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“Guys. It s addy from general wellness. Welcome back to another food product review. Today today as you can see from the clip.

This is going to be over the drinks this particular one is the green machine and you know the drill by now we re reviewing these products for four different things. The first thing is always going to be the nutrient label. So carbs fats protein and all of that the second thing is the ingredient list so let s see what they re actually putting in these products and then we re gonna look at the cost because sometimes it s really expensive and we want to know if it s worth it and the fourth thing is always going to be flavor. Because if it doesn t taste good.

Why would we eat it again. None of these product reviews are sponsored. This is just me taking my honest opinion. Most of the time trying these things for the very first time and giving my opinion as a nutrition professional.

So let s dive in and see if these naked drinks are worth it so the very first thing we re doing is going to the back. And figuring out what the nutrient level looks like and what s in this product. So from first glance. The serving size is one bottle which is good because sometimes they re confusing and they say actually like four servings per bottle.

When you look at the label..

You don t know that you ought to multiply by four. They didn t do that here. Which is good 200 percent juice 270 calories in this one bottle no fat four grams of protein. But we re not looking for protein in something like this in 63 grams of carbs that is a lot of carbs and it s because.

This is juiced fruit and vegetables and we know we get a lot of sugar for fruit it s natural sugar. So it sounds ero grams. Of added sugar. Which is good because we don t want this stuff added sugar either.

But there s 53 grams of total sugar in this which is a lot especially for someone who is having blood sure control problems. Logical regulation problems like someone who might be diabetic or pre diabetic. This is not necessarily the best thing. Because it doesn t balance it out with protein or healthy fat either to stabilize that blood sugar spike.

So if it s not to sugar or it s out of sugar. It s still gonna cause that blood sugar spike. So that is a lot. But let s look at the ingredient label and see where it s coming from apple.

Juice mango puree pineapple juice banana puree kiwi puree spirulina natural flavors alfalfa broccoli spinach barley grass wheatgrass ginger root parsley kale odorless garlic..

So we know that this has nothing crazy in it just fruits and vegetable that are juice. So that s good we know that this is is what it says. It is it s not something crazy heading in here. So the ingredient list does look good and this little drink is about 250 at my local grocery stores just something around there probably in yours.

Which is a pretty good price. However. This is not a meal so everything that s good price for a meal. This isn t it this is an awesome source of vitamins and minerals all those things because that is a lot of different fruits and vegetables to eat.

And it s hard to eat them all. But this is not a meal this does not replace a meal it doesn t have protein. He doesn t have healthy fat and quite honestly because of the sugar content. It ll be much better for you to try and eat all these fruits and vegetables because then you get the fiber content.

Too and not just the juice from them. But let s open this up. And see what it tastes like shape. It up pretty good oh okay.

It tastes really good definitely sweet..

You can definitely taste. The natural sugars and like bananas and mingo and all that but it is really good music so as far as flavor goes. It s awesome tastes wonderful. But to summarize this for the four different things we went over first of all the nutrient labeled.

I don t like this nutrient label. And i don t like this product that we re basing it just on that because there s so much sugar in this that doesn t mean that i wouldn t drink this. But it s not something i m gonna have every day because it s such a concentrated amount of sugar. I would much prefer people and this is what i try to do myself actually eat these things eat fruit eat vegetables.

So that you re getting the fiber and all these benefits. But we need the fiber. Too that s also really important part of why. Fruits and vegetables are good for us.

But for the ingredient label obviously love it it is fruits and vegetables. But when you just juice them just like i mentioned you re not getting the fiber. And you re getting a lot of sugar from this so. That s important to consider the price is really good too nothing wrong with that and then the flavor is awesome.

So i wouldn t necessarily recommend this be something that someone drink every single day..

And it s not a meal replacement. But this is something where you just you don t have any fruits and vegetables you re traveling a lot you just need something in your diet that given you some vitamins and minerals great grab one of these. But it s not something to rely on every day. And it s especially not something to replace eating.

Fruits and vegetables. So hopefully that was helpful to see if these naked drinks are worth your money. There are a lot that just have fruit in them so. If you are choosing the one.

I would choose something that has the vegetables in it as well overall. It was a really good product tasted really good but not something i would include day to day. If you have any food products. That you d like me to review leave a comment in the section below or feel free to direct message me on instagram music.

” ..

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