Secret Santa Game Christmas Special Video

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“You started focus man dick. It is early second okay so one is the secret secret santa game. So we are playing the secret santa game. So i m doing taking gifts from person a then giving you to person b.

And in return. You ll have to give me something that is yours or maybe get something from here. Which i will give to other person you can be a secret santa to somebody else. But i didn t understand the whole plan yet because man about google google there but i think grasping sahaja yoga.

Because a my my name is donny sharp freya..

My name is ankitha and i m them sociology honest from shree venkatesh for our college. But it will definitely make it smell is what i think so you re seto santa has to give you this message and and this little santa i hope this brightens your day have a lovely christmas and enjoy this cute little santa i hope you have an amazing year ahead god bless you have fun this node. This made this small gift bring happiness pass it on to somebody else to your secret santa santa rio. Sol santa.

To santa monica santa has to give you a there have fun in this new year and maybe you get what you always wanted and i m gonna this give my black anna ear alone. This is what your secret santa has to give you with this real message. It says. It s not good to smoke.

But if he smoke have a mint..

Say that you re not caught by your parents. It s go bad button on this so. It says merry christmas friend. I hope this made you smile.

Earrings for your pretty face smoking is injurious to health also merry christmas also made these little cue cards. This is that the stranger could you know write a message or something. Because hand are not a stranger secret santa. Oh.

That s a that s a huge huge message that s nice next person is going to like nothing has happened to me like this at work..

I feel honored. This is surprising and exciting. I wasn t expecting this though like yeah. It s very pretty exciting.

I feel good actually i m smoking for last six years so it s not easy to quit. I m grateful to my secret santa it looks like a guy judging by the handwriting. No secret sighs. You said i might not be happy about that merry christmas and a happy new year merry christmas danny move so i hope you liked it if you did make sure you give it a big huge s.

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Because beneficially big birthday. I ll try to be regular. And he is 3 k. So i am trying to be regular and share the video please share happiness horizon.

When it is ” ..

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