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“Guys. I m erin fox gamer and today be showing you photoshop tutorial on how how to use a paint bucket tool properly because we always have that problem when we are using it for like coloring. So as you can see for my example here that problem. The jaggi edge of course.

We do this is to situate the problem scholar. It i have that he ll have that thing ugly thing if we have we have two ways like normally we do all right in it s tedious and of course. We do it sometimes double clicking the pickpocket. Oh so everything s get selected.

But of course. It leaves that very ugly bleeding thing going on sometimes it always sometimes it does bleed outside of the outline so to fix that we have two methods. This method. One or let s go let s go to our outline make sure that your outline is closed.

There s no open lines. So our magic wand works oh use a magic one you can see the magic. One right click here..


Which is always the default is quick. Selection tool and you want to select our area that we want to color go to our color layer now we go to select modify expand one two three pixels is by value. But two is by sweet spot. Now hit okay.

As you can see they the section grew a little bit bigger first by two pixels now we can now use the paint bucket tool much more cleaner as you can see of course there are errors. But that is very minimalist just brush it up so that s weird the paint bucket tool let s just say you are coloring coloring it like so magic wand. It s expand by the way. A hot key my expand section so make to make it faster.

I m going to teach you how we do that later so as you can see here despite that we expanded our selection and use a pickpocket tool. It has its ask that problem so that that this is method. Two let s use this character for method do so. This is what you usually do probably so we color kind of like the magic one tool section.

It s just the areas that we want to cover so i m going to make an outline. Very rough outline make sure that there are no open lines. Make..


The magic one to work magic 1w select that expand two pixels now we re going to go to edit fill and make sure that you use foreground color. Because this is the default content. Aware and you click here and choose for down or ground color. It okay.

Ctrl d to deselect and there you go of course. My coloring is not that good of course make sure that your color hair coloring outline is clean let s pivot or you can clean it up after then again as a review made an outline color outline is w2 magic one my selection hunter of x to expand section or again go to select modify. It okay now shift f5 fill or go to edit. And fill make sure your foreground.

Color is selected and hit. Okay. Ctrl. D.

To deselect. And as you can see that is a quick and easy way to cover your outline now make things a little bit more faster than just go click read let s just say and select modify. I m gonna find stuff like that select modify and expand it s very time consuming so let s use shortcut keys let s go to edit keyboard shortcuts out go to select or defy and look for expand as you can see i already set mine to out control x..


Oh. Let me delete that or tutorials sake. So it s going to look like this so click on here hit control out x are the keys. That you wanted or expand to work control x is cut.

So don t go control x. And the reason. Why i use control x. Is.

Because it sounds like x x. Spanned. Something like that so it s easy to remember. Whenever you are happy with the keyboard finding that you want it accept it okay.

And that s pretty much it so again or method to this is a review. Then outline the point is outline who is one which is w. B..


Is expand transaction out of control x. Us. Out ctrl x. Bad.

And number four is filled. Which is schiff at 5 00 as the default and of course. Whenever you are happy the delay. Which is control so better to is foolproof method.

One is the standard. If you want to do it. Quick and easy so that s pretty much it guys. If you liked this tutorial.

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