Snapchat Hacks [2020 : Best Tips & Tricks!

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“Everybody david david in our resident a snapchat expert mitch from the youtube channel and and she makes you will link to that in the description section below in this we re gonna tell you about some awesome to snapchat hacks. So let s open up a snapchat app. First thing. We re gonna do is talk about data saver.

What is data saver. So data saver pretty much allows you to postpone sending your snaps. So that you can wait till. You return the wi fi especially when you re traveling.

Or on the go so that you don t waste battery or data to do this tap on your account icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen then tap on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner of the screen and scroll down to manage under additional services and there you see that nice and data saver switch it s off right now we re gonna tap it to turn them in how long do you want to do this for let s do until turned on that s all turned off that s what i would do great there you go saving data for our next snapchat hack. We re gonna stay right here let s tap on emoji skin tone. This is awesome you can choose the skin tone of your moji there you go well done. I m gonna go back and the next door to take a look at is add preferences tap on that the way ads.

Work is snapchat keeps track of the way that you use the app. And it can used your ip address and other information about you to tailor ads to your specific interests. If you want to limit the amount of data. The snapchats getting about the way that you use the app turn these off yep steps.

Which has turned them off and do all three disabled disabled yep disabled. So you disable there we go all right one more thing. We re gonna do while we re here is relate to the map so let s tap back and then tap on maps. We don t want to share this uses jada with anyone and it s gonna use some cellular data.

So let s save that turn that right off there we go the next thing. We re going to show you how to do is see whether or not someone is following you back on snapchat maybe they re creeping on your public story a little bit so to do this click on add friend and then a star type in someone s username. We ll use mine pay. It underscore forward and there you can see that my snapchat score.

Is there which means i am following him back on snapchat well you ve got a snapchat score of a three there game. It pretty good. What s your score. Mitch berra.

One hundred fifty thousand you know okay..

Hundred thousands pretty good yeah. That s only fifty thousand times. Better yes. That s pretty cool the next thing we ll talk about is ghost mode.

What is ghost look so ghost mode. Pretty much it enables you to go off of the snap map so people can t see your location for certain periods of time. Or you can just be off of it all together alright great. How do we get there so to get there you would go to your account you would go to the settings gear.

You would scroll down to who can and hit see my location and up here you can enable ghost mode so to enable ghost mode. You would hit the switch over and you can decide if you want to go three hours 24 hours or until turned off just to be clear miksa snapchat was so active with snapchatting stuff that we decided to use a different phone in a different account. Because otherwise we d have to blur up the whole thing. All the time not because he does anything illicit.

But just because we respect the privacy of his friends and family members the next. I m gonna do is show you this of a private story on snapchat. What s the difference in a private story and public story so a private story you can select who sees your stories. So it s a lot more selective to like different groups of friends you can have things that you don t want everybody singing on that it s very useful how do we do it so to get to it you would tap on your profile.

You would go to the custom story button and from here you can either choose a private story or a custom stone. What s the difference so difference between a private story and a custom stories custom stories. Multiple people can add on to it and private stories. Only you can add to the private story and only people that you can select because private stories like i want to be in control of everything that happens in the story custom story more a sharer yes with your friends yes.

I set it up you just tap on it it s like the friend. You want to shoes. And then start. Snapping.

Yes with david and team snapchat. Yes. Let s see how that works you can t give it a name this autosave. Two memories deal is this is something that we should be careful of autosave two memories it just adds all of your snaps.

They put on the story through your memories..

So does it added to their memories too can they see that um it doesn t to their memories your memories next hack we re gonna show you is a shazam shazam was an old app that apple actually bought and it can listen to songs maybe you re using snapchat you re a cool song in the radio just press and hold on the screen jose will get the name of the song for you now can t you just do this with siri you can t do it. With si are you gonna say siri. What song is this and then it ll start recording right and then it ll actually open apple music so might be a little bit better. But maybe you don t want to close snapchat and then siri enough maybe you re an android you maybe you re an android you just slowly so what i m gonna do is i m gonna play a song on my iphone.

