction and dissatisfaction are influenced by motivation and hygiene factors.

Maslow s hierarchy of needs. Abraham herold maslow was a psychologist who study positive human qualities and the lives of exemplary people in 1954 amazo. Created the hierarchy of human needs and expressed his theories..


And this book. Motivation and personality. Self actualization is a person s motivation to reach his or her full potential as shown in maslow s hierarchy of needs. A person s basic needs must be met for self actualization can be achieved psychological needs.

Breathing food water sex. Sleep. Homeostasis and excretion safety security of body of employment of resources of morality of the family of health and of property love and belonging friendship family sexual intimacy esteem self esteem confidence achievement respect by others and respect of others. Self actualization morality creativity spontaneity problem solving lack of prejudice and acceptance of two factor theory of motivation motivation factors achievement recognition responsibility the work itself advancement and growth hygiene factors.

Our supervisors work conditions interpersonal relations pay and security company policies and administration erg theory. A theory developed by clayton outer fur that refines moslems hierarchy of needs by suggesting more than one kind of need may motivate a person at the same time existence basic human survival needs. Relatedness is the need to relate to others growth..


Need for self esteem motivation innovation. Scientific management is a method developed by frederick. Taylor s that assumes that employees are motivated by money human relations approach. Suggests that inclusion and decision making result in motivation and good morale human resource approach.

Assumes that people want to contribute and are able to make genuine contributions. The expectancy theory of motivation. Victor broom said effort to performance expectancy. This is a person s perception of the probability that effort will lead to successful performance performance to outcome instrumentality.

This is a person s perception of the probability that performance will lead to certain other outcomes performance equals motivation times ability times environment motivation is key for high performance and workforce motivational framework needs or deficiency search for ways to satisfy needs choice of behavior to satisfy needs evaluation of need satisfaction determination of future needs in the search for satisfaction individual motivation. Task specific self efficiency is a person s belief and their capabilities to do what is required to accomplish a specific task. They are believed to be three dimensions magnitude how difficult the task can be strengthen how confident..


The task can be accomplished and generality the degree to which similar tasks are accomplished reinforcement theories. Fixed interval schedules such as paychecks of at least incentive variable interval schedules such as unannounced inspection reinforced more effort on a constant basis fixed ratio schedules such as bonus for predetermined agreement result in higher productivity variable ratio schedules such as rewards on an irregular basis increased frequency of desired behaviors reinforcement actions positive reinforcement is a reward for excellent employee behavior avoidance is negative incentives to avoid a reprimand punishment is the imposition of a penalty. As read bution current events extinction is not reinforcing unwanted behavior. Reward systems merit reward systems.

Merit pay is pay awarded to employee for their contribution merit. Bayon is the compensation plan the basis significant incentives for worthy labour incentive reward systems. It s a peace rate incentive plan is a reward system. Where the employer pays a set amount of money for every unit.

The employee produces team and group incentives a gain sharing program is a pay for performance wage reward system. Scanlan plan is a gain sharing program that rewards employees more directly executive compensation. Standard forms of executive compensation..


Our base salary and bonuses of stock option. Plan is an opportunity five stop at a predetermined price acquired needs framework need for achievement. This arises. An individual s desire to accomplish a goal or task more effectively than in the past needs for affiliation.

The need for human companionship. Need for power. The desire to control one s environment including financial material informational and human resources. These are the factors of employee motivation.

” ..

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