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“Guys i m brianna and today. I m going to show you how to get get the look of dr. Julia ogden. I m going to once again start with eyebrows and starting with a nice warm.

Ashy color. That suits. My brows of course you should use whatever suits you and my little skinny flat angle brush gonna get in there it looks lovely and smooth then you ve got your brows. Done and doing the wash once again with the neutral shadow.

All over the lid getting our base and don t be afraid to get all the way up to the brows. I m going to use a warm brown in the crease lightly dusting starting. Remember that if you are not sure where your crease is you can keep your eyes open..


Apply your brush in the corner. And then close little half circle movements. Helping to emphasize the crease and ground your eyes. Julia s are a little more pronounced.

So i m going to use a slightly smaller brush and go in with a little bit of a darker brown just a tiny dab in the crease. Only on the outer side because it helps to separate make the eyes. Look wider and you can see it just adds a little more depth and dimension to the eye. So julia usually has a little bit of a darker.

I m going to mix a soft black with the warmer darker brown and going right along the lash line. See. This is why we do the eyes first because if your shadow falls on your foundation..


That s already done you re gonna have to clean it up. And it s gonna be a pain soft along the lash line. So you can see you ve got the definition without it being heavy and normally they have false lashes for julia. But for our purposes.

And to keep everything period. We re just going to use mascara. What you want to do is make sure you get your wand. Nice and close to the bottom of your lashes.

And we re. Doing the wiggle wiggle wiggle up to help get that lovely separation and definition that we like so usually one coat. If applied correctly is more than enough for foundation..


I m going to use a flat which is the tip synthetic brush. I like to start forehead nice even the point of foundation is to even out your skin tone. And you don t want it sitting on top and a bunch of strength layers concealer. I m gonna use a fluffier diffuser brush because this helps to make sure that you get the coverage you need without taking the product on try to avoid just doing one big sweep under your eye.

You want to blend it into the foundation and diffuse it so that you get that coverage. But it s not heavy and thick and powder always set your makeup. You don t want it slipping and sliding all over your face. Nice big fluffy brush.

Any translucent setting powder is great if your skin is oilier or you are prone to perspiring you want to concentrate your powder in your t zone. Because that s where all the shine and all that not fun stuff is gonna show up first blush. I m going to use a peachy pink so that it s natural but still nice rosy glow fluffy blush brush nice circular blending motion you don t need a lot for lips final touch..


I m going to use a nice warm. Rosy pink color a little bit darker than my natural lip. They do add a they usually make it a little bit darker for julia lip brush on there don t smush your lips together. Because it will ruin your lines.

There we go. That s how you get a look of julia ogden. Thank you for watching you make sure you like comment and subscribe and we ll see you next time ” ..


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Yannick Bisson s daughter Brianna walks us through how to get the look of Dr. Julia Ogden. Watch Murdoch Mysteries Mondays at 8pm on CBC Television!
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Murdoch Mode: Get The Look – Dr. Julia Ogden Murdoch Mysteries CBC

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