We re gonna mute it because we don t wanna get sued by interscope or whoever yeah ah yeah music and there we go there it is that is the exact song that was playing our next. Hack is actually making phone calls. Using snapchat maybe you have a cell phone plan. And you don t have service.

Right now. You even have wi fi calling either if you ve an ipod maybe of an ipod. I might add yeah you can use snapchat to make phone calls with your friends. So let s all gonna do that so to do this you would swipe right go to your chats.

You would open your chat. And from here. You can either make. A video.

Call. Or voice call. Let s do a voice call. So do you guys say phone.

Calls. Or you say voice calls it s called a voice calls down chat okay sniffing we re saying voice calls yes i just wonder what the kids are saying yeah. That s that s just a cool. Thing you know okay boys.

Calls david all right set the button tap it know where my phone. I can tap join and there we go we re now in a phone call now in a phone call. There s the echo echo. How do you tap end to end that phone before i go before i guess at control in here.

The next..

We ll show you how to set your snap map. Status. Let your friends. Know.

Where are you worried. What your mood. Is yeah. So how we gonna do that so first you re gonna go to your profile.

You re gonna scroll down to where it says snap map. And here you can click on update status. So to update your status you can choose your bitmoji for your mood. So.

Maybe. I m feeling tired. And you want a bunch of coffee there s yo. How they re gonna tap on the z s but the coffee makes sense yes so we re gonna hit set status and now when you look at the snap app.

You can see that i m holding a massive coffee. Our next. Hack is really the public stories let me go to the public stories section. You re saying.

I don t like any of this stuff. This all is not interesting to me you can actually pre select interests that you want that are more tailored to you yes. So. To do that you would swipe swipe left to your public stories um.

So. Maybe you think that they re boring. You re gonna go and hit the three dots and from here you can hit select interests. So we re gonna do that and you can pick your favorite interests.

So maybe you like celebrities and maybe you want to hear the news and maybe you like food so now you can hit done and it will retail her for you very cool next you ll want to show you how to save chats for up to 24 hours instead of having them just disappear immediately..

So how do we do that so to do that you re gonna go back to your chats you re gonna hold down a username and you re gonna hit more so from here you re going to go to delete chats and right now. It s set to after viewing. And that s standard on snapchat. But you can change that to 24 hours after viewing.

So you hit 24 hours after viewing. There you go nice and easy and while we re here. We can also edit the name of some of your friends on snapchat maybe even nicknamed forum. Yeah i might want to change that right now yeah so you can change it to anything did you anything you want there you go dl.

I see maybe have two friends are the same name you want to differentiate them a little bit yeah in the last hack. We want to talk about house to do with your privacy and that s setting up two factor authentication on snap chips so to do that you re going to go to your profile. You re gonna hit the little gear up top and you re gonna scroll down to two factor authentication and that is under the my account tab so you re gonna click on that and it s gonna tell you how to factor authentication works when logging in you need to provide an extra login code has an extra layer of security first stab shallow stab continue didn t you and here we ll ask you if you want to enable two factor authentication absolutely let s do it so you can do it with either sms. Which is a regular old text message or an authentication app like authy and if you sign up with your phone number when you sign for snapchat sms is the way to go.

It s the way to go anyway. Because otherwise you have to open up the authentication app. Every single time and pain in the butt sms is the way let s do sms yeah. Right has sms and now we don t have phone number in this counts.

We have to add a phone number all right go for it they used to have verify verify and then i ll say send via sms. Let s look at your code. And you ll have two factor. Authentication is set up on snapchat will be much more secure that way.

Thank you guys for watching this video give it a thumbs up if you ve enjoyed check out mitch s channel link in the description section any other comments any hacks you have for us please leave us a comment down below. And don t forget to subscribe to this channel for more great videos. What s the point of this um you can like where you re at music. ” .


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