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“So my name s alex kirkpatrick. I m co managing partner of a business called called insight. We specialize in business to business lead. Gen.

So demand generation and a of inbound and outbound marketing. Before we founded the company..

I was working for one of the major market competitors and there was a real focus and it seemed straightforward. But it s something we still wrestle with today in the lead generation business that if the more people you meet the more frogs you kiss. The more clients you win and our our thinking and thesis on that was that just wasn t the case and having worked at the bigger businesses. I saw evidence of the fact that a lot of people were meeting a lot of potential prospects not having very valuable conversations and not winning any work we realized that thousands of pounds and thousands of hours were being wasted by really senior people sitting in rooms that they ve been begged into by telemarketers to really talk about things that the end prospect wasn t necessarily that interested in so our approach to what had been seen as the proven way to generate business from other companies from other businesses was to turn it on its head was to stop asking people if we could have half an hour of their time.

And start having much more involved grown up conversations about where their pain points. And needs were and then allowing them to dictate how they wanted us doing edge of them..

And what we realized was if the value proposition. What you wanted to discuss was interesting enough you wouldn t have begged people to talk to you they genuinely want to know so we spent a lot more time with our clients helping them understand not necessarily what made them unique. But what made them interesting and then we thought about ways in which we could position that for a target audience. Which is probably one of the most aggressively targeted two in the world.

So. Yeah..

I guess the the leap was don t focus so much on the output. You want from the person you re talking to you focus much more on what you ve got to offer that individual. And why they should be interested in the first place one of our clients had a particularly good case study working in social media for facebook for orange and we started marketing their proposition and talking to brands. But we quickly realized was that that demand that interest was was education in its nature.

People weren t ready to necessarily buy what they were doing they wanted to learn about it so we were able to quite quickly tell the client. And it seems straightforward now 60 people want to meet you they want to learn about it have an event switch channels and focus on educating them..

So you can either be very sales focused. We are expert in helping brands execute social media strategies do you want to buy it can we help you with that right now or you can be a bit more brand lead educate people as to what to do and how to do it they ll come to you as a trusted advisor. So what we found in using more of an event based process rather than just pure sales orientated is that is the agency grew exponentially over time as the perception of market was actually. These are the guys who are good at this music.

” ..

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