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“Of my friends in this video. I would like to talk a little bit about about resume of course. It s a massive topic. It s not possible to cover and within like 5 or even 10 or 15 minutes.

I will just give you a basic recommendations based on what we see every single day and trust. Me. I see more resumes than even i want to even if we are not hiring. Anybody somehow people believe that sending me hurdles of their resume somehow would help them to immigrate to canada.

I don t know why i m not commented on this one. I honestly try to respond to everybody with a case assessment. But sometimes people just drop us a resume and based on our findings. I just decided to share with you information.

What should what should not be in resume and how typically canadian employers look at them so if you are coming here and you re looking to get employ the very first thing which you would probably do you would start sending your resume. But before doing so just invest a little bit of time maybe a lot of time towards developing your resume and polishing it up so uh in order to do that of course you would have to understand or at least get a basic idea. How canadian companies canadian employers are looking at resumes usually if we re talking about large companies or even medium sized companies or recruitment agencies ninety. Percent of them would have so called screen and robert enke.

It could have different names to be a pre screening machine. It could be hr whatever at the end of the day. The purpose of this stuff is to pre screen candidates okay so it automatically screens your resume against the requirements. It has an algorithm which includes the keywords which includes the recent work experience.

But at the end of the day. These robert robert somehow processes your resume and the requirement. Which stems out of it is quite simple do not over complicate your resume and do not include tables do not include come fonts. Which may not necessarily be found on any single computer keep in mind that not everybody s looking using pc.


Sometimes people are using matt. So. I would strongly recommend to stick either to times. New roman or to arial font.

The one which could be fine on pretty much every single computer tablet or whatever electronic device. Okay make sure that formatting is not complex as well thank you after the robot processes your resume it may actually restructure or upload it it into hr system of a company and chances. Our information might be missing or lost on the road. If your formatting was too complex.

Now that is preliminary requirement now here we go towards. What should be included in the resume now of course. It should be a relevant information anything relevant to your job to the position you re looking at if you got education in it. If you got recent work experience in it and you re looking for a position of a truck driver.

What question is what they have does it have to do with relevant relevant and relevant if necessary for your target. And say five positions have five different resumes okay. But do not send the sender. The same resume to pretty much everybody okay.

It s annoying it ends up in a garbage bin almost immediately you are targeting software developer position. Nobody is interested in your driving experience. Nobody wants to hear about your freaking hobbies trust. Me.

Nobody cares about your work experience in mcdonald s fifteen years ago. It s absolutely irrelevant okay so just dispose your resume unless you are applying for a position. I don t know a bun bank manager or a ceo of a financial organization. It could not be longer than three pages typically i would say that you would have to stick to one some two pages.


Okay do not write down a name of your grandma or whatever to make your resume look better if you got additional trade certificates. But again they re irrelevant get rid of it it s these information is not of an interest to the employer and trust. Me employer reading this stuff would be more confused. So.

What exactly is a matter of interest for you now speaking of an interest. I would recommend of course. Mentioning need in the opening statement. So what position you are looking for what exactly are you targeting could be just two words for example petroleum engineer.

It could be more something say i am looking for a position or this is to where sick in a position of i don t know marketing specialist. That is fine so at least the person reading it would be able to understand how your resume is relevant towards the advertised position. Now what should not be included in the resume of course is anything irrelevant uh to to your work your gender. Nobody cares your picture canadian employers are not allowed even allowed to process your resume.

If there is a picture. It s illegal. Okay they cannot make a decision based on the way you re looking unless of course you re applying for i don t know a model right if you re applying for an office clerk position. Nobody would be allowed to look at your picture.

Okay because it may create a necessary bias so delete it your faith your religion your marital status. Absolutely irrelevant your driver experience or driver s license well the fact that you got a driver s license is more or less obvious because everybody in canada usually would have a driver s license. If you got a driver s license from back home do not put it in your resume because it s irrelevant. And there is no direct connection between your driver s experience.

A in iran and in canada. So just again erase this information as irrelevant as well do not forgot sake put the title izumi. And there it s quite obvious that it s resume okay so just dispose. It as well at the end of the day.


We could continue going on and on and on and on about this right during our immigration success course. We re actually giving you samples free samples of resumes structured. The way they re usually accepted by those automaticall processing scripts or robots. We are given the samples of typical resumes.

Which are working for you i would strongly recommend landing in canada finding yourself of course free advisor who typically be working with these at that employment center. Who would help you to polish your resume. I got examples of friends of ours who were looking for a job for months. They were desperate right and at the same time i mean statistical data was against them.

It was quite obvious that the position. They were looking for unemployment rate. Is exceptional low at the same time it took them several months to and there was no response like literally nothing two weeks of work towards their resume. Understand how exactly it should be done and within several days they got the first results.

I mean. It s not magic of course again. It s work work work and work. If you re looking to do it perfectly landen canada find yourself especially free specialist.

It s important nobody would be able to charge you for that free specialists who would be able to help you inside and nail that job. But do yourself a favor before this i mean quite obvious stuff remove it and if you got comments. If you want to discuss something while muscular welcome to leave your comment at the bottom of the video. And i sincerely invite you to join us on the course.

Where we are actually touching the base in that area as well while stay tuned with us and of course subscribe to the channel you ” ..

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